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  1. JDMTypeR


    Can I get the Yellow RX-7 with just a GameShark? Do I just input the color code and start the game with the RX-7 in the 1st or 2nd garage slots? What is the color code?
  2. Heydu


    This is the only RX7 body that comes in yellow

    body & downforce
    1C0413C8 - 36BD0171
    1C0413CC - 3C1065DF
    Solid, rx7_rz_00_ext

    1C041358 - 1456E44E
    1C04135C - 1456E7A6
    Sunburst Yellow

    If U start your game with these codes on, it will put the yellow RX7 body on whatever car is in the 1st garage slot, so U should make sure U have either an RX7 or a car of similar wheelbase in that slot.

    U must use the codes together, as color codes are unique to the body, so if U use it on the wrong body it will either not work, or more likely cause the game to lock up.
  3. Drift Addict

    Drift Addict

    i hope you know you can also win it right?
    it's in the japanese championchip in the intermediate cups