Will Gran Turismo 7 work with the Logitech G29 wheel?

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6 months now with DriveHub (and firmware updates) ... G29 + TH8A on PS4 Slim / Ps4 Pro / XBoxOne S ... no problem, many different racing titles. Works flawlessly. I took the time to adjust FFB settings and pedal settings (where available) to balance the feel across the PS4 and XBox platforms so PCars 2 feels the same on either platform. Also, I took the time to use the Logitech & Thrustmaster tools to calibrate both the wheel/pedal set and the shifter.

Edit: just noticed you have Fanatec ... the DriveHub has a dedicated Fanatec mode so you will get even more out of it than Fanatec gives you!
Does the DriveHub have any issues? I remember reading about a ChronusMax or something a year back or so, but wasn’t sure what the best device on the market is for this.

Thinking of buying whatever works best, considering I could use my G27 on GTS AND GT7 potentially with it
As Thomas above and many others I've seen over the years claim, it's a no-brainer, mate. :cheers:


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And just to double check, this should work with a G27 too right?

G27 is listed as a supported wheel. I did a review of Drive Hub when it first came out, here's a link:


And, here's a link to the main Drive Hub thread:



EDIT: I did ask if there were any plans to make Drive Hub compatible with PS5, & here's the answer I got:

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In case you don't already know about it ... check-out DriveHub. Makes my hybrid G29/TH8A/etc. all work with PS4 AND XBone - full functionality and no loss of features or FFB. Supports ALL Fanatac gear on any console.

I currently don’t have a need for the Drivehub since my setup is a Fanatec PS4 DD with V3 pedals, CS shifter and 3 Fanatec steering wheels so it works natively with both PS4 and Xbox one.
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I'm hoping it will be. I got screwed on the DFGT going from PS3 to PS4. Would love to go ahead and pick up a G29 and GTSport until PS5 comes out...need to scratch my itch!

Funny thing, I bought a g29 and use it on gt5 and it apparently works with gt6 too lol even though it’s not even supported, and I just went to driving force settings, although in buying said wheel I also had a ps2 so I wanted to buy the dfgt for it too but, I decided i’d rather buy a g29 because gt3 is broken and because of less money, and I saw that sony said that it will be available for the ps5