Gran Turismo 5 Packaging Reveals Three Discs

Sometimes, you’ll come across the most pleasant surprises when you least expect them, and this situation is no exception. Today, we get our first look at the Gran Turismo 5 box art and packaging, in the hands of Kazunori Yamauchi himself. Our own sharp-eyed reader, GON, was first to notice the revelation in this new video from Mercedes-Benz and immediately sent it my way. Sure enough, at 0:42, we get to spy on a Polyphony Digital meeting as Yamauchi inspects a thick Blu-Ray box, complete with the obligatory small text, Sony Computer Entertainment stamp, and the new PS3 logo. Although it may not be the ultimate final product, it’s very likely this is exactly what you’ll find on store shelves next year.



The most curious thing, of course, is the fact that the packaging clearly contains three separate Blu-Ray cases – one black, one red, and one blue. What could they be? While the conspiracy theorists get to work, here’s a list of other interesting tidbits from the clip:

  • Gran Turismo uses one single physics calculation model, so they simply enter the parameters for each car, and the handling characteristics play themselves out within the game. As Yamauchi says, “If the original car is made well, it’ll drive well.”
  • We get a closer look at the 3D model of the SLS AMG in Gran Turismo 5, along with a corner from the Nurburgring Nordschleife.
  • Mercedes’ narrarator suggests that Yamauchi is “considering” putting the new SLS AMG on the cover, but Yamauchi’s following comments (along with the box art seen earlier) all but confirm it will be the star of the show. As he explains, it “will probably be the most exciting car in the world when GT5 is released”. He also was sure to mention: “Fans of Gran Turismo 5 really have something to be excited about”.

If you’d like to grab the original, slightly-higher-quality version of this clip, download it here (.mov, 57.6 MB) – thanks to those who managed to track it down!

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Comments (145)

  1. murphious

    @ Sam__NY Says:
    October 20th, 2009 at 8:08 am

    “This is probably just a way to jack the price up. 3 discs, $24.99 each.”

    Exactly what my thoughts are…stuff it with more bonus content and charge $20 more.
    That would probably be the “Fanboy” Special Edition. I don’t want pretty cut scenes or car videos, I want a game to drive/play!

  2. Luke

    Do some of you guys think about the stuff you post here ? Why should 1 BD be for Online playing ? The Online Mode uses the same cars, the same tracks and the same physics. So the BD for online and the one for offline would be 99,9% the same.
    I seriously doubt the game will have more than one disc, we are still months away from the release and it`s way to soon to tell what is on the other two. And to be honest, i don`t care. If there will be a special edition to preorder i will start to care ;)

  3. Tim

    Looking at the video the black BD box in the 3 Disc package actually looks like it could be the actual disc because Using my high defintion Graphics card etc I can just about make out the logo and I think it’s the CERO Ratings logo from Japan and the text I think is the Gamecode add to this like others have said the Black case looks like it is following the style of the GT PSP collectors edition box art.

    I am certainly intrested to see any more infomation on this

  4. PeterWRC

    Hi. I think, 1 disc is the game itself, with tracks, cars, etc…the 2 could be “creator” what means, if we can do any changes with the cars, painting, bodykit, that’s take many Gb’s, and include the real-time damage and real physics for the cars, what need to save on the HDD, if Kaz want to do a real simulator. And maybe a Sony Vegas kind software for the Youtube, because everyone will load up same kind of replays, that would be boring for us. And the 3. disc is for the online gaming, because if the game will be real, the tuning all around the car will be real, that’s take lots of Gb’s again. So sorry about my bad language!

  5. Stevo

    My moneys on 1 disk and the others booklets or perhaps 1 being a making of and bonus stuff. unless its some sort of press kit. 3 disks seems like a waste of resources. Also an installation disk doesnt seem right, if we’re talking about huge amounts of space for installation it rules out owners with smaller consoles, not gonna happen.

  6. Praggia

    3 discs????
    Makes you wonder what the pricing structure looks like????
    I don’t think GT5 is going to come cheap. This is a huge title for Sony and they will be looking to cash in so I kinda think we’re looking at one pricey title.
    But even so ………… i’d still buy it.

  7. Corbin

    Im just happy that this is more or less proof there WILL be a collectors edition (or this is standard and SE will be even crazier!!! maybe a cool driving helmet haha) I have to say, theres no way that the SLS AMG is sexier than the Toyota FT-86, id mush rather it be on the cover. My theory is like most as well, I think Disc 1 will be GT (career mode) Disc 2 Arcade/ Online disc and Disc 3 massive amounts of bonus content. I have a strong feeling they will have an hour+ Doc on making the game.

  8. FlareKR

    tameem is probably right. First disc is installer, second is the career mode, the third is the arcade, online, and bonus. Just like GT2, mind the first disc, which is fine, cause I still have both GT2 discs for all these years (miraculously).
    NOW WE KNOW WHY IT’S RELEASING IN MARCH, FOR THAT STUPID MERC! It’s a d*ck on 4 wheels, get over it Kaz! Put a Veyron (no, it’s not an oversized roach), or the Ferrari California, or better yet the CCX!

  9. Hi_Jordan

    Hey Hoffy

    I don’t think it’s like PD don’t ask car makers for data/models, IIRC in a recent interview/article there was mention that Ferrari, amongst others I guess, had provided such models, there wasn’t any makers named who hadn’t been as helpful though.

  10. HoffY

    One thing that i find really strange is that PD seem to want to re-invent the wheel all the time. Why don’t they approach the car manufactures for at least the modern day vehicles and get at LEAST a body export directly from them of SOME cars at least? Hell even if it takes a small “we’ll take it as a sponsorship and you’ll get some advertisement”. There was an advertisment firm in Australia that did this very thing with a HOlden Monaro a few years back! Saved them shit loads of time.. and gave them an EXACT form of the vehicles. No guess work or reverse engineering and so much time saved its just not funny!

    6 months to model that… i’ve seen fellow modelers model equally detailed vehicles in less time working by themselves… WITHOUT sneak previews and laps around nurb!

  11. haydenmc14


    Oct. 20 (Bloomberg) — Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3 outsold Nintendo Co.’s Wii console for the first time following a $100 price cut, helping the U.S. video-game market end six consecutive months of declining revenue.

    Hardware, software and accessory sales in the world’s largest video-game market rose 1 percent to $1.28 billion last month, researcher NPD Group Inc. said yesterday in an e-mailed statement. Sales of Tokyo-based Sony’s PS3 more than doubled to 491,800, while those of the Wii fell 33 percent to 462,800. Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 sales gained 1.6 percent to 352,600.

    Leading the sales, thats great for every ps3 owner new and old. new owners means new PSN users.

  12. name

    who says there bluray disks?
    one will be the game, obviously, but the other 2 are probably just DVDs one for soundtracks and additional booklet stuff.
    and the other will probably be a DVD for making of scenes.

  13. haydenmc14

    look at it this way. Forza will sell alot because every car fan who owns a 360 will get it. GT5 though….. Every playstaiton 3 owner will most likely rush to buy it and then some. The sales figures will tell the end story. PlayStation has a massive year ahead in australia with PlayTV, GT5, PSP Go & more, sony will be swimming in profit soner rather then later. P.S. Found on wikipedia that kaz said all cars will feature damage of some kind or another. Sounds good to me. as for the box the black one deffineteley is a game cover & the other two are the same as each other except for the colour of their spines. to me that finishes ruling out an installation disk. As for a cover car an sls will do but a Lamborghini Murcielago SV, Dodge Viper ACR, a Buggati Veyron or a Ferrari Enzo would suit me better. 950+ cars is great and i cant wait…… (remember that south park episode where cartman freezes himself rather then waiting for the wii i may replicate that…. maybe)

  14. midnighteggs

    Look at the video at 53 seconds, the same shot from one of the pictures in the post. It looks like the black, red and blue “cases” have slid slightly out of the box. Look at the difference in the colors of the bottom of each of the three. The red and blue ones are clearly white on the bottom. I think that indicates that we’re looking at paper, and not plastic cases.

  15. Hi_Jordan

    Does no one else think that’s prolly just a retail dummy box or something?

    I’d be really surprised if that’s actually the box everyone will be picking up come release day.

    As for the people saying the black case has “Gran Turismo” on the spine, I think it’s too blurred to tell, but looking at it, you can kinda see that one letter near the end of the word is raised above the others, like a lower case L or B or something … I don’t think it says “Gran Turismo” TBH.

  16. Turbo_3800

    Idc what disk does what…long as this game is released around the time they told us and that I have the game in my hands on release day lol..I can dig this cover personally my favorite GT cover was GT1

  17. Sam__ NY

    forza 3 has 2 discs, and its not nearly as complicated as GT5. So for GT5 to have 2 discs for the game wouldn’t surprise me.


  18. irishash85

    yeah after such a lengthy development process, i think we can be certain at least 1 disc is the game, and 1 disc is a making of feature, leaving 1 disc unknown. i’m pretty sure the game won’t take any more space than one bluray, seeing as GT5P is like 5 GB. who knows though? 900ish cars is a looooot of cars.

  19. Martin Kapu

    I hope this will out do Forza 3, it’s had a chance now to see the final Forza 3 game and with an extra 6 months to out do it, so I hope it pwns it, as it should with the additional time now.

  20. pyramid head

    Disc 1 main game. disk used to play GT5.
    Disc 2 bonus features, like the making of GT5, gt tv programs and such
    Disc 3 GT, GT 2, GT 3, GT 4??

  21. Chrysus

    Surely a ‘Making of’ feature would just be made available for download off GTTV rather than incurring a cost for and extra packaging

  22. Canadian STIG

    Yes, it would appear that only one case in the GT5 pack, the black one, bares the Gran Turismo 5 text hinting at th actual game as already stated by “hardvibs”.

    It’ll be intersting to discover what red and blue have to offer. Perhaps special edition bonuses just like other special edition games ? (ex. GTAIV, COD 4, Halo, Uncharted 2 special edition packs filled with concept art or in this case blue-rays on the production of GT5 or something of that nature).

  23. Mickle Pickle

    I got it guys!!!

    This 3 disk package is actually to be given out to those who will purchase the (real) SLS next spring. This is a special edition of GT5 along with the car info etc….
    … why else would MB sponsor this information “leak”…

    … just another guess table…

  24. hardvibes

    @ Fxx
    Again? We’re not talking about psx’s compact discs or ps2’s dvds. Ps3 uses b-l-u-r-a-y discs…50GB! The image clearly shows ONE PS3 CASE with the GT5 title on its side.

  25. Matthew

    And yes, I know realplayer is considered an abomination by most people but I find it very useful for things like this.

    By the way, here is the link again that Napoleon posted.

    Now go there and be sure to use Internet Explorer because the RealPlayer plugin doesn’t work with Firefox or any other browser. Once the video is playing right click in the viewing window and select download this video to real player. That is all.

  26. Cat

    1. Black and white case: Blu-ray game.
    2. Red case: classic GT games in Blu-ray?
    3. Blue case: Blu-ray movie, perhaps extras, behind the scenes, promo content and documentary…

    (I just compared it with MGS4 heh)


  27. Matthew

    Jordan take note: I have found a way to get the higher quality video. On the link to the Mercedes Benz site that Napoleon_Ist posted, you aren’t actually ”stuck with an average quality video”. There is an option below the video to change the quality to Best.

    What I have done is use the RealPlayer browser plugin to download the video as it is playing in Flash.

    I’ll post the download link here when I’ve gotten the video up on a file hosting site, if someone else doesn’t beat me to it first.

    That is all.

  28. Mike M

    Mark B- do you even know what the word “blasphemy” means. Had PD set GT5 release date to coincide with the release of the Spiderman movie, that would be blasphemous. But to coincide with the release of a car from a well respected manufacturer, that’s very much in the vein of what GT game has always been about: Car.

  29. Zmann42087

    three discs?!?! Is there any doubt now that GT5 will be the most epic title we’ll see for the PS3 platform?

  30. mavryk_gt

    Around 1:20 into the video Kazunori Yamauchi is doing a 99 lap race on the Nürburgring!

    Now I know why we have to wait until Spring 2010 for GT5… Stop having all the fun on your own and let us have a go!!!

  31. NoxNoctisUmbra

    3 Discs, maybe this is special edition! I will buy that!
    And Mercedes SLS on cover? WIN! M-B for life!

  32. Sam__NY

    @Rich C.

    I think your right, but books??? that would mean a game box and 2 manuals! No one would even think about taking the time to read em.

  33. Mustangmiha


    You know people, maybe those three discs are actually DVD’s (but maybe doesn’t), and they are just Press Materials, like GT4 Nissan 350Z Press materials, contains three discs, two are videos, and third is just a demo, with two cars and tracks. Because they wont produce unfinished GT5, right?
    And did anyone noticed a lot of Gran Turismo 3 and Concepts behind K. Yamauchi?

  34. coffeerox

    WoW @ people who really think they’re game discs. This is not the Xbox 360. This is the Playstation 3. One Dual-Layer or even Single-Layer disc is enough for Gran Turismo 5. If there are a 2nd and 3rd disc, they are for bonus material. Doubt this if you want, i know I’m right.

  35. AMZ

    Man this is a box , where did you see the 3 discs ? (yes there is 3 stripes on the box , but the disc should be inside !! ) .

    Anyway , can’t wait until the game is out , to try the SLS out .

  36. hardvibes

    @ Gtkiller
    Only ONE of those boxes is grey (classis ps3 boxes) and has the GT5 title on the side. The other 2 could be anything but the game

  37. Stradivis

    @ neem

    What I mean is that people come up with lots of stuff and then, when said things aren’t implemented as they imagined, they start to rant about it.
    I guess we should just let the game come out, play it and then share our points of view.

    A bit more of surprise helps too. For instance, I don’t belive anybody saw NFS Shift coming. Everyone just waiting for another half-@$$ed “open city gangsta nitro cop killa racer”.

    Or GRID, another welcome surprise in the way it came without being TOCA4.

    We all know how Kaz and his team take the GT franchise seriously enough. They won’t mess it up. There’ll be desing choices, content choices and decisions based on time, pressure from Sony, pressure from fanbase, technical issues, etc. So, let’s just live with it.

    For example, NFS MW didn’t have replays, and IMO a great fun from racing games is in watching replays from my greatest races. It was a choice made during developement (there were replays in NFS U2, for instance), and there was a reason for it.

    And as with GT3 and GT4, anything left out from GT5 will be perfected so it can be on GT6. That’s the way PD does it, and I doubt they’ll do otherwise, releasing a half baked feature in a game *cough* Forza damage *cough*.

    p.s.: and neem, it’s Stradivis, not StradAvis. :)

  38. Rich C.

    The last two look like books if u look closely ps3 game casings are clear and the bottom of the alleged red and blue cds are a solid white.

  39. Sam__NY

    Why do some people think there will be an install disc??? Each disc is probably 1/3 of the game. Or 2 discs are game discs an the other one is GT TV or something.

  40. neem

    Stradavis: “Funny to see how much of the hype around GT5 comes from the fanbase.”

    Well, where else is it going to come from? I don’t think a load of people who either don’t care or aren’t that enthusiastic about the game will be raving about it, that’s generally left to the fans… But you have a point, the hype around MGS4 came from the Gears of War fanbase, of course!

  41. Mark B.

    “Both the virtual and the rela SLS will be available in Spring 2010.”

    I can’t believe it! They delayed GT5 to match the release of the SLS! Blasphemy! :P

  42. ajhd

    Its highly UNLIKELY the game will be on 3 disks. I recon that was the collectors, as it is highly LIKELY that there wont just be a standard edition.

    STOP WORRYING!!! If your worried about forza looking better, just play it to see how bad it really is! Its nothing, if you like gt, you will love this gt. IMO forza feels terrible and even high performance cars like ferraris handle badly. Is gt like this, NO!
    and since when do PS let you install disks? it aint an xbox.
    25gb disk, or they might even use 50gb for some games. do they need 100gb, i dont think so unless there making cars come out the tv and fly to the moon.
    The game will not be on 3 bluray disks!

    Anyway game looks amazing, and stop worrying!

  43. m5_dude

    @tameem yes, Japan is in the northern hemisphere just like us therefore their Spring starts at the same time (they also use the same calendar ;)

  44. Mickle Pickle

    “You guys just got it all wrong !!
    The three disc slots in the packaging is not for what you think…
    The game will come with only one BluRay disc.

    So the three slots are there for you to put away every other games you own, ‘cause you will be playing GT5 and having its disk in the brick 24/7” ;)

    Fanboy comments LOL


    I suggest that the cover be with the BMW 5 series GT ;) :P just for kicks ;)

  45. 8@No$

    GT5 will be awesome !!!!!!!!!! We have waited for 3 years, another 6 months should pass easily…
    3 bluray = ~150 GB!! Why in the world would they need such amount of space for a game?? if there really are 3 bluray discs then the game will be massive…. XD

  46. maxpontiac

    I am not sure why I got so excited over viewing 3 Blu Ray dics. In all reality, I have no idea what it is. The package could consist of several different things.

    However, as I watched the video, my excitment grew due what I saw at the 1:30 mark as the staff at PD put the new SLS together. If that is the attention to detail that each of the 900 plus cars are going to recieve, I am left speechless.

    My belief system of “good things come to those that wait” is now even further enforced!!

  47. Stradivis

    … And the wise sage of the ring said: “let’s just wait and see, for one can not be sure of what’s still unsure.”

    Funny to see how much of the hype around GT5 comes from the fanbase.

    And to those damage experts who always compared GT5 to Forza, I’d like to say that the damage in Forza is very poorly done. Reminded me of NFS IV.

  48. W89rnr

    I’m pretty sure of a few things:
    1) the cover car will undoubtedly be the sls
    2) there will be at least 2 BDs to contain all the game and bonus content
    3) that the release date is spring for japan, dint know why some guys didn’t know what the seasons were apparently (they are offset 6 months for the upper and lower hemispheres on this planet we call earth)
    4) there could be many optional installs for the game in consideration of the varied size hard disks and PD will accommodate all ps3 users
    5) this game won’t dissapoint :)

  49. Mustang750R

    Why are some saying one disc is for install? This is a PS3 not some PC. Has anyone seen a PS3 game with install on a second disc? I didn’t think so. And as for this full 50GB use stuff I doubt that’s happening. The reason I say this is because Uncharted 1 used 22GB, Uncharted 2 used about 25GB (still single layer), and MGS4 used 33GB so I doubt 50 gigs maybe 40.

  50. SKID

    1. install disc
    2. play disc
    3. GT-pedia

    I think that discs will be one layer, not dual-layer

    PS. to moderators: why my comment from 7:00 am is not here? banned email or what?

  51. nick

    collectors edition whre the extra discs are movies OR
    they needed extra discs for arcade/online/install mode or something like that

  52. Napoleon_Ist

    btw filename is “” (english version), german version is

  53. Napoleon_Ist

    “As always, if anyone is able to track down a higher-quality version of the source clip, please let me know.”

    the original file was uploaded on , a copy was uploaded the site’s official youtube channel with no HD support (source file was SD quality)

    embedded video’s URL is
    you can download a *mov file from there.

    the download file’s quality is average since it is 496×280 (pal 25fps), sound is stereo 2ch 48khz. file size is 11,6Mo (german speaking version is 11,7Mo)

    in other words we are stuck with an average quality video.

  54. Napoleon_Ist

    “As always, if anyone is able to track down a higher-quality version of the source clip, please let me know.”

    the origin

  55. David

    oh and I also forgot, MGS has LOADS of HD cut scenes (hours and hours of it!) which take up masses of space, another thing that GT wont have (any of that stuff with be on bonus discs).

  56. David


    Thats true, I forgot about MGS but I seem to remember Kojima saying that that comment was another ‘lost in translation’ moment and that was not what he said to the press. Even if its true I still think the GT is a less complex game in terms of space useage because MGS is a FPS with large maps, free roam and no repeating areas whereas a racing game will have tracks, cars and physics which will be used again and again.

    There is also the cost side of things to take into account, Sony will pressure GT5 to be on 1 BR disc because that costs shoot up dramatically the minute you need to package another (for a standard edition). It would also make Sony loose face as they were touting Blu Ray as the end of games over multiple discs.

    I dont really mind either way, GT is always gets special treatment because they know it will sell well, as long as the quality doesnt have to be downgraded to fit it on to 1 disc I will be happy.

  57. Mustangmiha

    @David Macphail

    MGS4 was on one DL Blu-Ray, and Kojima said that he is unhappy about it because he expected better graphic, like one from TGS 2005 Trailer.

    And one strange thing I noticed in video up here is that all GT gameplay with SLS (in this video) is actually same real time gameplay video from GT5P Intro and first GT5 Trailer. Only car is replaced with SLS. Just caught in my eye.

  58. David Macphail

    How could they POSSIBLY need 150GB of space for this game??? If MGS4 could fit on one Blu – Ray disc GT 5 should take up no more than two at the most. Still – my excitement rating just went through the roof.

  59. Mustangmiha

    ZOMG, GT5 ON 150GB (3 DL BLU-RAY DISCS, EACH ONE IS 50GB)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And just like I guessed, SLS will be on GT5 cover.

  60. TOLL-Scibba-HRT1

    one more comment about the news this package is coming out in march 2010 it is not a game it is a development of those GT years making of GT series. GT5 is never going to come out now

  61. rofajole

    From what I see, the black case is DEFINITELY the game (its the only one with “Gran Turismo 5” written on it and has the little “world thing” at the bottom on the side of each PS3 game

    As for the other 2 discs, they are either Making Of and probably one disc to install the game to the HDD.

    As for people talking about the install size, just rest assure, it’s gotta be less than 15gb, there’s still the 20gb PS3. I doubt Sony will forget about those users, like MS forgot the “Arcade” 360 that has no HDD

  62. LordVonPS3

    Just making a point but there is nothing confirming…

    1.) That the package on show is going to be used for the final game.
    2.) That each of the 3 spaces in the box contains a blu-ray case + disc.
    3.) That any blu-ray disc in the box will be 50GB, as opposed to 25GB.

    Best not to get too carried away…

  63. David

    There is no way that the whole game will be on more than 1 disc because there will be a normal edition on which it will have to all fit (what we have seen is likely to be the collectors edition). 50GB dual layer Blu Ray should be more than enough, plus there might be some that extracts and installs to the HDD.

    The others are likely to be single layer blu rays with ‘making of’ footage, im sure they have tons after spending 4 years on it!! Or one might be additional game content which you get as part of the package which others might have to purchase from PSN.

    At 3 Blu Ray discs this edition might be the most expensive collectors edition game set to be released this console generation. As for the box art I think its ok in its current state although I still hate the new tacky PS3 slim logo. I would say that the SLS on the cover is probably a sure thing and its a decient choice.

  64. Eight Ball

    I think one is the game, one is a making of and video content and the last is simply things like art books and/or PS Store vouchers.

  65. Tenacious D

    Wow… if GT5 comes as a one SKU Collectors Edition, this will be a treat and then some when it ships! I can’t say enough good things about Kazunori-dono and the people of Polyphony Digital.

  66. tameem

    @ MSH

    i doubt the actual installation file will be bigger than 40GB noooway!!!!
    if it is and thats IF very very unlikely then u can buy an external hard drive and replace your existing playstation 3 one. from what i have read it works like a charm ;)

    imagine polyphony digital or sony giving away free hard drives with every game purchase because the game size is too big …ROFL

  67. edwindows

    Why do so many people think that the game itself will be on multiple discs? This sure is just a concept box PD uses for their business relations or maybe it’s the special edition, but it sure isn’t the normal game box. Of course i don’t work for PD, so i don’t have proof, but trust me, the game will be on 1 disc.

  68. tameem

    when kaz said its coming out in spring
    spring of what country??? if japan, is march the start of spring in japan?

  69. MSH

    3 discs ?!?

    My PS3 is the 40Gb edition, I hope the install requirements will not exceed that…
    It would be a rip-off if everyone who has a PS3 with not enough disk space needs to buy a new PS3… (as there are no official PS3 external HDD for sale)

  70. Groundking

    I’d say we’re seeing the collectors addition.

    Black-The game. (Arcade+GTmode)
    Blue-Movie documentation about kaz,Pd, and the gt series (and gttv)
    Red-Bonus material in which is a demo like disc, but has the full versions of GT1-4

  71. mk1992

    I so hope that there will be a GT4 blu-ray included in that box

    *packs up sleepingbag and lies down in front of mailbox*

  72. SKID

    I think that
    1st disc will be only for install – about 15Gb on HDD (tracks, interface)
    2nd disc will be constantly in BD-drive for playing (cars, museum, GTTV) – about 20Gb
    3rd disc will be like GT-encyclopedia for off-gaming usage, with own shell (interface)

    I don’t think that GT will be on Dual-Layer BD – it’s cheaper to produce some One-Layer BDs instead of DL BD

    PS. I wanna faster interface with more possibilities than in GT5P

  73. Napoleon_Ist

    does anyone remember those demo discs once made by Gran Turismo?

    there were GT4 demo discs promoting a new model of BMW, Nissan and Toyota as a virtual showroom for car sellers. one car per disc.

    recently GT5 promoted the ferrari 458 italia, the mercedes sls amg and the toyota ft-86… maybe this is only a demo disc for the mercedes with two commercial booklets for car sellers?

  74. TOLL-Scibba-HRT1

    @ alan yeah im worried about that video they said spring 2010 that is still year of work to be done in gt5. in australia spring started september next year 2010 i don’t no about the other country so yeah sorry

  75. Max Mosley

    Im thinking that it is one disc for the game, One full of bonus content and one thick reference manual. A Big reference manual(not instruction manual, which is usually in the same case as the game disc) has been included in both the GT3 and GT4 japanese releases.

    50gb has to be more than enough . Not even Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King super special never before seen directors cut extended collecters edition with side order of fries would need three discs! would it?

    What does the car on the cover look like to you guys? At first I thought it was an Lotus Elise, but now im not too sure. Sure to be changed before release – my bet is on the SLS, they have featured it too often and taken too much of an interest for it to be a coincidence.

  76. soLid

    I don’t think the final game will include bonus discs with “behind the scenes” material.
    Doesn’t anyone remember GT TV?!That’s what it was made for!

  77. TOLL-Scibba-HRT1

    man kaz your the best game maker in the whole world i like the gt5 box set but i would like to ask you one question about spring 2010 you said in the video the the game is not coming out until spring 2010????????????????? that is still a year of work to be done in gt5 i fort gt5 is coming march 2010 im going crazy like hall for this game

  78. Napoleon_Ist

    nice info.

    this is the Japanese box since it bears the CERO:A (all public) logo, the western box will likely be probably different.

    maybe this is not the retail version but only a press release with a disc containing the game, another with press assets (HQ pics) and a third disc with extra like a making of video.

  79. G0N

    mmmm smells like a BLU RAY documental and making off of GT5 . and the most beatyfull game in the world . 2 blu ray

  80. Alan

    Please Please do not put the SLS on the cover of the GT5 box, its a horrible looking peice of shit from the 1950’s

  81. koni

    Didn’t Kojima push the 50Gb of the Blu-Ray really hard with MGS4? I dont know…if that is sort of the release package, then 1 of the discs is (obviously) the Game-Disc and we could get a making-of-GT5 (which would be yummy *nom nom*).

  82. Aziz

    Didn’t u think guys, that they might include all of the GT series on one of those two bonus discs? That would be awesome!

  83. rand al thor

    everyone stop jumping the gun. there’s no way the game is going to exceed 50 gb blu ray capacity. if there is another disk it will be bonus or making the game video type thing.

    the game will remain on one disk. 50 gb is plenty of content

  84. Brett

    Well if any1 remembers GT2 … = 1 arcade disc and one world mode disc… and then maybe bonus content disk.

    As someone else mentioned – the same packaging as psp collectors edition. so prob gotta pay for the bonus content disk (haha… the bonus blue ray disc could hold every other GT in the series on it) just to show ppl the advances in the game

  85. Webbo

    That box is the same styling as the PSP collector’s edition, it’s very possible that could be too. It would make sense for the 2 extra discs anyway, maybe bonus content and the making of etc?

  86. Siufu

    Someone mentioned in youtube comment that it is just the press kit. They usually contain a lot of goodies, like soundtrack CD, tons of production video. Installing a 50gb bluray completely might be too much for my 60gb PS3…

  87. JamesMay

    1 for regular cars
    1 for rally/nascar
    1 for other content.

    And, if it’s all meant to be installed on the hdd, then that might be why sony is making a 250 gb ps3. I mean, you couldn’t install 3 blu-ray disks on a 120 gb console, now could you ?

    This sucks for most people who’ve got the early ps3 models, like the ones with the 80 gb drive :(

  88. Magicalgin

    Sorry for double posting, but the black box does have letters on it. So my guess is, that the black one is for the game.

  89. Bank Alexander

    Damn I was going to give Jordan the heads up ^_^
    I’m subscribed to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube too haha.

    That video was sweet and totally surprised me. Good on them!

  90. Magicalgin

    So.. what I’m getting from the video is.. that GT5 will have the SLS as covercar. And that both the car and the game are released in spring time. (What we already know). Perhaps the game is delayed because of the SLS?

  91. Pierced Lead

    @Don, you’re way off. One thing’s for sure, the game will certainly be larger than 15GB uncompressed.

  92. Dom

    No way the game will come in more than one disc. The other 2 blu rays are bonus material that will have nothing to do with the game itself.
    I think GT5 will be around 15GB maximum without (heavy) compression. It’s still a racing game and it won’t be larger. There are no 20h cut scenes.

    My guess is that one case includes a booklet and the other case has some development footage on it, as well as advertised material of the SLS paid by Mercedes.
    I personally don’t like the car, so I am not too happy with the cover. But it’s not a big deal.

  93. Tim

    Probably one case for the game disk, one for a ‘behind the scenes/making of GT5’ documentary (in HD) and one for the manual.

  94. Nismoleb89

    Guys! there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having more than 1 disc, in fact i think its a good thing because it shows you how much content there is, so quit bragging. besides its not like the old days where the game or race just pauses in middle of the action and waits for you to insert disc2. its 2009/2010 people!! 1 very good suggestion is the one that JimInPT said, 1 for the game in the Blu-ray format, 1 video’s/behind the scenes development DVD, and 1 maybe art-book with pictures, or some other goodies…. so just relax and wait for the final unveil. this might not even be true regarding the 3discs…. so wait and see.

  95. S3 Racer

    Agreeing with tameem

    Would also say 1 install , 1 arcarde, 1 career ( or something like career since it changed)

    Just like in the good old days of gt2


    GT out

  96. Zenith

    No way there could be three discs of game content, that’s over 150 of content kids, not gunna happen. I’m guessing (like everyone else) that one disc is for special features, which it definately should be, the long development cycle and amazing accomplishments of this series deserve an in depth look. I’m skeptic about a two disc game though, this is bluray we’re talking about.

    looking very closely at the three boxes, you can see the symbol for online play on the side of the black box, but not the other two. This means in the most raw form that the red and blue do NOT have online capabilities, which suggests that the black one is the only disc to have the game (or at least the online interaction) included.

  97. JimInPT

    Guys, settle down. There’s no way the game itself will occupy more than a single 50Gb Blu-ray disc.

    Assuming the other two ARE discs, they’re most likely video presentations, maybe the collected content of GTTV up through release date or something, and may be part of a premium version of the release.

    And we don’t know for sure they ARE three discs. Might be two discs and a slipcase for a keyring, photos, souvenir book etc. In fact, I’m think the black one isn’t a disc case at all. Game’s in the blue one, additional disc video content on the red, and the black is the goodie pack.

    So how’s my theory stack up? One more thing: this is most certainly not the final box artwork, but one of many late-state concept mockups.

  98. mc959

    The transparant box is the game, two other boxes or bonus content, 2 discs to show
    us how they did the game(they need 2 discs cause it took 5 years…. :-) )

  99. tameem

    i reckon
    1st disc for installation purpose only (since there is already an engine which is soo sophisticated)
    2nd disc actual game which include gt mode
    3rd disc arcade mode with HD content (video, behind the scenes etc and the history of GT they might include gt1 as bonus LOL ;)

    P.S a little dissapointed with the cover though could have been better no doubt they will make it better for the actual case
    GT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. ScottyB

    Oh god. And here I am insulting Forza 3 for using two discs. If you can’t fit a game on a blu-ray, you shouldn’t be in the industry :P

  101. eternal

    well it was between 2 cars in my mind this sls amg and the 458 italia but them showing the art work already conforims that we would have had a xmas realease i think sony told dem 2 hold back 2 plus gt psp sales bein the economy the way it is nee every dollar they could get

  102. Maggot

    Now that are some mighty impressive news. Something tells me we would get tons of bonus footage on those additional discs if it was the final form of the game whe it hits the stores.

  103. BurtStanton

    Hmm, Bonus HD video content I am guessing? If the 2 extra blu-rays were all game content, that would equal out to some hefty installs if it were to run all off one disk or the HDD. I wonder if the box seen here is a collectors edition or standard? Guess we’ll wait and see!

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