Which cars to buy next?

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Essentially the question boils down to "How often do you see a +1,000,000cr car gifted via daily workout?"

I am on a mission to buy every single car. I have around 299 which leaves 40 cars to go.

There are 2 groups with around 20 cars each:
- cars that are exactly 1,000,000 (all are VGT's)
- cars that are more than 1,000,000

I could buy out all VGT's right now, and start on the other group. But... would I be missing VGT gift cars via daily workout? Because the other group is 134,000,000 to buy all of them, I am estimating 134 days of grinding. That's 134 gift cars, so... what are the odds that some of them will be VGT?



If you can buy 20 VGT cars (are there that many?) you have about 20 million in the bank.

If I were you I'd buy one of the Unicorns, i.e the cars that cost 20M. I'd suggest the Ferrari 330 P4 1967 or the Jaguar XJ13 - they will win easily every race in the Pro Nostalgia series, and net you a decent amount of credits quickly. Then you can buy more cars faster.

The VGTs will not get you as much cash as quickly, the races don't pay as much per minute (and of course I stand to be corrected!).

The "in-betweenies" are not such a good bet, e.g the McLaren P1 can't actually be raced anywhere in Campaign mode - Arcade only.

Good luck!
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I have the 330 from awhile back, bought it just to win the nostalgia as you mentioned. If I didn't already have it, that is probably the best move.

For now I think I decided the best strategy is to buy all the VGT cars, and then slowly work my way up the +1,000,000 list. This way although I am running a small chance of my daily reward being a VGT, at least I can minimize the loss by selling the one I purchased. The risk vs cost seems acceptable, and I will be 20 cars closer to my goal.

And apparantly now I have much more time before GT7 to buy everything I don't have, around 134,000,000. Was planning on 1M per day, but with the new season of "push the GT release date back farther", I probably don't need to make any more than 200k per day to get them all. Until the next pushback. Maybe that would be a better goal: Buy everything before the next delay is announced!

Thanks for the response Seadog