Xploder V4 and faulty codes

Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by Naude, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. Naude


    Last year i bought prince of persia: Warrior within and got stuck at a certain point in the game and went looking for a cheat to get past that bit in the game.

    Everytime i activated the cheats the game would hang at the intro. I e-mailed them somewhere in December and still didn't recieve a reply to that e-mail.

    Wednesday i bought flatout and yet again went cheat hunting. loaded up the cheats and bam same thing happened over and over again.

    Mailed them again and within 2 days some1 replied with a answer only as to why the cheat for POP doesn't work.

    here's the mail i got

    Hi, check the website and look for a change in the dates of that game, if it changes from 7th december try them again.
    You cannot select those codes as they are faulty.

    So finally i know that the problem is not on my end but still makes me furious that they can't just correct those codes or remove them. Other than that I love my x-ploder to deth.

    oh and does anyone have working cheats for those 2 games for V4?