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Ask a common question- can be boring. Ask a common question in a different way or with different elements of the same question- can be quite interesting and different. I try to perform the "ask a common question in a different way" in my threads. So I hope I can get some interesting responses as well as an indication of least-favorite genres of music.

You hate hip-hop, but you think Young Jeezy or one of his songs are cool. You hate country, but you think George Strait or one of his songs are amazing. Here is a thread in which I'm asking for some of your favorite songs from musical genres you don't particularly like. A real lover of music can find great songs from music genres he/she doesn't usually like or admit being a fan of. You sometimes don't like a certain style of music, but one song from that least favorite genre sticks out at you as one of your favorite songs. What would that least favorite genre be? Who's your favorite artist or one of your favorite songs from a genre you don't like or don't like all that much? My inspiration for this thread will be discussed in the next paragraph.

It wasn't until some time earlier this year when I got to play "NASCAR 07" on my PS2. One of the EA Sports songs for NASCAR 07 was "The Diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin. I usually don't admit being a rock music fan. I don't consider myself a rock music person. But after a while, I began to like the song as well as Breaking Benjamin. The fanaticism of rock music is usually not something I'm part of. You're not going to find me sporting any T-shirt talking about certain rock groups (or any music for that matter). Yes... my true favorite style of music is in electronica of all kinds (though I dislike happy hardcore severely). I'm just not a rock music person all that much. I do have my exceptions, however. After a while, I added Breaking Benjamin to my friends list on Myspace. I got Breaking Benjamin's "Phobia" CD and liked a lot of the songs on there. Some of my other favorite songs I liked were "Breathe," "Dance with the Devil," and "Unknown Soldier" to make a few. I may get their latest CD in the future. But other than that, Breaking Benjamin has been one of my favorite recent rock groups. This was the first rock music CD I've ever bought. So while I'm not huge on rock music, I do have some great respect for the very popular Breaking Benjamin rock quartet.

It's that simple. You know you have a style of music you hate. But you want to admit that there is a cool song from that specific genre and/or a specific artist or group that puts out great songs. So why not make a reply?

By the way... while I've been more into hip-hop music all my life while not being a rock music person, I don't like "Party Like a Rockstar" by the Shop Boys. This is more of a hip-hop song with rock influence that I haven't liked. So this is all about your favorite songs from genres you don't really like.

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I don't really like country but some of Johnny Cash's songs are good. And the "Devil went down to Georgia" songs are good as well.


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As an Australian Teenager I'd rather shoot myself than listen to Hilltop Hoods.

I'm not a huge RnB fan, but I have to submit to pop culture and admit I turn up Timbaland - 'The Way I Are' whenever I hear it.


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Been a while... I don't know what style of music Jimmy Buffet plays, but I am a fan of his music. Don't have a real favorite. I've always respected Carlos Santana, though not a real rock music guy (big contrast to the rest of the world (generalization)).
I think rap is a bit of a drag, but Mannie Fresh- Real Big is a song I like.

More to come. Wonderful thread idea, by the way. I am sure that many people have the same case as in this thread.
Clever thread idea!

Disco is pretty godawful all around, but I have to admit a weakness for Blondie's "Atomic"... although I guess that's closer to new wave.

Hip Hop I could take or leave but Atmosphere is about the most refreshing hip-hop act going. Seriously good. Check out "Saves the Day" for starters.
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Well, I can't stand hip hop, RnB or rap. ....(c)rap as we call it around here:scared: but one song, (even though its from the 90's era in that genre) that I have to admit I quite like is All My Life by KC and JoJo. Can't say I like many other songs from those genres really... (or they just dont stand out as much as that one?)
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there is about a decade or so of Trent Reznor's (of Nine inch Nails) music career that is heavily heroin influenced and i am not a fan of it. it's like industrial ambient trance. but the newest album Year Zero, and its remix, Y34RZ3R0R3MIX3D, has some catchy tunes.

i really like Survivalism and The Great Destroyer


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I don't really like country but some of Johnny Cash's songs are good. And the "Devil went down to Georgia" songs are good as well.
Agreed; if country-themed radio stations played his stuff every so often, it wouldn't be...well, "radio"...for one. The folksy-country or blues-based country stuff is far better.

Radio stations usually have one type of country station, "hit country", in the metropolitan areas; but in the sticks you actually get the older stuff on the variations of the theme on various stations.


I haven't been a fan of techno in the past, though I've taken a liking to some Daft Punk lately.
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Fort Minor's "Where'd You Go." I usually only listen to all things Metal, but I really like this song.

"I Think I'm Paranoid" by Garbage also really gets me. I typically don't care for that stuff, but I really like that song.