Gran Turismo 7: Prologue Mentioned by Sony Insider


In a discussion on gaming forum NeoGAF about upcoming PlayStation 4 title DriveClub, a user “known to work for” Sony Computer Entertainment (according to DualShockers and PlayStation Underground) has hinted at the existence of GT7 Prologue.

His remarks came in response to another user expressing concern that Gran Turismo 7 might take another five years to be completed:

plainr_: “I swear Mr. Yamauchi, developing this game better not take half a decade.”

DemonNite: “Are we talking about GT7 or the prologue here ;)”

This actually isn’t the first time word of a Prologue version of GT7 has been mentioned. Just last month, comments from @thuway – another reported industry insider – also used the term while referring to the game.

Just before the release of GT6 in December, Kazunori Yamauchi did state that “the PlayStation 4 game which we’ll likely call GT7 will be done in about a year or two,” during an interview with Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu.

That would be a short production time for a modern Gran Turismo game, and would support the notion that the series’ first PS4 game will be a scaled-down “Prologue” release.

It also has a very clear precedence, as both GT4 and GT5 had Prologue versions. Even GT3: A-Spec – the first game on the PS2 console – was preceded by a smaller game, known as Gran Turismo 2000.

All of this comes just one day after Sony executive and Polyphony Digital board member, Shuhei Yoshida, mentioned how well the company’s new “Project Morpheus” virtual-reality headset works with driving/racing games. Project Morpheus, however, is not expected to release in 2014.

GT6 Photomode image by NBDESIGNZ.

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Comments (138)

  1. FiftyBelowZero

    GT6 just came out. JUST CAME OUT, JUST BACK IN DECEMBER. You can’t release a damn sequel just a year after GT6. In fact, GT7 shouldn’t have been mentioned AT ALL until after three years. And I’ve a feeling GT7 would be absolute sh**, because of short development time and the fact that PD never listens to us, the fans. GT6 is a good but they’veetty much dropped support now. Updates are scarce. Aside from that, all we get are boring time trials. And engine sounds and damage are still trash. I don’t think the GT franchise still should be classified as a simulator now, as Forza, which isn’t even a sim, has better engine sounds, damage, and car customization. Seriously PD?

  2. adrianhettich

    Pd are you serious???? You’re more pathetic then I thought!!!!
    You cannot repair simple glitches in gt6 like tyres, light glitches in willow, sounds of the cars ( and don’t said a word that there’s nothing to repair coz forza, iracing, asseto or rfactor could do proper sounds including wind, Dyff,and tunes so it is possible to create good sound )
    Ohhh and the most annoying ” disconnections ” – you closing down gt5 servers but instead of dedicate them to gt6 we can expect that they’ll be for gt7 already so disconnections will stay?????
    So in the end copy of our beloved sim is concentrate on cash only not on players.

  3. jhw93

    I think this is very good news, I have a PS4 and to be honest there’s not many games out there that make me want to use it at the moment, so news of a new GT game is awesome. The negativity people have here is kinda overwhelming but I understand, with big games come a lot of hype and expectations which result in large backlashes when the audience doesn’t feel satisfied.

    A lot of people are acting as though PD have given up on GT6 now… just because there making GT7 doesn’t mean that GT6 is ‘dead’, game developers generally work on multiple projects at once…. PD will have most likely been working on GT7 for a while now anyway and will already have a working build for the game.

    I too was disappointed with the last GT6 update but in all honesty I am not worried about it, it’s not like the last update is the last update the game is going to get. I am still very much relying on GT for my driving game cravings, not particularly excited for project cars, nfs shift was rather arcadey and that ferrari test drive game was an absolute joke, especially on the PC version where trees are green squares…..

    1. adrianhettich

      They working on multiple project??? Mate they still did not repair this game with basic problems !!!!!!!!
      We’ve bought game and we expected to work properly but instead we have to wait and wait months and still nothing!!!
      Remember we are customers and we should get final product not software for tests!!!!

  4. Conza

    Well if the GT5 prolouge is anything to go by (which it probably isn’t, but), 2014 + (1 OR 2) = 2016 + (2010-2007) = 2019. I’d say GT7 2016 :/


    The amount of complaints and criticism is over 9000!!. Hmmm I don’t have a problem with this as long as they keep supporting GT6 I’m ok. (<= still doesn't have the game *sigh*)

    1. Jack The Ripper

      They aren’t supporting Gt6. They only give us boring time trial laps. I wouldn’t call that support.

  6. SaintSaiya

    Please kaz tell me that at least the tech on the ps4 is enough to have a 360° view around the car and have a not static third person view like gt3?

  7. Makkan786

    Did anyone see angry joes metal gear ground zero review he was right that in future we will be charged for demos and here comes gt7 prologue

  8. YourManAdrian

    Personally, I think wholesale changes need to be made for GT7 for me to even consider buying it. GT6 was basically a disappointment, as was GT5. We’ve basically got the same game over and over again, with a few new cars and tracks. I’ve said it time and time again. The GT series has the potential to be something so much better than it already is. So much potential just being ignored.


      Overhaul…ALL…YES! If GT6 was more appropriately named “GT5.5:Tuned” and if PD would have taken a Feng Shui (less is more) method to the build, I wouldn’t or would have expected more from it.

  9. MLRSparco

    PD was good to us up until GT5,I think it’s time we put our nostalgic thoughts behind us and move to Project Cars,I don’t see GT7P or GT7 coming out with any mind blowing features and I’ll remember to never take PD seriously when they mention anything cool,GT7 will be a last gen game on a next gen console.

    1. kollosson

      Last gen game on a next gen console, you mean like Forza 5 because going on that GT6 is a next gen game on a last gen console, so that tells me GT7 probability of being truly jaw dropping, as usual T10 will wait for PD to set the bar ;)

    2. MLRSparco

      I find nothing jaw dropping about GT5 or GT6 so why would GT7 be any different especial if the rumors of it coming out nxt year is true,you can hope,believe,an wish all you want but I have no reason to believe GT7 will be a success.

  10. biftizmo

    Fuff…Chill….GT1 to 4 were games. just that…GT5 on wards is a monster in development..always. get use to it…bigger worries than how good the game is…but service providers want in on the millions of miles to the sun and back online activity…Us Western’ers will bully our selves out of a great online (free) really talks..Kaz wont be bullied..and hes also at the hart of sony’s development…great things will come but…greed will ruin it….

  11. ttfn

    I’m happy to wait and see what comes from the horses mouth rather than some dribble from whoever says what. After all, who knows whats going on inside of PD’ H.Q. and more precisely Kaz’ head

    1. Mozartist

      I’ll tell you what’s going on in kazoo’s head and Plundering Dummies HQ: NOTHING! They’re laughing their butts off on how they scammed people $60+ on that shameful GT6, and some more with the $40 release making the idiots who payed the $60 even more stupid!

      And now we hear talks of GT7 P? With all the money they made with the GT franchise they bought themselves a nice little planet with all the PD staff living on it… Really! They think we’re all cows needing to be milked, but guess what: I’m not cattle and they will never get anther penny from me! Welcome XBox One and Forza.

  12. w_a_i_n

    The information regarding “Prologue” is true. GT7 won’t be a full game – it’ll land as an evolving game labelled “Prologue”.

    Seriously, who in their right mind thought it would ever be anything different? Be honest.

    I’m not out of hope just yet, already have my PS4 for GT7 Prologue. But, it’s fading fast and for very real/worrying reasons.

    Does current evidence show that GT7 will be any different to the pile of mess that GT6 currently is? I realistically think not. If you take the honest time to look at why GT6 is in such a broken state – then any honest person could come to the same conclusions.

    What has broken GT6?


    It doesn’t matter what a feature is. Every single non-essential calculation the game makes takes power away from keeping the game running smoothly. One example, the complex star system. Sure it looks nice, but how much development would that have taken a 5 man team? Many of you are angry because B-Spec isn’t available. Should B-Spec have made the grade first? Sure it should in your minds.

    As a dev, I wouldn’t have given a “personal feature”, such as the model star system, priority over something like B-Spec. I also wouldn’t have put stars before any of the important missing features such as the enhanced course designer., etc., etc.

    Not only has this screwed with GT6 already, but as Kaz adds yet more personal simulate-everything ideas to future patches and versions of Gran Turismo, he risks making things far worse for the exact same reasons.

    Sure, I stand by the fact that this is his “vision” etc., but I think this ideal isn’t workable. Even with the power of a PS4.

    Many of my friends have already turned their back on GT6.


    I am in complete agreement of modelling the effects of air temperature within calculations for realistic effects regarding HP/Torque. BUT, only when doing so allows the current platform breathing space to run at a locked smooth frame rate.

    Surely committing to this insane notion that a PS4 can handle absolutely every single element “simulated” is a crash course? I say this, because it’s already bringing the PS3 to a simulated shuddering mass of uneven frame-rates. Isn’t there a danger of this blind approach take GT beyond an average spec PC, which is basically what a PS4 is.


    This list is endless here. But, the one I’m going with is as follows.

    Are the crazy number of Asian car “variants” of the same car model (Miata, Impreza, GTR etc) really necessary? With so many car brands still missing from the game, having many models in much smaller numbers would have given PD the time to get late/missing features inside GT on release day. Or more cockpits., etc.

    1200 cars obviously creates an automatic issue for GT7 too of course – right? There’s no way on earth they’ll have 1200 “quality” cars ready for day one in GT7-Prologue. Another reason why GT7 will be launched as Prologue. I reckon we’ll be looking at 500 quality cars for GT7, as a maximum for day one content.

    Seriously, as nice as GT is – the game has snow-balled into a monster.

    There is a single “Triumph” car in the game? From a quite wide choice of models available. Volvo is similar, I think it has 2 cars? Really, all those Fiat 500’s, what’s the point? Stroking a manufacturers ego? Really? The car list is a continued potential disaster, yet again.

    GT7 is unlikely to have the features most fans want – for the same reasons as GT6 doesn’t have them. PD has lost their way.



    I don’t need to highlight any further core elements. No point. Sound is average, but compared to other titles – PD has been happy to let Gran Turismo fall behind an acceptable standard. This is something they are happy to have allowed themselves to do.

    What the devil did they do with the real sounds samples lol? They certainly didn’t include most in the game.


    Personally, I am fairly happy with the potential that the physics system has – but again, it needs to up its game.

    For all I know, improving the physics-model will require more calculations per frame. This will reduce the available time/space for other non-essential calculations.

    What’s next? Heaven forbid we see simulated rolling mist on the hills, a simulated tide at tracks where there is water is present, and on, and on…


    We are all different.
    It is absolutely impossible to please everyone.
    Our personal priorities for the GT series can’t ever be the same.


    QA for GT is completely on its arse!
    It’s pathetic. A joke.
    It’s archaic.

    Alone, the lack of QA, or level thereof – has already started the demise of the franchise.

    I’m a one-trick pony. I only use driving games. I do not use titles such as GTA, Driver, GRID, or anything written by EA. I’m not knocking any of those franchises, they just don’t cut it with me.

    There are so many broken, incomplete, hashed features – and have been for many years – why on earth would fans come to any other conclusion other than, PD don’t value your input, or care.

    More than half of my friends have walked away from the GT franchise. Who the hell can blame them. One of my other mates has a condition which effects his vision at times. The crap frame-rate stutter and sustained low-frame-rate experiences in GT have force him to stay away from GT in recent months since he bought GT6 too.

    But if you are about to try to justify to an almost 50 year old sim/driving fan, that pointing out the negatives with balanced facts is likely to upset Kaz, or PD, then let me prevent you wasting your time/life.

    **Your words will fall on deaf ears**

    I’m as frustrated at reading your “stop moaning” posts, as you seem to be regarding reading balanced long-term frustration posted here from fans of the series.

    I can assure you, your “stick your head up your arse and bury both in the sand” approach isn’t helping push GT forwards! GT6 is as broken today – as GT5 was at launch.

    In fact many could argue it has gone backwards.

    Do people really think that Kaz will take constructive criticism, and get deflated or wazzed off by it?

    Do you actually think he isn’t aware that the sounds are well below standard?
    Do you believe he doesn’t know that his work of art can’t hold 23fps much of the time?

    For heavens sake, get real. Solid drivers, fans of the series, are walking away from the game for crying out loud. Do you care so little that you brand everyone as “moaners” because they care so much to voice obvious facts?

    Are GTP doing enough to convince Kaz that he’s shafting his own franchise? Would he listen regardless? Would GTP be so bold to forcefully suggest it to him? Of course not.

    You’ve got Codemasters Racing Studio (cough cough, what a load of plop) asking people how to make a driving game because they’ve alienated people who used to buy the games. They now produce pick up and throw away “garbage”, and obviously sales have slumped. This isn’t new. Or rocket science either.

    I’ll promise you now. Day one. If GT7 Prologue lands and doesn’t hold 60fps on PS4 at native 1080 – the box and game will be for sale the very next day. I’m not going to sit by and be happy to let Kaz take my money in one hand, and try to punch me with the other. GT7 and PS4 is the only chance I’ll give PD/Kaz.

    I’m really scared for the future of the GT franchise, why on earth would I take comfort from broadcasting this?

    Like most of you, I’ve helped make it what it is today.

    Maybe, just maybe, Kaz is just doing what he has always done?

    It’s his train-set right? He can do what the devil he likes with it. He doesn’t need your opinion thank you very much. Why would he bother to ask your opinions? You’re going to lie to him anyway, too scared to ruffle his feathers…

    But gaming has been changing, sure, not so much on the console end – but there are all kinds of funding projects. Kick-start ventures. The shift now is long-term development, continual feedback, polls, open-debate.

    GTP is a forum for open debate. It’s not about my view is wrong, yours is perfect. It’s not about my view will upset Kaz, but your kissing his ass has made things so much better in the last 8 years – yeah right. The current state of play on the PC-side is a new operating model.

    It makes the cracks in PD’s antiquated business affairs seem downright rude. Ignorant. Out of touch.

    Does Kaz even care that my good friends, who have supported his judgement until GT6 will never return to his franchise?


    But he should do!


    This last entry, it’s not based entirely on facts.

    Let’s get one thing clear first…

    Most of us (who are not walking away from GT6 at present) will likely:

    1. Buy car DLC when it lands
    2. Buy track DLC when it lands
    3. We’ve probably paid stupid money for a few extra credits with which to buy cars (I have)

    Though, for all situations, adding future “missing current features” via patches – time is clearly running out, why?

    Obviously, I think it’s safe to assume GT7P will land in December to maximise Christmas sales/2013 revenue for Sony/PD.

    Whatever new feature/dlc is added first, we’ll only have 8 months left to enjoy it before GT7P arrives. Assuming that any missing feature or new DLC arrives before the start of April. Well, 8 months and a week to be more accurate.

    Not exactly the best value, but I’m sure we’ll just run with whatever is launched regardless. If Pikes Peak landed tomorrow, I’m sure almost every hardened fan would purchase it.

    But – do people on GTP not realise this is the reason why many people are getting more frustrated as time goes by? The longer it takes PD to extract their fingers, the less time we’ll all have to enjoy the missing features/dlc from now until GT7P lands.

    If you want to buy a track only to have 3 months use out of it, please, be my guest. We have different standards.

    So, if I carry on with assumptions then – I don’t see anything to suggest that PD have funding issues with the money that the GT franchise creates. These assumptions are based on the fact that, if they did have internal funding/revenue issues, it would be all over the press.

    So, in this case – development of GT6 would have been in a much more advanced state had PD expanded workforce far beyond current capacity.

    Were there say (random figure plucked from the air) 15% more Gran Turismo staff sat on seats at PD, would GT6 have landed on time with:

    Better QA results (yes, debateable I know)
    B-Spec included
    Track Editor Launched
    Social/Multiplayer features expanded
    More cockpits for std cars

    There’s no way on earth, PD and the GT franchise can meet many of our future demands continually running on reserve/empty.

    If GT6 launched as a more complete successor to the previous title, then DLC would not be delayed, any fixes that did slip through the net would get fixed in a matter of days not weeks., etc, etc.

    Is this slotting into place?

    My worry is, that PD will approach the next 8 years, as they have done the last 8. How many of your good driving mates will snap? These are great people that the franchise needs to sustain growth. These are people online that wouldn’t never PUNT you off in a corner, on lap 1, or on lap 101. They have supported Kaz for many years. Not just on PlayStation, but on Vita too.

    Is there sadly, any evidence that PD will step up to the mark and future proof themselves? Is there any evidence that PD even accepts that it creates these vast issues from within its own structure? Rotten to the core anyone? Blind? Or just plain stupid?

    This is 2014! There is no reason, and certainly no benefit to not communicating with those who fund its GT franchise. Us lot. It’s marketing model is a joke. Social media is a forgotten and under-used medium. Its broken promises are both tiring, expected, and insulting to most.


    GT7 Prologue, will be due Dec 2014

    If PD/Kaz doesn’t undertake a huge structure change, and break habits of a lifetime so far…

    -It’ll be underfunded, otherwise it wouldn’t be GT7 Prologue – it would be finished
    -It’ll suffer the exact same QA issue
    -Kaz’s “Vision” will likely betray many of us, as he’ll continue to get his priorities wrong
    -Like 5 & 6, they’ll code beyond the power of a PS4. It’ll be an awesome looking jerk-fest mess
    -We’ll have no clue why PD didn’t add 2 dozen new brands, as they rarely talk to us!
    -We’ll lose more GREAT people, due to history repeating itself, especially after forking out for a PS4!

    Seriously, GTP should be getting news from PD every 2 weeks about new and exciting stuff for GT6. I know, even writing this comment made me laugh. But Assetto Corsa on PC is in Alpha Phase. This is exactly what they are doing! It’s not rocket science.

    Seriously, within the GT franchise – since launch – we are mainly getting is real life “Academy-related” content. Or stuff about Kaz. I bought into a game franchise. It’s what makes me tick. It’s how I choose to relax. The GT-A stuff is a nice “value added”, but not at the expense of being the only news there is from PD. I am certainly not bashing GTP for the news that PD does not create about its franchise.

    I hope I’m a long long way off in my theories for the future. Based on facts, trends, PD/Sony behaviour and the results of the titles we’ve all tried to enjoy over the years – I do not think on balance that I am a long way off. I think the writing is on the wall.

    The thing that grates me the most is, that EVERY SINGLE broken issue with GT and PD is easily fixed!

    In another 2 or 3 months we’ll be seeing GT7P PS4 tech-demo content online from venues around the world!

    PS3-GT6 be patient?

    Seriously, shove it…

    NOTE TO KAZ/PD (of course they won’t see it, I’m wasting my life)

    If your game can’t run a full field of cars locked to 60fps @ 1080, do the decent thing and include “draw/opponent” options in GT7 like in modern PC games.

    That way, if I have to get 60fps by turning down the field of AI from 14+ to just 7 cars I can!

    1. SZRT Ice

      Much said. You’re not alone dude. Many just don’t want their names tied to a comment like this due to bash fests of yesteryear of posts of this nature. But I think even some mods can get behind your feelings on these issues. I really want to know what’s up already.

      I’m starting to think GT6 was never meant to be an actual “new” release, and that it was actually a Kickstarter fund towards the production of GT7.

      I mean, I thought it was a GT7 Prologue in disguise, but now there’s actually a GT7P on the way so that’s out…

      So, Idk. Just feeling really used about now. Here’s hoping I’m wrong. Can’t say I’d switch over as M$ isn’t any better, & I actually just wish T10 was multiplat because the XBox controller and sytem are just not for me, but I may just give up on the GT series completely and stick to simcades like DiRT, Drive Club, and the like until they get it together in a GT or 2… Or few.

      I had already gave up on GT5, but when GT6 was announced, my hopes were high. My racing team asked me if they should make the purchase and I told them to wait. I didn’t want to impose the disappointments I have on so many others, and was holding out on these promised features to come and wealth of monthly DLC/updates I truly believed would be delivered by now and felt would make GT6 incredible.

      But by now, many have been waiting for so long that they are starting to lose interest. If there wasn’t such a drought in the racing genre, we’d all have made the move elsewhere already.

      Oddly, Gran Turismo is still my favorite game… My favorite game that I never really play. I hope that these issues and lack of content get addressed promptly.

    2. FiftyBelowZero

      First ‘long read’ I’ve ever read on the internet… bro, somebody should write this on paper and walk INTO PD’s building, and shove it in Kaz’s smug face and make him read it. You just addressed every current flaw with GT.

  13. tpark103

    Let’s not talk about it PR people lets do something. Apparently you haven’t heard, you have a few disgruntled fans who’ve heard lots of talk. Most people prefer actual surprises over promises and rumors.

  14. David Brooks

    The truth comes out. Work on fixing GT6 is half hearted because they have already moved on. Just my opinion.

    1. MeanElf

      So, your oipinion equates to the truth does it? I’d take this a bit more seriously if there was any evidence to support this, other than the grumblings from the over-entitled crowd.

    2. David Brooks

      No, it’s my opinion. I believe it to be true (or else it wouldn’t be my opinion, would it?). You are free to believe what you want.

  15. Gran_Turismo

    GT7P? No thanks. Not saying it wouldn’t be good, but it’ll just slow GT7 release down. That’s the one we really want.

  16. AngelPlayStar

    I think that … With another 5 years waiting gran turismo PD will fail definitive!
    The next gen (ps4) can’t run good most of the actual games at more than 60fps .. Now(900p for bf4 for example)… I saw games running at 60fps at 4K on a PC.
    Can you imagine what a good PC can do after 5 years from now ? An the evolution of Sim like iRacing, PJ, AC in the next year !?
    Come on PD !! It’s time to change everything … Just read our comments!!!

  17. celtiscorpion73

    All this says to me is GT6 is “Too broke to fix”, so why should we trust them after this disaster? Do they honestly think people are going to forget that PD and Kaz have left them completely in the dark and wondering when something is going to happen to make the game at least halfway complete and decent?
    This angers me to no end. To them, it’s all about the money and they obviously don’t care one iota for those of us who just want a decent product.
    Polyphony Digital, I hope you know where you can shove your GT7, or does someone have to draw you a map?

  18. Jack The Ripper

    Why are they already taking about gt7, when 6 is still an unfinished product? No, we don’t want another “prologue” game, just a finished gran turismo 7. No standard cars, no microtransactions, just a completed game. Is that so much to ask for these days?

  19. suomi1

    “Are we talking about GT7 or the prologue here ;)”
    Said like that, it seems ironic, or like a good mockery joke… As we often do..

  20. Lacix

    I would be happy to get a free demo for PS4 like Gran Turismo HD Concept on PS3.
    If they try to sell a Prologue game I think it will have big competitors like Project Cars (or maybe Assetto Corsa if they port it to PS4).

  21. kollosson

    I get the feeling PD have been working on next gen stuff for quite awhile, remember back in 2008/9 they had GT running in what we term now as 4K and they were involved in the development of the PS4, Kaz has stated that all assets built for GT5 were done so with next gen in mind, I think they have high res next gen versions of all those premiums ready to roll and I think they may surprise everyone.

  22. sind3ntosca

    Some of us that complain, sometimes buy it when it release… and not tell anyone hahaha… Just enjoy it :)

  23. eclipsee

    No way I’ll buy a GT7P, the thing needs a PS4 which I don’t have, it’s not worth spend such amount of money (PS4+GT7P) for a demo, I’ll only buy a PS4 if GT7 has no bugs and it’s a finished product without microtransactions, I guess I’ve few chances to buy one.

  24. leigh991

    what they need to do is slow down and complete gt6 first. theyre trying to play gamers god, we could see it failing badly

    1. spencer7x7

      Off topic: PD will probably give us the suit for free at the most, or nothing.

      Anyways the next game is always in development. And I’m surprised there was no GT6 prologue, there was the GT Concept for GT3, GT4P and GT5P. Also don’t believe rumors from a guy named DemonNite, from a site that almost no one goes to.

  25. Amac500

    Can we still focus on GT6 that was suppose to have content consistently for a full year, but hasn’t been and should be compensated for. I don’t want them to skimp out on out GT6 due. I probably won’t even but a PS4 until GT7.

  26. DYLAN777-is-not

    Gt has way way too much content for them to handle. Most of it doesn’t make much sense of having in. Gt7 should go the route of forza and cut its car count and tracks significantly then focus on giving the content a much better purpose and be completed upon release and not take 5 years. I want all of forzas features (tune sharing, livery editor, on the spot tuning, drag racing, drift lobbies etc) plus what GT usually has( endurances, dirt/snow, horns, lights, wipers etc) and make the game into a real feeling racing game (not the present time trials with rolling road blocks). Add AI post 1999, cation flags, announcers, pace cars. Qualifying. The only thing going for gt6 is the handling. Everything about gt6 felt dated on release sad.

  27. SnakeOfBacon

    I would strongly suggest taking this with a pinch of salt, after all, it’s just a comment on the NeoGaf boards, not a press release, AND it ended with a winking smiley.

  28. biftizmo

    at some point we will all have different cars and tracks from various points in time…and the game will be uncompleteable…GT is Built…we are just getting innovations when there ready…but you bet they had virtual reality in mind all along…as my mate said to me when finally getting GT5…its s**t.. who wants to see the inside of the car? what a waist of time….

  29. SergioFilho

    in Portuguese: Bom eu pago caro em um jogo,como meu pais cobra muitos impostos um jogo em seu lançamento não sai a menos de R$150,00 reais ou $ 65,00 mais ou menos.Isso é importante porque eu espero um jogo bom do que eles disseram que teria no jogo,sim eu espero por atualizações,porem promessas inacabadas e adiadas,já é falta de respeito por parte da empresa.E agora ficam falando de GT7 para todo lado,mas eu possuo um PS3 não um PS4 e quero jogar GT6 eu paguei e quero este jogo como foi mencionado antes de seu lançamento,e fico desapontado em pensar que futuramente terei que pensar em outras franquias que não envolva a PD por essa falta de consideração.thank you .Share

  30. slidinsidewayz

    its hard to believe anything mentioned by pd… yeah they might say they’ll release something, which they will, but never by the deadline mentioned.. alot of the gt games were postponed and maybe only 3 dlc or add on/ updates were released when they said it will be… for example by the end of jan the rest of the redbull races will be released. then they said it was a mistake and it will be released at the end of feb along with a new track in spain… redbull bull races were postponed but released in feb.. but yet not the new track… also it’s been almost a half a year without the track editor and social features that should have been released with the game.. i have read that the track editor will be released at a later date and the gps fuction will be added later on after that.

  31. Lambob

    I wish to place a personal wager, of $250, that the Sounds of GT7P and GT7-final, will NOT be any more immersive or realistic than that of GT5 or GT6. the cars in GT7 will sound also like glorified Vacuum cleaners. (not that I mind really, I’m ok with how GT6 sounds already, albeit needs major updates.)

    handshake anyone?

    1. Halcyon925

      Although you are mostly and possibly correct, you’re still forgeting that Polyphony have already taken the level of realism of Gran Turismo so far; so there isn’t too much room for improvement as of now. But yes, the sounds do need major updating. They really need to take there time with the sounds.

    2. Griffith500

      Well that depends on what you mean by “immersive and realistic”. Also whether or not GT6 gets a full update to its sound.

      That said, I’m pretty confident the first PS4 GT game will have the new sounds, though, seeing as though they’re partly in GT6 already…

  32. vr6cas

    This is about sony wanting to sell ps4 consoles, they know that with a GT title on the shelves, playstation 4s will move off the shelves. Simple as that. It’s not PD themselves talking about GT7, it’s reporters asking questions about GT7 and any answer giving is going to get blown out of context if you ask me. Me personally, I would’nt want to buy a ps4 for another prologue, I did that already with GT5P (bought two in fact, one launch ps3 in 2006 thinking GT5 would come soon after, then sold it to a friend in 2008 for $375, then a week later found out they released GT5P and went and got another ps3 MGS5 package for $500, only to wait another two years for another incomplete GT, then a year or two later GT5 is finally looking good after spec2, then a year later another incomplete GT6.) So it almost makes me wonder, is Gran Turismo ever going to be a finished game? I don’t know, but here’s one thing I do know, I will continue to support KY and the PD team, but I will not buy a ps4 for a GT7p, however I will buy ps4 for a full GT7, as I’m sure many of us will and I’m sure sony knows this, thats why they want a GT on the shelves.

    1. MJRL

      Do you think Sony need a Prologue to sell PS4?
      A good racing game will make them selling more, but a month a ago was difficult to find one.

    2. vr6cas

      No, they don’t need a GT7p to sell PS4s but, it would help alot. I mean there’s still alot of people that do not have a playstation 4s yet because of no GT yet, and when GT does release on next gen I bet that they would sell at least five hundred thousand to over a million consoles in preorder, GT7 release and after a GT7 release. But on the other hand there is going to be alot of other great next gen games coming out in the next couple of years on the ps4 that might make me get a ps4 before a next gen GT release. Bottom line is, Gran Turismo moves consoles and sony knows this.

  33. mickoafna

    GT7, in my opinion, is at least 4 years away. We will get a lot of stuff for GT6 just as we did for GT5. I just hope it doesn’t take years to get something that was promised months ago.

  34. playnthru

    Oh look a squirrel!

    How about some actual NEWS on GT6 please? NEWS about a game not released when GT6 is still less than promised is flat insulting!

  35. GT5 Level 41

    Based on current events, I seriously doubt the credibility of the source. To be honest, I’m beginning to doubt credibility of this site altogether.

  36. Hypergolem

    Between, beta versions, 5.5 versions, prologues, preludes etc etc this is getting seriously ridiculous. I want a freaking finished product!!!

  37. crowhop

    If they do GT7 Prologue without actually fulfilling GT6, I’m done. But, really, I may be done anyway.

  38. TokoTurismo

    I’m perfectly okay with a prologue version of GT7. I believe GT6 really should’ve had one, because the game is missing A LOT of features.

    1. Swagger897

      As long as they treat it like a REAL BETA and listen to people, then I’m in…

      Otherwise Gt6 got flushed and GT7 is rotting in the septic…

  39. chevyisawesome

    Some of you people have to chill out, if you don’t like GT anymore, then don’t talk on here, don’t play the game, and don’t think about it, go to FM for all I care. I don’t wanna give up on PD just yet, I still have a lot of faith, cause really…it could be worse. (takes 10 years for one game and is like forza 5, only 200 cars and 20 tracks)

    1. Swagger897

      That’s a joke right?

      If all they hear is “we still believe” then they will keep putting out BS trash that no one wants.. Was the car search an anticipated feature? No. Is the course maker an anticipated feature? Yes. Probably the most wanted.

      Don’t know why you think ten years for a game to drop makes that a standard precedent or anything, because there’s no proof to that.

  40. k12power

    Nice news, BUT,
    i pay 80€ almost to pre order and buy GT6 Anniv. for some features Kaz and PD said before the launch, and until now nothing from all of these features introduced to the game….
    I wonder why they wasting resources to GT7 when GT6 almost just presented???

    1. chevyisawesome

      The only person here who isn’t bs ing about sony’s past and what they think is going to happen with gt6/7. Good man.

  41. R35 SKYLIN3

    This seems like really clutching at straws, and the whole prologue idea is aboslutely ridiculous, its simply a demo which costs much more than it should. Just more money grabbing but considering the “effort” they put into GT6 im not surprised

    1. Streeto

      They’ll probably make GT8 prologue before then, and just throw us an update on GT6 in a few years with all the missing features that have been ready to launch since 2014.

  42. Gwenbors

    I suppose it’s good to see the name of the first Gran Turismo that I will NOT be buying… ::sigh::

  43. biftizmo

    GT is Built Perfectly suited to Virtual reality…it only like stepping out your car in replay/photo mode…theirs no reason why it cant be just like Play station home. Virtual worlds is what were talking and PD have got…

  44. Nato_777

    Not at all surprising that they do a prologue for the 1st PS4 iteration. Better to call it a prologue than do the same as GT6 which effectively is a prologue until all the stated features are added.

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