You want DRIFT?? look no further.., :)

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    for those of you who want to get info about drifting in GT2, this is the place you're looking for..,

    if you really want to drift, you must get a good feel on the car, you must adjust to the car, not the car adjusts to you.., sure, experiment with the parts settings but if you feel like the car is no good, so be it.., we all have our different opinions, right??

    first, surely you would like to know which cars in GT2 are best for drifting, right?? well, here is my personal list.., (this is MY list, MY opinion, so please don't argue with me :) feel free to add more cars to the list, thnx)

    -Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (d best :) )
    -Corolla Levin GT-APEX
    -Supra RZ
    -TOM's Angel T01

    -RX-7 A-Spec (great for high-speed drifts)
    -RX-7 Infini III (the old one, the FC)
    -RX-7 Type RS

    -Evolution III, IV, V & VI
    -Mirage Cyborg ZR (the hatchback version)

    -Civic 3door Si '93
    -Civic Type R '98
    -Spoon Civic Type R
    -Spoon Integra Type R (one of my personal favorites)
    -Mugen Civic Type R
    -Mugen Integra Type R
    -Accord Type R

    -Silvia S13, S14 & S15
    -240SX Fastback Type X
    -Skyline GT-R R33

    Suzuki Cappuccino (don't you dare underestimate this car :) )

    TVR Griffith Blackpool B340 (try drifting it in Deep Forest, it's fun)

    Lancia Delta HF Intergrale Evoluzione

    *now you may think that some of the cars in the list are odd or impossible for drifting, drift drive each of the cars if you want to.., i'll only tell the secrets on how to drift the odd ones if you are worthy of this knowledge, haha :) )

    next, the PROPER PARTS to setup the cars.., (again, you might be surprised about the list, i only got this info from a website my friend showed me, so i don't know the e-mail ad..,)

    -Sports or Semi-Racing Muffler
    -Turbo Stage 1, 3, 4 & Sports Intercooler
    -NA Tune-up Stage 1 & 3
    -Sports Brakes*
    -Sports or Semi-Racing Suspension*
    -Computer Chip
    -Engine Balancing*
    -Displacement Increase (only available for Skylines)
    -Sports Tires
    -Full-Racing Transmission*
    -Clutch Upgrade (any of the 3)
    -Limted-Slip Differential or LSD (1.5 way for FRs, 1way for FFs)*
    -Carbon Driveshaft (if the car can be fitted)*
    -Weight Reduction (it depends on the car, if your car's weight is below 2200 lbs, no need for reduction..,)
    -Flywheel Upgrade (again, it depends on the car, if you feel like the car revs slowly on stock, experiment on the 3 flywheels until you get a good feel on the car)

    (those parts that have an asterisk (*) are a MUST if you want to build a drift car.., the others are for increasing the speed of the car.., those NOT MENTIONED are NOT FOR DRIFTING..,)

    lastly, the tracks on where to drift.., i only chose 5 on this, feel free to add more..,

    -Grindelwald (because it resembles a mountain pass :) )
    -Seattle Short Course
    -Deep Forest Raceway (the Griffith works perfectly in here)
    -Trial Mountain (same as Grindelwald)
    -Clubman Stage Route 5

    well that's about it.., i'm saying this again, feel free to add more to the lists, if you to dedicate this thread for drifting hehe :)
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    Try fully tuning a Toyota Trueno, setting the spring rate to 20.0 front and rear, and dropping the ride height all the way. Take this car and drift it at Laguna Seca. Amazingly, it'll drift, but it's controllable.
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    The Toyota Chaser is really good as well.

    Fully tuned (no [R] modification), Normal tires and some tweaking with the suspension settings
    (set the rear camber between 2.5 and 3.5, the front camber should be set a bit lower), it should do the job.
    Works great on the Seattle tracks.