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  1. intelectualism


    Hey guys, tell us how your first day of GT4 went.. progress... how long you played.. etc..

    11:31am I woke up and ran to the phone to call gamestop. They said they'll have it around 5:00pm. I make a few rounds in gt3 and get my only gt3 drift video up. 3:25pm Arrival at Gamestop. Sadly they didn't get it in earlier (didn't think they would). I sit and play and walk around the mall a bit. When I get back I hear "Jesse.. they're in" Those words, they were music to my ears. 4:26pm I walk out of Gamestop with a grin from ear to ear. My ability to speak is limited to "oh ****," "gt4," "goddamn." I proceeded to call my best friend and all I could say is "gt4... goddamn.." He replies with an "oh ****" and we end up at my house at 4:53pm.

    The marathon begins, after a lot of :dopey: and :crazy: from the intro movie, we finally dive in. I proceed to import my gt3 data and was surprised that the money came along with it. The whole "what car should I start with" has become a much broader question. I ended up with a Mitsubishi Evolution VIII MR because I realized there was no eclipse gsx in the game =[. First my friend and I went through the iB licence and won some useless nike car that you can't even race with. I went the HKS and purchased their suspension setup, stage 3 weight reduction, medium racing tires, racing chip and racing flywheel. Took it to the sunday cup and blew it away. Proceeded to the 4wd cup, owned that too. Tried the turbo car cup, got the pants beat off me by an Rx-7 so I made it a point not to come back without more power. I went to my local Mitsubishi dealer and entered the Evolution cup, Ownage there. Had some fun at the drag strip and ran a 12.3xx 1/4 mile. I remembered how in gt3 I used an evo to win most my first few rally cars and won the rally cars to destroy in tarmac races. So I headed to the special conditions races.

    I realized that some races didn't need special dirt tires so I ran the few I could in street tires. Easy mode was a pushover. My evo had around 400~ hp with a HKS racing exhaust, racing intercooler, and a racing chip as power upgrades. After clearing all the ones I could with regular tires I headed back to my garage to check out the new deliveries. Sold all the ones worth money except one funky looking toyota rally car valued at 256,000. I had about 250,000 blow so I went to my local bmw dealership and purchased a black M3 CSL. Performed some mild modifications, including stage 2 weight reduction, medium racing tires, and a full race exhuast. I took the car to the M series and blew through it with relative ease. Looked in my garage and a brand new silver M3 GTR was waiting for me.

    I went back to the special conditions races with my evo and to my surprise there was a clear option! You could clear your win status and win the car again! I ran the Capri rally on easy two more times and sold all of the cars. I sat back and admired my first day progress. Mitsubishi Evolution VIII GSR MR-125.3mi, BMW M3 CSL 49.2mi, BMW M3 GTR 0.0mi, 741,076cr in the bank, and uncontrollable eye spasms from staring at the TV for too long. :crazy:

    Marathon ends:4:03am
  2. Bonedwarf


    Eye spasms. LOL!:)

    Sadly I have no GT3 save to import, so I'm right at the bottom of the food chain. The last GT I played was GT2. Started with a Honda Civic. Not sure what ride I'll go with this time. (Assuming the game works for me.)
  3. ak


    I didn't import the money as I wanted to work my way up. I started with 10,000 credits so I purchased a 1988 Nissan Silvia k S13. The suspension was so wobbly that it would spin out from the weight transitions so I bought a sport suspension which greatly helped, but shift times were still slow so i bought a semi-racing flywheel since it was only 500 credits. Then with the money won I bought a racing chip and exhaust which increased power form 156HP - 170HP. Then I bought a weight reduction level 1 to bring the weight down to 1071kg. The car isn't fast but it handles well and is capable of doing some enjoyable drifts. I'm not out to rush and get the fastest stuff in the quickest time. I'm just savoring every aspect of GT4 and realizing how well made it is. Here's a pic of my car I took in the photomode at the fish market. My car
  4. 1Drifter1


    Hey Man, got a few questions, i cant get GT4 for another 2 weeks, and im hangin' 4 it aye!So when u 1st turn it on, do you get given the option to upload GT3 data?Also i noticed you said that you went to HKS to tune your Evo (Fine Vehicle!), do the tuners offer different mods to, say, Ralliart for example? And finally, Do turbo cars spit smoke when they hit boost? :bowdown: :bowdown:
  5. Bonedwarf


    Well I went into GT mode and got the first three licenses before boredom forced me to quit.

    I trawled the used car lots and found a lovely Toyota MR2 G Limited Edition. Or something like that. Would post a picture if my USB drive had worked, but it didn't. So I'm waiting for a new one to come now. Anyway, slapped in a chip to boost the HP, took it out to the Paris track for a race... And got my ass handed to me. Still learning the braking, but made a measly 100 credits for the race.

    Oh yeah, I spent an hour or so trawling the music and refining my playlist.
  6. inferno


    STEP 1: look through the car dealerships and every single car in them.
    STEP 2: turn off TCS and ASM.
    STEP 3: Pound arcade mode which thankfully seems to have no mandatory completion requirements. It's just racing, what Arcade mode should be.
    STEP 3.5: learn the physics model and some of the tracks and cars so I can be a step ahead for GT mode.
    Step 4: create a GT4 game save, import GT3 stuff, and go to town.
  7. intelectualism


  8. Rport03


    Well I got my game yesturday.
    First once answering the first few question about not having enough room on my memory card and **** I watched the intro video which sounded nice on my surround sound :D. Anyways then me and my bro went to arcade mode and started doing a few races. The physics engine is deff diffrent from GT3 and I actually like it better this way. The first race we were all over the tracks lol, but after the 2nd and 3rd race we were deff getting better. We had a luxury race, BMW vs Mercedes (sp) then we had a muscle car race, then a rally race, just so we could get used to the variety of cars. We went through the manufacturers (sp) to see what cars they had etc.. So all in all we didnt do much except b*ll**** around and got used to how the cars handled. I also got another memory card yesturday too, so today im gonna try out the GT Mode. I proably wont use the GT3 save game, maybe only for the licenses but not for the money because I want the challenge heck I proably wont even use it for the lisences either because of the challenge.

    So as for "Day 2" Im just gonna do GT mode and work from there, not over play the game because I dont want to bore myself in 2 days lol but get bored from it in more like 2 months lol j/k. Well Happy GT playing everyone!
  9. tpijanec


    well, im gonna post mine in the 10th
  10. LordDeimos


    I picked up the game yesterday before work, so I haven't had a lot of time to play yet, but I'm having a blast. I didn't import my GT3 data because I wanted to start off fresh.

    I started off by buying a used '90 RX-7. The RX-7 was my first car in GT1 and GT2, and would have been my first in GT3 if there had been one in the sub-$10K range (had to settle for a Sprinter instead, which wasn't too bad). I added a chip to my new ride, which wiped out my $10K. I then got my B and A licenses (just going for bronzes for now, I'll go back and retry 'em for silvers and golds later). Beat the Sunday Cup with the RX-7 to collect a little money and buy a couple more minor upgrades. After a Stage 1 lightweight mod and a racing clutch, I had enough muscle to run a few of the FR Cup races. On the slower technical tracks I could keep up with the AI cars. I got my ass handed to me on Laguna Seca and the other faster circuits, but I was still able to collect some cash. I then slapped a chip and lightweight mod on the Sunfire concept I got from the A license tests and ran it in some of the FF cup races. Again, on the lower-speed tracks, I was able to eke out some wins, but I was still being owned on the faster tracks. Earned some more cash, though, and bought a Stage 1 turbo, sports intercooler, Stage 2 lightweight, racing flywheel, and carbon driveshaft for my RX-7, which gave me enough oomph to finish off the FR Cup and place in a couple of the Mazda "RE" series races. Still haven't won one of those yet, I need to work on the handling and perhaps add a little more HP to keep up with the leader... Also ran a couple of Clubman Cup races, won the first one, but got slaughtered by 15+ seconds by a speedy little Lotus Elise in the second one (I finished second a few seconds ahead of the rest of the pack...). Oops. Guess I'll have to come back to that one later... Finally, I ran the second Special Condition set of races on Easy and drove away from my poor little Renault opponent to win that $265K Toyota.

    So, at this point, I've been playing for about 5 hours, 2.1% complete, I'm on Day 73 or so, have almost 900 A-Spec points, $13K in cash, and a 44% win ratio thanks to all the races I couldn't quite take, but finished anyway for the money. I've got six cars:

    RX-7 (purchased)
    VW Lupo 1.4 (B-class license, bronze, and a few hundred mm too long for the K-car cup, damn it... ;) )
    Autobianchi A112 Abarth (Sunday Cup prize)
    '67 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-B (FR Cup prize, saw "Skyline", thought "Sweet", then saw the car... "Oh..." Still a cool car, though... ;) )
    Pontiac Sunfire concept (A-class license)
    Toyota RSC Rally Car (second Special Conditions series)

    To make things a little more interesting, I'll be trying to beat as many races as possible by never selling any cars and by purchasing as few cars as possible, using my prize cars to race in as many series' as they can enter and hold their own in. So I won't be selling my RSC for the $265K, that's just cheating... ;) Once I get the trophies and tons of cash, I'll start buying cars for the fun of it. And I'll be trying to keep the races to 50+ A-Spec points. That seems to be the range where the races are fairly competitive. I've won a couple 130+ point races, but those were with slower cars on tight circuits, where the AI cars always seem to be at a disadvantage; they're so conservative in the corners that I can usually squeeze by and get enough of a gap to keep them behind me on the straights even when they have more top-end power...
  11. Goldfingiz


    Got it Tuesday night but I was a little busy. Wednesday on the other hand was a different story. This is what my schedule has been like since:

    Wednesday played from 2pm until 12pm Thursday. 22 hours! Took one break to eat but did B-Spec mode while I ate.

    Thursday I fell asleep from 12pm-8pm but started again immediately and i'm still playing now at 6:30am.

    I don't plan on stopping until toight when I figure I should visit my gf before she maims me :O

    Since Tuesday I have eaten two meals, took three bathroom breaks, have not showered, and can barely comprehend anything that isn't GT4 related.
  12. a6m5

    a6m5 Premium

    United States
    Finally started the game thursday night.

    Imported the A/B licenses and "$". Took me around 4hrs to complete the I-A/B licenses.

    Bought an used R34 Skyline GT-R.

    Played around with the photo mode for bit.

    Raced my GT-R on Highspeed Ring on Sunday Cup.

    That was it! I'm gonna work on the "S" license tomorrow. :yuck:
  13. SimRaceDriver


    United States
    Picked up the game Tuesday night from Gamestop, rushed home (Having to deal w/rush hour traffic when this excited is NEVER a good thing) and slapped into my PS2 & immediately went into Arcade mode to go race the 'ring'...

    Decided to go w/a Ruf RGT & immediately got my ass handed to me! I couldn't keep the car on the track for more then a few hundred yards or so before going off into the gravel! Trust me, it wasn't a prety site, nor did it leave a good 'first impression' but I knew the game was going to take some time getting used to.

    Well, unfortunately after about an hour of trying different cars on different tracks, I had to go back to bed & prepare to go to work...(Graveyard shift sucks sometimes! :) )

    Wednesday morning after work though was a different story. I took the most logical route & started with getting my licenses...Didn't really encounter any real problems getting silvers or bronzes (I'll come back later to get as many Golds as possible) until I got to test #15 I think on the IA license...the one where you follow the pace car for a full lap on the Ring while driving the MB 190E....I can't recall how many times I was about 4-6 minutes into the test when I would lose it and go off into the gravel, only to have to re-do it again! I think it took me about 30 minutes to finally pass that damn test! Thursday I spent more time trying to finish off the remaining licenses so I can start racing.
    <Side Note: I noticed that PD put the Seattle test w/the Ford GT back...GOD How I hated that on GT3! :-( )

    Hopefully Friday will see me once & for all completing all my licenses and hopefully winning a few races along the way!

    Got a co-worker coming over on Saturday to try his hand at GT4...and to finaly see my racing setup in person...Should be a site to he's not at all familiar with either driving games or the PS2! :)
  14. intelectualism


    damn nice setup... how much did it run you though? I just purchased my DFP today :D don't have a setup yet I have it on the same counter as the tv.. very very unpleasent.. I'll probobly make my own setup based on one I saw in the cheap cockpits thread.. ;P
  15. dori


    Tuesday I sent my dad out to get it for me because I knew he wanted it as bad as I did :sly: Anyway we got back home and put it in the PS2...uh oh it wouldn't read the disk and my mom had left for school that night. So I sat in my room staring at the case for it. Okay next day I come home from school to find my dad playing GT4 and 110,000 credits and two license tests done :ouch: I told him I wanted to start from scratch and he said to consider it sponser money :dopey:
    So after helpin him out on the frustrating license tests I decide to buy a used FD with a really nice set of wheels on it and I lightly mod it and kill the sunday cup and do pretty good in the FR cup.Then I get spanked in the RE cup. :grumpy:
    I'm at school right now dreaming of playing GT4 and my teacher is telling me to get off GTplanet so..........
  16. Acroth


    well i'm kicking my own ass for how i started out two days ago... jumped into it and transfered my licsenses and 100k... picked up a black 90 twin turbo type r toyota supra :) ... gotta have love for the mkiii supras... so then i poured almost all 100k into it with only stage 2 turbo but everything else... dominated the beginners races, and went over to the japan league, wiped out the 90's race a couple times and sold about 3 of those skyline 400r's (25k each, along with 15k for each time i completed all 5 races) ... then i realized i had unlocked the 1988 turbo A toyota supra mmmmm.... picked that one up and maxed it out at 610 hp... then the nitrous on top of that... ran a 10.68x at the strip... then i realized that most of the races i could do required freakin normal or sport tires, so when i tried to compete in them with my 610+ hp supra, i'd spin the damn tires all the way through 4th, even with sport softs... meh... so now i'm thinkin i'll take my other card, transfer money but not licsenses trade for my turbo A, and go through as many of the the licsenses as i can just doing minimal races... i figure that should get me financially secure to start and a much more diverse starting garage...

    anywho... can't wait to get home from work today :crazy:
  17. mrslick151


    Well let's see...

    Picked up GT4 and the DFP about 8pm last nite, promptly went home and built a makeshift cockpit, and dived right into GT mode at about 9pm.
    I picked my way through the used car showrooms for about 15 minutes, then finally decided on a metallic blue silver 89 Skyline GTS-t, about 215HP and 1260 kg, I believe.
    I promptly headed to the tuner shops with the little money I had left, and had Blitz lighten the beast to help out with handling.
    Boy, did I regret that! First time using a wheel to play GT4, and damm was that humbling. With all driving aids turned off, I was all over the track, spinning out, and barely able to hold a basic racing line! But after two tried in the Sunday Cup at Autumn Ring, I was able to win it, and start making some money! I won two other races, then went back and upgraded the engine chip, and intake system. After beating the Sunday Cup, I sold the Abarth, and splurged on suspension, intercooler, and drivetrain upgrades for the Skyline.
    Next up was license tests. I bronzed my way through the B and A licenses, myself having no patience for getting golds or even silvers. I think I picked up a few anyway. I won a Lupo and I think a Sunfire from that, sold the Lupo for some more cash.
    At this point I tried the FR challenge, but the Skyline was a little too slow. So I went into the Japanese 80's challenge, and won myself a Mitsubishi HSR concept car with about 330 HP! Now we're talking! This thing is rock solid, and handles well, just a bit too much understeer. I still need some suspension work on it though. Next I took the HSR over to the 4WD challenge, and smacked those guys down, winning myself a strange Toyota Moto Triathlon car.
    At this point my endurance was flagging, and I started driving pretty badly after entering the Japan World Championships, so I shut it down for the night.
    Amazing experience!
  18. WesK24


    I went to Fry's with 2 friends and we picked it up. They had a lot of copies, I feel sorry for the people who waited in line for hours and had reservations and everything. I just went to the store on my own time, picked it up right off the shelf and payed for it.

    I got home and played a couple arcade races with my friends, then I bought a used Evo GSR for GT mode. I played for awhile then my friends left. I got pissed and started the game over and bought a cheaper RX7 FC. Modifided it a litle and beat the entire sunday cup and some of the FR, got some of the B licenses.

    That night I started over again, and bought the EVO GSR again and played everything and got 100%. If i lost a race I would reset the PS2. After awhile I was like screw it and just played. I stopped trying to get golds on the licenses and got the B licenses with lots of bronzes.

    Today I got the A licenses, again with mostly bronzes and I'm almost done with the AWD league and I purchased an old CRX fo the FF. I sold my prize cars so eh.
  19. MaxLegroom


    My first day of GT4, I transferred my money, my licenses, spent too much on a Chrysler 300C Hemi, which I proceeded to modify, bought a used Silvia, which I spent some money on modifying, then went racing a bit, went to Arcade mode and took a Yorktown Blue '64 GTO out on the Nurburgring. I've since turned into a Nurburgring addict. Every drive is a sight reading, so the results are never the same. I love it.
  20. gr3000


    GT4 doesn't come to the UK 'till March (I think) I'm planning a GT marathon though, two weeks off work to play ;)
  21. cjrciadt


    Started it up this morning transfered the money and license (yes im weak:lol:). bought the HPA R32 for 31K 550+hp (weak again) and fired thru the special condition and some of the Beginner League. Sold the RSC Rally Car multiple times to earn up to million bucks. Then went on a shopping spree and bought: 99 Skyline GT-R (not a vspec), M3, Mustang, Evo 6 RS, and added minor modifacations. Then shut down my PS2 since it was pretty warm after 6 straight hours on. Clean some dust out off it tried to turn it on to find out it died. Power Supply bite the dust after 4 and 3 months of constant service with the GT4 disc inside of course. That sums up my day allright.
  22. Nitroboy24


    First off let me say this, I have bought many, many video games through my short 16 years of life so far. And I can honestly say this game is the ONLY one that has given me this weird, hard to explain feeling inside. Myself and many others have been waiting to get this game for probablly well over 2 years. So, when I pick up the controller (getting a wheel soon) and play I cant wipe the grin off my face. Crazy cool game.

    Anyhoo, my GT4 experience has gone a bit like this. Bought the game yesterday after school, came home and got a lovely DRE and had to rip the old beats apart and clean the laser. That fixed my problems and I was in a 500 horse M5 driving around everywhere on the ring. Then I tried out the Elise, F-150 Lightning, and a few other cars in the Arcade mode. Brought over the money and licenses and picked up an S13, S15, HPA R32 and thats it for now. I will be starting with the S13 and working my way up with ONLY the money I MAKE (not what is in my account) to try and play the game fairly. Farted around in the Arcade mode and sadly went to bed.

    Got up for school, bragged to any and every person that would listen to me that I had GT4. School ended, so I had track practice and ran 5 1/2 miles faster then I ever have before. Got home, what awaited me? Damn DRE's. Went to GameStop with my PS2 and cords BUT I forgot my friggin controller. So much for the $75 in store credit. Asked if they had a PSTwo (slim boy) and was anything but happy to hear they were out of stock. Called another GameStop, same story. Best Buy, same story. 4th time was a charm and Kmart had 6 in stock, reserved one and rushed over.

    Busted the little guy out and have been playing GT4 since. I will start racing in GT Mode but my dad and I have been having a blast ripping up Laguna Seca in twin Elises. I am really wanting to pick up a M3 CSL to rip around with, and REALLY want the Blitz R34 of HKS S15 since I really like drifting and love both those cars.

    So, I am going to hit GameStop tomorrow after work and sell the PS2 and get $75 in store credit. Then I will probablly have to have them order the GT4 Wheel (dont remember the exact name) and will get that in. Then, I will buy a TV and stick it in my room next to the computer and use the cable splitter for non-stop GT4 and Speed Channel coverage. I wont be leaving my room unless I have to eat, relieve myself, or build up the mountain bike I just bought.

    Loving this game!!!
  23. intelectualism


    if u need money take thtat HPA to the second special conditions race.. easy money..

    BTW the wheel is called the Driving Force Pro.. DFP for short.. I just purchased mine, havn't really used it because I'm not done with the mounting setup. Will be 2morrow though..
  24. sawyersgs


    i got gt4 on Friday, i played from 9 pm until 3am Saturday morning, is the only view the in car view, in gt3 u had options to change from in car to actually seeing the car on track
  25. Takumi Fujiwara

    Takumi Fujiwara

    United States
    I got my copy on the 22nd. I actually had it reserved at EB, but was at work, so I got my dad to pick it up on his way home.

    I started and deleted a few times, finding that it really made more sense to buy a really good car and mod it with the 110k than it did to get something cheaper and mod it out.

    So, I got a black '91 Acura NSX.
    Installed basic suspension mods, etc, went through MR, then upgraded power and took Clubman.

    Took it to Photo mode and got some shots, then did a Photo Drive on the Ring. I really love that track...

    Next car was a white 97 Civic Type-R
    Similar mods to NSX, took down FF cup. Handles great with suspension mods, by the way.

    After that, a Silver S2000. (Honda theme wasn't intentional, by the way, it just happenned that the three were the best available at the times.) Breezed through FR cup. Then, did Rally of Capri a few times. Didn't realize the RSC was the prize, I just did it because it drive like the canyon roads I'm so fond of IRL.

    I've been using the wheel, by the way, the realism is insane. I tried an S14 modded similarly to mine, and it really felt like my car.
  26. Takumi Fujiwara

    Takumi Fujiwara

    United States
    Press select.
  27. ak


    Check out my 940 HP Cadillac Cien ===>> pic. I won that on the first race series under the special condition hall.
  28. emeraldtiger


    Got GT4 thursday around 5.30 to 6 pm with my freind he bought my copy for birthday present and bought my dfp for christmas present. came home put the game in watched the movie, my freind played around in arcade mode for awhile, let him have first crack since he was kind enough to buy it for me. when he was done i started gt mode imported liscecnes and money went and bought a Dodge SRT 4 did all the mods i could with the money that was left cant really remember what i did to it at moment have to look at my game to check anyway went and did all the begginer races i could with that car. then started another game on another card this one i cheated on used the max money code for ar max and the slow timer code i know but i will do them later without the codes so shut up
    for now just wanted to see all the cars you could win if you get gold on all liscense's you get all 3 cars for that liscense the one for bronze silver and gold so cool, played till 5.30 am friday morning went to bed woke up around noon and started playing again havent stoped playing since then exept to sleep eat and goto the doctors this morning taking break at moment getting ready to do the special races that i can my fav car so far is a race car cant remember without looking will edit the name in when i look at it again want to got the toyota race car bad with name danmit owell dont have a real setup for dfp yet my freind and me are going to build some out of some old gocart frames will post pic when we get them done i do love the srt though nice hp and handles damn good with the wheel have to say was never any good with wheel in gt3 but i cant play gt4 with out it i tried cant use the controller for some reason the only thing that sucks is my doctor said i have to take breaks now and then cause my leg keeps swelling up from the movement of feathering the gas pedel the way i have it set up now wont have that prob once i get the setup built lol great game cant wait to see what gt5 for ps3 will look like and drive like.
  29. sir heavy foot

    sir heavy foot

    Got my GT4 disk at about 11am yesterday. Started out with a used Civic Type R and imported some credits I had in GT3 as well as the licenses. I won the Sunday Cup, won the FF, won the Civic race. I then purchased a used Silvia S15 K's Aero, did the FR cup and won that. I then did the Civic cup again a couple of times and bought an Evo VII and a Skyline GT-R VSpec II N1 and got it to 510HP with the race suspension and all the transmission goodies. I am now addicted to the Nurburgring. I am now trying to get all my cars to handle properly on this track.

    On the whole, not a bad way to spend 8 hours infront of a tv but the eye spasms are getting to me now :) . I think the game is great but not that much of an improvement, game play wise, to GT3. I love that there are so many cars available as well as the tuner companies and the circuits.

    Problems I have so far:

    1. When I get off the gas, the car still accelerates or maintains the speed. Very strange as GT3 did not do this.

    2. The ASM settings don't make any sense to me.

    3. I don't see any difference in using the tuner shop mods like HKS or Blitz to using the manufacturer tuners like Nismo or Ralliart. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference such as more HP or better handling?

    Anyway, thats all I have so far.

    The Nurburgring RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Acroth


    the difference of tuner village is that some of the parts are original... like a turbo kit (listed as #5) is cheaper for almost the same power as the stage 4.... and suspension is also cheaper than a full race but you get the same settings...