Zone of the Enders 2 (Z.O.E.2) is awesome! Walkthrough PS4

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  1. Alex p.

    Alex p.

    It's my favourite game after all the GT games. This must be my 10th playthrough or so, maybe higher. Wanted to upload it in VR, but technical limitations made it impossible. I can whole-heartedly recommend this game to anyone with the slightest interest in mecha or action games in general. I find the Anime style awesome (no weeb), the music, the story and the graphics (it's a PS2 game! from Kojima, yes the genius behind MGS and Death Stranding), but the greatest thing about this game is its amazing, fun and fast-paced gameplay! Very intuitive and makes you feel like a real bad ass!

    I played this through several times on the PS2 in 2005, then on the PS3 several times and now on the PS4. If you have the chance to try out this game before buying, then do it! Give this absolute masterpiece a chance.

    I played on easy difficulty, because I didn't want to start some boss fights from the beginning too often, because I didn't want to edit the recording, because then it would have been reformated to a MP4 file, which I wanted to avoid. Enjoy!

    Please share your opinion/views on the game!

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