Nürburgring Featured in Latest GT5 A-Spec Seasonal Events

March 15th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

After a few weeks of much-bemoaned B-Spec Seasonal Events in Gran Turismo 5, Polyphony Digital has put you back in the driver’s seat with three new A-Spec races, available now:

  • 400PP Tsukuba Circuit / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.169,500  2nd: Cr.103,200  3rd: Cr.90,700
  • 500PP Cape Ring Outside Course / 3 Laps
    1st: Cr.312,000  2nd: Cr.190,200  3rd: Cr.167,100
  • 650PP Nürburgring Nordschleife / 1 Lap
    1st: Cr.500,000  2nd: Cr.304,400  3rd: Cr.267,400

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated; check out a list of the new inventory right here. As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by NBDESIGNZ.

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  1. Mar. 20, 10:16pm

    Look. I know PD are trying their hardest to ditch GT5 for GT6, which I like. But they really gotta get the event creator and stuff like that ready soon or for Spec 3.0. WE REALLY NEED MORE TRACKS AND EVENTS!!! D:

    • Mar. 20, 10:20pm

      Oh yeah forgot to say also. I don’t think Kaz and PD themselves live GT5 anymore. Isn’t perfect for them like the old GTs I guess. :D

    • Mar. 20, 10:21pm

      I meant “like”. Aww man three in a row. :( Sorry…

  2. Mar. 20, 3:29am
    SZRT Ice

    Seriously missing some Cita di Aria, Seattle Circuit, Midfield, Costa di Amalfi, Special Stage Route 11, Apricot Hill, El Capitan, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Smokey Mt., Swiss Alps, Seoul, Opera & George V Paris, Las Vegas, & New York (though admittedl)y, New York has much better highways and streets to make into a GT track “see: FDR Drive, West Side Highway, Brooklyn, & Manhattan bridges as well as PGR3’s NY rendition of the aforementioned bridges.

    • Mar. 20, 7:17pm

      Me too! Seattle, SSR 11, and El Capitan especially. NYC was awesome as well.

  3. Mar. 19, 4:56pm

    Will there new news tonight or tomorrow? Or something? I’ve been good. :)

  4. Mar. 19, 6:35am

    ooo it’s like a broken cash machine, I’ve had over 40 million from it now 8-)

    can’t get below 6.10 though 8-(

    • Mar. 20, 7:26pm

      R35 TC – 6’04 or better (660hp, 646pp, RS tires). Oreca Viper or GT-R LM Concept also (haven’t tried them for this race but both are under 650pp and can do sub 6’00 in practice).

    • Mar. 21, 12:08am

      Racing Softs?….how so?….I make 6:28 with my R35 TC on Racing Hards. I’m OK with that, I almost own every Premium car.

    • Mar. 22, 12:31am

      Hi MyFav, yes if I’m going for a lap time, then RS tires and a car with right around 650pp will push or break 6:00 (#91 Viper did 5:57). Even on RH tires my R35 TC did 6:16 tonight, and was all by itself from Ex-Muhle on. My garage is full too – tossing 1mil per lap, nothing to spend it on ;) Just love the ‘Ring.

  5. Mar. 18, 2:37pm

    This event was really good, took a few attempts to finally get a 1st, i used the jag lm race car, after a few tweeks managed to just beat the merc.

  6. Mar. 18, 11:33am

    C’mon kaz only 13 days left in march WE NEED DLC

  7. Mar. 18, 10:14am

    Every time I see there’s an event on the Nurburgring (beautiful in GT5), I turn on my PS3, load up GT5, select one of my favorite cars, such as the Mazda 787B with a manual transmission… and I’m constantly reminded why I just don’t enjoy GT5.

    Polyphony Digital, FIX YOUR MANUAL SHIFT MODEL!!!

    GT5 has been out for well over a year, there’s been several updates, and NOTHING has been done about the absolutely horrible shift model. It’s still just as bad as it was in Prologue. Every time it’s time for a gear change, I’m taken out of the “immersive” experience because I know there’s a 30/70 chance of a successful shift, or I have to think, okay, press the clutch pedal all the way in, leave it there, change the stick position, then release the clutch.

    This is not realistic at all, I don’t think about that when I’m racing a real car. In GT5, I’m often hitting an apex, or taking an exit and shift down to “launch” out of the turn, and nothing’s more annoying and frustrating than hearing the engine rev up as the car is in neutral. It’s even more annoying when you have to disengage and reengage the stick two or three times repeatedly before it “takes” the gear, and by the time you “get” it, you need to shift to a lower gear because the car has “coasted” and lost speed.

    I’m currently logging time in Forza 4, moving up the leaderboards in Rivals mode, running the 787B on the Le Mans and a RUF on the Nurburgring track day events. Forza 4’s shift model is EXCELLENT, and very realistic. It takes fast and rapid manual shifts, you don’t have to “think” about it, and if you mis-shift, you “damage” the transmission (costing you repair charges), but the gear still engages if the stick is in a position.

    Believe me, I want to enjoy GT5 (I have “completed” it), there’s so many excellent things about it… but I’m now shutting down the PS3, and turning my Xbox 360 back on to totally immerse myself in the driving experience that Forza 4 delivers.

    • Mar. 21, 1:17pm

      Maybe it’s just your wheel? I always drive manual and never experience these problems you’re talking about. I do wish that poor shift work damaged the car as well, though.

    • Mar. 22, 3:15am

      It’s pretty clear you’re just a troll forza fanboy dude. I also, never have the problems you’re talking about and you know what else gives you away? you called Forza realistic LOLz.

  8. Mar. 17, 3:59pm

    Same cars, different tracks! Why are these Seasonals? You should be able to pick any track and run them with these restrictions in the Practice section of the game!!! These aren’t special! Where is the originality? Start by reinstating the Seasonals you took away and then use an ounce of creativityy and occasionally give us additional races. Stop rehashing the same mundane, boiler-plate, crap!!!

  9. Mar. 17, 1:28pm

    awesome..love the ring and the doe <3 preesh

  10. Mar. 16, 10:02pm

    These are easy events, PD really needs to put better tire restrictions to make it more of a challenge.

    • Mar. 17, 2:48am

      Just because there are no tire restrictions doesn’t mean you have to race with the best tires. Downgrade your tires then give it a shot, might not be as easy.

    • Mar. 17, 7:29am

      with normal cars i use sports hard or normal , and race cars sports soft or racing hard . you cant puch as hard as with racing soft
      but it is all about care controle

  11. Mar. 16, 5:06pm

    Loving this Nuburgring event. Consistent sub 6:30s using the GTR R35 TC, even with traffic and running wide lol. Gonna cash in and experiment all night long!

    • Mar. 20, 1:02pm

      Love the GTR R35 TC… Incredibly fun car to drive, sticks to the road like glue! I need more practice with it at the Nurburgring.

  12. Mar. 16, 11:13am

    They need to change the PP levels on these. You can basically use the same 3 cars for the whole thing and it grows redundant. They should do more car specific challenges like the Honda challenge, German cars, etc

  13. Mar. 16, 10:14am

    Does anyone know good 750pp car for SPA?

    • Mar. 16, 5:42pm

      Yes the green one

    • Mar. 16, 7:51pm

      Uhh….I tried the green one, the one with the tires,…..couldn’t quite make gold

    • Mar. 16, 8:13pm

      Try the blue one. The one without tires.

    • Mar. 17, 7:20am

      No no the blue one has only 620 pp , it is the green one with the pilot in the trunk

    • Mar. 19, 2:35pm

      I used to red one…..made a 2:04.

  14. Mar. 16, 8:34am

    Had a real nice 400pp race with a stock mercedes 190evo on comfort soft. Little bit tail happy, driftin some corners a bit and pass the number 1 in the last lap. Yeah fun!
    For the 500 pp race i take the mercedes c63 amg stock with sport hards. Also speed driftin some corners. Real fun! Big smile watching the replay and see myself passing a other car on the outside of a corner while driftin my car!!
    (Did this with the logitech g25)

  15. Mar. 15, 11:00pm

    650pp season on the nordschleife OH YEAH!!!!

  16. Mar. 15, 10:09pm

    I wish they would do some really low PP racing, why have such cars in the game then just stick to the hyperquick race cars… plus as a joypad user (no room for a wheel before anyone wise cracks) the race cars become too much of a chore to drive cleanly (yes I am aware there are some joypad kings out there who will claim its easy and they can beat wheel users in races **yet to see it myself**)

    But back to my point, why is there never any love for the smaller cars, the real heroes (in my opinion) of Gran Turismo

    • Mar. 16, 10:10am

      There just was a jap. classic seasonal. They all are under 400 pp cars.

    • Mar. 16, 2:12pm

      Because the whole title has turned into a hyperquick race car game. Everything w less than 500 pp is considered boring and slow. Yet at Online shuffel’s you’ll notice that those who complain about the boringness, are the one’s that cant handle a 400 pp car on comforts.

    • Mar. 22, 1:00am

      I enjoyed Tsukuba 400pp in an MR2 (tuned to 385pp, CS tires), but most tracks are really wide, which is part of what makes them seem slow and boring in smaller cars. More Top Gear challenges would rule – the VW Bus race and the Kubelwagen race are fun to chill out. And more Cote d’Azur – right now there’s not one single Seasonal event that races there! Obviously more Nurburgring is always welcome.

    • Mar. 22, 3:18am

      no room for a wheel? LOL seriously? do you live in a cardboard box? get a DFGT, they’re tiny, you don’t need a big racing cockpit, just a stand and a chair, that’s all I have. The space it takes up is literally not even 4 feet by 4 feet

  17. Mar. 15, 7:31pm

    Wish my sign in bonus hadn’t dropped to 180%!!!

  18. Mar. 15, 3:16pm

    Hell yes. That 650pp nurby is a real money maker! 2 mil in 13 minutes :)

    • Mar. 15, 8:18pm

      Uhh,…. its more like 500, 000 every 3 mins 15 secs. Dummy!

    • Mar. 16, 10:33am

      You forgot 1,000,000 every 6 mins 30 secs mr. doo doo head.

    • Mar. 18, 8:10pm
      SZRT Ice

      You’re both saying the same thing…

    • Mar. 18, 8:15pm
      SZRT Ice

      Oh, & 1,500,000 every 9 mins 45 secs


    • Apr. 3, 6:26pm

      You aren’t the sharpest pencil in the box are you?

  19. Mar. 15, 2:55pm

    Loving the payouts for the 650pp race!

  20. Mar. 15, 1:31pm

    Nice 500,000 that means ill get double that for the nurby race hehehe

  21. Mar. 15, 11:26am

    You can win a NEW car ticket, lvl 8.

    Yay ㋛

  22. Mar. 15, 10:10am
    i have a flat

    Bump the 400pp to 450pp and the 500pp to 550pp but all in all I like making cars from scratch for these events…now bring on the DLC !

    • Mar. 17, 2:44am

      Fiat 500? I test drove one and got a keychain… Jealous? lmao

  23. Mar. 15, 9:25am

    there’s a lot of good cars between 500-650pp, I would also like to see some different pp categories.

  24. Mar. 15, 9:07am


    I think that after they overhaul the driving physics, PD should make the seasonal races user selectable PP. Then make the credit pay according to the PP each racer selects. I think that would be a GT6 option, because it could take a while to scrap the current physics and replace it without extended testing.

    Also, as the user increased the PP, the level of parts available to the racer would also increase. This might please a large amount of people because you would have to build a car able of taking on the AI without going over the PP limit.
    And speaking of the AI skill level, that needs to be helped out too.

    • Mar. 15, 12:25pm

      Great idea!

  25. Mar. 15, 9:02am

    Again, that might not happen until GT6/PS4 comes about. If the AI is programmed to make realistic times around each track, and is capable of making mistakes the experience becomes more authentic. So they need to take the “ARCADE” stuff completely out of on-line, A-SPEC, A-SPEC seasonals. Find the current best time for each “REAL WORLD TRACK” and then make that the time to beat for trails and races. For fictional tracks, use theoretical pre-selected times. Base the AI on what a REAL race car driver does on a REAL track (not fictional tracks) with a well tuned car.

    They would have to restrict the equipment that can be used within each PP level. They also need to create appropriate classifications for the different classes of cars. For example: Stock, Tuned, Exotics, Touring Cars, Race Cars and F1 class.
    In other words, you would not be able to run a RACE CAR in a 450PP stock race. You would also not be allowed to run a stock or street tuned machine in a 600 PP LM or LMP event. Lets keep it REAL PD. And again, this is only for seasonal A-SPEC and on-line events. In the arcade mode, you can do whatever. In fact, PD should put the current physics model into ARCADE Mode and make a better physics, damage package for online, A-SPEC and seasonal racing.

    This way you have to make sure your suspension, and weight and ballast choices are spot on or you will not win. And if you can’t limit your driving errors and improve your times, you won’t win races either. This way you will not see any race where you start last out of 14 cars, and end up wining after three to five laps. That sort of thing rarely happens for real unless other cars crash or develop mechanical problems. And when that happens, you get yellow flags. PD needs to add real racing rule sets.

    In the end, the more real the driving physics, AI reaction and tracks are the more involved you become, and the less you complain. Your time will be spent learning how to tune your car and drive it to its limits rather than complaining.
    Oh you will complain. But those complaints will be about how you need to setup your suspention, rather than how bad the game sucks.

    That’s what racing is about. If Grand Turismo is the racing simulator, that’s how it should be. The arcade mode should earn you credits too. But if you want to race a hopped up VW bug against a McLaren F1 then do it in ARCADE mode where that type of fun belongs. Sorry for such long post. No hate intended for any poster, or PD. I just think PD can step it up.

    • Mar. 15, 9:17am

      100% agree with you. Just to add to your list here, I think they should also add qualifying to the game. That’s one part of racing they have failed to achieve. It really sucks always starting halfway through the pack.

    • Mar. 15, 11:40am

      @ggsrox I think back in GT2 they did actually have qualifying but i agree, itd be nice to see it make a return in GT6, whether its on PS3 or PS4

    • Mar. 15, 11:33pm

      +100, this is scripture from the Bible of true racing game fans and players, I could not have added anything to this or word it any better.. *applause*

    • Mar. 16, 1:26pm

      Great comments. PD NEED to fix the AI – you really have to handicap yourself to make it challenging so it’s always either go to the back of the grid or put on really crappy tires or something. Even then, it’s not a race, it’s an obstacle course full of moving chicanes. The 650pp Nurburgring race for instance, you can use the Audi A4 DTM car after stopping at the first corner to let the other cars go by (start from 12th) and still beat the McLaren F1 GTR to the finish (I did it a few times to enjoy that A4 exhaust note). When they changed the AI to be less ignorant of your position it just made them slow down severely when you’re still behind them, rather than backing off only if you legitimately get next to them at braking/cornering entry. Basically they act like you’re lapping them already. But even without that – in the race I mentioned, the McLaren is way in the lead so isn’t slowing down for cars behind – I shouldn’t even be able to catch up in a car that much less powerful.

  26. Mar. 15, 8:50am

    St Patrick’s Day Veyron from the OCD! Thank you PDI

  27. Mar. 15, 8:33am

    The prize money just keeps going down and down.

  28. Mar. 15, 8:26am

    When are they going to announce the supposedly “big” March update?

    • Mar. 15, 8:30am


    • Mar. 15, 7:29pm

      Lol, in typical PD fashion….

  29. Mar. 15, 8:24am

    Yeaaah Nurburg! …but…Is that 400/500/650pp will always be the rule? I ended up using the same car again and again hohohoho… oh man @_@

    could they make it random PP? …like 360/580/710PP ? …i’m sure we ended up using more different cars in our garage. At least for me :p

    Just asking :)

    • Mar. 15, 8:32am

      Imagine PP Shuffle events, that’ll be cool. :) Other cars wants to be driven by there drivers too.

  30. Mar. 15, 8:17am

    I just want some new tracks to run some new A-specs and TT’s on – Please pretty please – GT5 feels like an old pair of socks sometimes, and a few new and also Known tracks wouldn’t ruin the day PD ..

    I really would love to hear some thoughts from PD, about the releasing schedules through out the year, regarding New adds like Cars – features – Tracks ex: .. I rather spend my small amount of Cash on new stuff for GT5, then buying new Race Games/Games because then there isn’t much left for upgrading GT5 in my wallet.. ( Lots of new games coming this year)

    Buh!! and much Love to Y’r all

    • Mar. 15, 8:26am

      I agree , PD is a bit slow on releasing things.. I would love to buy some DLC tracks, and maybe some old classic “premium” cars. PD really need to hire more workers..

      anyways physics are top notch and Im very happy with my G27.

  31. Mar. 15, 8:10am
    Magic Ayrton

    No word on the bi-monthly DLC then?

    • Mar. 15, 10:39am

      My feeling is that most of the upcoming DLCs will be mainly big fixes and updates which improve the experience of the game, example being wind effect update a while back. I think DLCs containing cars and tracks will be few and far between because remember PD said that they are currently spending about 6 months developing each car and I’m sure circuits are much longer. So basically anyone waiting for cars and tracks should not have their hopes up too much as I think it’s logical to assume that if Pd is already working on gt6 they will be running out of resources for major gt5 DLCs.

      Having said that though, updates including car sound updates (I’d love pd to make the sounds more aggressive with popping and banging, more aggressive gear changes as well etc) would be most welcome.

      Hopefully I’m wrong and we’ll get a few cars but they are gonna have to slow development sooner or later to ensure the inevitable delays on gt6 are not too severe.

    • Mar. 15, 7:30pm

      Updates aren’t DLC.

  32. Mar. 15, 7:52am

    Quiet, Toko, you’re such a fanboy!! ;) lol

    • Mar. 15, 7:54am

      Fanboy? :( Okay I’ll shut it, before I make it worse as it is now. :)

    • Mar. 15, 7:55am

      Fanboiiiiii lol I was kidding, just in case you might’ve thought, otherwise.

    • Mar. 15, 7:59am

      Oh, I thought so. :) But I should really stop, even though I wasn’t trying to cause any habit. ;)

    • Mar. 15, 10:07am
      SZRT Ice

      We’re all “fanboys” in a sense.

    • Mar. 15, 3:24pm

      ^ Haha. You can say that again. ;)

  33. Mar. 15, 7:30am

    If PD would give us an A-Spec race creator, we could create our own races. They do some coding once and we do the rest.
    I guess this would be a win win situation, as it seems to me that creating these (too repetitive) seasonals is very annoying for PD.

    • Mar. 15, 7:54am

      We can only hope they’ll will/can do that in an update. I would like to be able to race against specific cars of my choosing. That’s really the only reason I need a Race Creator.

    • Mar. 16, 10:13am

      How come most of the opponents on the 600+pp events are 2 – 3 fast gt cars (mclaren, zonda, ford gt) and then the rest of the grid ends up being mostly gt500 cars?? surely there’s more cars the game could choose instead!!

  34. Mar. 15, 7:19am

    If you don’t like these events then you are the ones that make them boring not PD, do you need PD to feed you and make airplane noises as well?

    • Mar. 15, 7:25am

      +1. I should’ve writtin it like yours BMfan.

    • Mar. 15, 7:38am

      Is there really any need to insult people for giving out there opinion? It’s disturbing that people think PD can do no wrong. If people find them boring, then that’s just how they feel about them. And people are bound to feel that way if PD keeps making the SAME type of events again and again, without bringing something new to the table. The fact is PD can do way better than this.

    • Mar. 15, 7:47am

      I really like these races this week. Cape Ring Periphery was a track I was waiting for. Nordschleife is an obvious :tup:

    • Mar. 15, 7:50am

      I agree another_jakhole. It was fun racing at Cape Ring and Nurburg. Heck, even Tsukuba. :D Hows could ANYONE, get bored of these events. :)

    • Mar. 15, 7:50am

      who thinks PD can do no wrong? I haven’t like the last 3-4 recent seasonals, 5-6 with the Trials. Don’t you think that’s happened to BMfan, too? And all the other people that go about playing without complaining that it’s boring. If it’s boring it’s boring. You’re not going to change things completely. So many compromises can only be made.

    • Mar. 15, 10:34am

      Look at the comment under me,he say’s he will use 500 to 550 to make the races more exciting ,at least he is trying and not blaming PD for the race’s being boring. They aren’t boring if you give yourself a challenge.

    • Mar. 15, 10:44am

      I’m not concerned about challenge. It’s just that there isn’t enough VARIETY.

      As a said previously, we keep getting the SAME events over and over. That’s why I find them boring. And PD IS to blame for that since we had a huge variety of different seasonals to do and for some reason they thought it would be a great idea to remove them and replace them with these generic A-spec events that we only get every once every few weeks. They could at least change the PP limit from time to time to keep things a tad more interesting.

    • Mar. 15, 3:17pm

      Then it’s also a pity that they only give one car to use as well.

    • Mar. 15, 3:18pm

      It’s also a pity they only give people one car to use.

    • Mar. 15, 3:19pm

      Sorry,stupid thing said it couldn’t post comment.

  35. Mar. 15, 7:04am

    Nürburgring , we meet again! Thank you PD! Now for my own challenge, to beat the AI using 500-550pp

  36. Mar. 15, 6:53am

    It would be awesome if PD incorporated something similar to Forza 4’s rivals mode, where you can earn money everytime you beat someone’s record. That would motivate people to play TT and DT more, get better at driving, and spice trials up a bit.

    Please PD, it’s time to liven up the game. I’m extremely disappointed to see yet another bland A-spec “challenge” with the same restrictions ever since it began. And I’m not even bothered to log in to get my bonus anymore. I have to admit it, but Forza 4 is a much more rewarding and fun experience. I wish PD could get GT5 up to it’s level.

    • Mar. 15, 7:45am

      The way I see it is that PD is still updating the singleplayer game, and almost no others game company does that once a game is out !!!
      So I would like to say thanks to PD for constantly keeping this game fresh !!!

    • Mar. 15, 7:46am

      I would also like to add the large variety of seasonals we had before were more enjoyable to the majority of people. So don’t say it’s OUR fault for being bored when PD made the situation worse from the start.

    • Mar. 15, 7:46am

      The way I see it is that PD is still updating the singleplayer game and almost no others game company does that once a game is out !!!
      So I would like to say thanks to PD for constantly keeping this game fresh !!!

    • Mar. 15, 7:46am

      The way I see it is that PD is still updating the singleplayer game and almost no others game company does that once a game is out !!!
      So I would like to say thanks to PD for constantly keeping this game fresh

    • Mar. 15, 7:47am

      The way I see it is that PD is still updating the singleplayer game and almost no others game company does that once a game is out.
      So I would like to say thanks to PD for constantly keeping this game fresh

    • Mar. 15, 7:48am

      The way I see it is that PD is still updating the singleplayer game and almost no others game company does that once a game is out
      So I would like to say thanks to PD for constantly keeping this game fresh

    • Mar. 15, 11:32am

      Gsus mazdaman83, more fanboy spam?!?

  37. Mar. 15, 6:51am

    i’m gonna enjoy doing some a-spec later :D

    • Mar. 15, 7:42am

      The way I see it is that PD is still updating GT5’s singleplayer game, and almost no others game company does that once a game is out !!!
      So I would like to say : Thanks PD for constantly keeping this game fresh !!!

    • Mar. 15, 7:43am

      The way I see it is that PD is still updating GT5’s singleplayer game, and almost no others game company does that once a game is out !!!
      So I would like to say thanks to PD for constantly keeping this game fresh !!!

  38. Mar. 15, 6:44am

    They should use Nurb in the seasonal every week and not skip one week without it being in seasonal

  39. Mar. 15, 6:15am

    Sounds good. Love the ring.

    • Mar. 15, 1:42pm

      **must not use obvious joke**
      **must not use obvious joke**
      **must not use obvious joke**
      **must not use obvious joke**
      **must not use obvious joke**
      **must not use obvious joke**
      **must not use obvious joke**

    • Mar. 16, 10:14pm

      That’s what she said! :D

  40. Mar. 15, 6:15am

    I like this weeks seasonal. My favorite track (Nurburgring) to race on

  41. Mar. 15, 5:46am

    Hmm, I rather like the look of the Nurburgring one. Depending on how quick you are round there, you can earn around 3.5 million credits an hour (7 million if you’ve got the 200% bonus, which I don’t yet). Yes, it’s still not as good as the old Le Mans B-Spec race, but it’ll be a damn sight easier! :P

  42. Mar. 15, 5:46am
    e30 freek

    Im still anticipating the dlc when it comes out will cry tears of joy

  43. Mar. 15, 4:36am

    It’s like PD doesn’t find GT5 perfect anymore… That’s how I’m starting to see it, but the event isn’t that bad…

  44. Mar. 15, 4:22am

    wow OCD update is a little strange, is that every standard alfa in the game?

    • Mar. 15, 4:32am

      By selecting the cars from the top of the alphabetically ordered list and using the shift button, they managed to bring down the time required for the tri-weekly OCD update from 30 to 5 seconds. The OCD effort is now in line with the seasonal event creation.

  45. Mar. 15, 3:54am

    seriously, stop this please. 400/500/650 again ? :-( what about some true championship (15 races each) ?

    • Mar. 15, 4:33am

      15 race championships, I think ye olde ps3 might not have have enough ram for that :-(

    • Mar. 15, 6:13am

      suits me fine, would make it easy to own all cars in the game, although i suppose it would take quite a while.

    • Mar. 15, 6:14am

      oops ^ that’s in the wrong place :-/

    • Mar. 15, 3:15pm

      who needs ram? the disk tells it what race is next not the ram.

  46. Mar. 15, 3:24am

    The seasonals are rubbish just there to earn you money , bring back the immaculate challenges please that was worth playing , infact just leave gt5 now and get on with gt6 for ps4 and get that right and not released a few years after launch !!

    • Mar. 15, 3:25am

      It may seem they have. :/ To be honest…

  47. Mar. 15, 2:53am

    YAWN. Not done the last 3 or 4 seasonals.

    • Mar. 15, 2:59am


    • Mar. 15, 3:10am

      Really?…yawn?….You sound like you’re in jail and don’t like the whats on TV, but can’t change the channel. If you’re tired then go to bed, don’t spread your contagious yawn here!! please and thank you.

    • Mar. 15, 3:13am

      ^ I know right?

    • Mar. 15, 3:36am

      The a-spec expert race 1,2,3,4 seasonal events are the fastest money and you can get the big lm cars in about 5 races

    • Mar. 15, 4:11am

      I haven’t done them either, there’s nothing exciting… what, if you’re not circle jerking and having yourself a little mini celebration over how awesome the “new” seasonals are then you’re not allowed to post? Please…

    • Mar. 15, 4:24am

      As Kaz continues to make a mockery of GT5, so can we, no?

    • Mar. 15, 5:35am

      How wonderful of you to share this with all of us. Truly something I wouldn’t have wanted to miss..

  48. Mar. 15, 2:09am
    Mac K

    It’s like a Youtube video comment section in here..

    • Mar. 15, 3:19am

      Lol, it would seem so. o_O

  49. Mar. 15, 2:08am

    I just did these. They were a lot of fun, specially the Cape Ring one. I just hope PD keeps adding up A-Spec events and doesn’t take them down ever. Slowly, the could build a new A-Spec mode with these.

    Just a constructive critique. Try to add another seasonal with 500, 550 to 590. Most of the greatest cars are near those levels.

    • Mar. 15, 3:14am

      I like your idea HuskyGT. :)

  50. Mar. 15, 2:06am

    I will go back and race every single race again in A spec if the AI get a kick up the ass. It’s still too easy. Was looking at replays of forza (the game we love to hate on) but the AI is pretty damn decent in there. Granted the physics in Forza is still way off GT in my opinion but the AI cars really give you a run for your money. 3 or 4 cars abreast going through a corner at speed unlike GT where everyone slows down to a crawl come on PD we know you can do so much better. Little tweaks is all we ask for here and there.

    • Mar. 15, 3:00am

      if they could combine GT5s looks and physics with everything else from Forza then we’d have a top class game. what stopped me playing GT5 (after hitting the grind wall at level 38) was they seemed to have borked the AIin an update, i’m sure the cars started basically pulling over to a stop when i got behind them. Least Forza 4 AI will give you gyp if you try a sneaky inside line etc on an apex.

      love both games to bits, but GT needs to be taken by the scruff and given a good shake before the next release.

  51. Mar. 15, 2:04am

    Needs more PP levels like 525 PP or 550 PP. Seriously, 400 PP, 500 PP, 650 PP… everything looks the same.

    I’m not “wishlisting” impossible stuff either, so if you want to bash me, then okay let me laugh at your face.

    • Mar. 15, 2:38am

      Yeah would be better if they mixed it up a bit more, but still its good they keep putting these out, they’re fun.

  52. Mar. 15, 1:46am

    I still want to complain. This sucks! Bring back the old ones!

  53. Mar. 15, 1:27am

    What car is that? If somebody could let me know please i wanna get it tonight! Cheers

    • Mar. 15, 1:31am

      Citroën GT

    • Mar. 15, 1:37am

      Seriously?….what game have you been playing?

    • Mar. 15, 1:57am

      @MyFavoriteGame.. i dont eat/sleep/breath GT5.. just a casual player. Cheers PinappleJuice

    • Mar. 15, 2:09am

      So when are you going to buy your first Gran Turismo game?

    • Mar. 15, 2:26am

      @HuskyGT.. I dont get what your asking? I have GT5?

    • Mar. 15, 2:41am

      @mickstanz – You don’t have to “eat/sleep/breath GT5” this car was a pretty big deal and I’m pretty sure it was co-designed by PD and Citroen. If you don’t know this car, you either just bought GT5 yesterday,…or you bought it a while back and haven’t tried it yet.

  54. Mar. 15, 1:15am

    Isn’t it time for a new update? Cars, tracks, something? PD promised roughly every two months and I believe something should be brewing.

    • Mar. 15, 1:37am

      I’ve actually stopped playing this game because it’s gotten so slow and boring And I used to play it everyday

    • Mar. 15, 1:46am

      It hasn’t even been 2 full months since the last DLC was released. Even less because of February.

    • Mar. 15, 3:02am

      PD have announced that a photo stream feature is coming this month, but yes, DLC is due this month :-)

  55. Mar. 15, 12:56am

    Oh YEA!! More! MORRRRRRRRRRRE! Thankz PD.

  56. Mar. 15, 12:48am

    Cool. I’ll pick me a fancy car of some sort.

    Although, I keep checking for an announcement of new DLC …any time now.

  57. Mar. 15, 12:47am

    As much as people complain, GT5 has shloads of replay value. The GT5 disc has either been in my PS3 or right next to it since its release and it’s things like this that keep this aging game fresh.

    • Mar. 15, 3:03am

      it might have loads of replay value if they fixed the terrible match making in arcade mode. GT4’s was much better.

    • Mar. 15, 6:51am

      Agreed, there’s plenty of reason to still play this game, be it seasonals, online racing or just driving the races for fun with the unlikeliest cars. ;)

  58. Mar. 15, 12:41am

    Here comes the rain of rage by complainers.


    You got your A-Spec, so be happy with it…

    BTW, this looks to be okay. :) I wish each event was just the Nurberg. Thanks PD, and Jordan for this news. :D

    • Mar. 15, 12:43am

      Oh and also, nice picture I love it. Nice work NBDESIGNZ. ;)

    • Mar. 15, 12:58am


    • Mar. 15, 12:59am

      amen! I’m so sick and tired of complaining GT “fans”

    • Mar. 15, 1:54am
      SZRT Ice

      Sick & tired of people who think their opinion is the only opinion that matters. Sick & tired of people who bash people that constructively criticize GT, thus making hypocrites of themselves by actively doing what they oppose.

      People make their points the best way they know how. Not everyone is articulate, or patient enough to put the time & effort into a forum response. They just say what they want how it is. Plus GT NEEDS to EVOLVE. These people want the same thing we all want: A better GT. And one way for PD to know what the world wants, is by seeing what the world has to say.

      Sure many GT loyal will ride this horse into the ground even if Kaz introduced Unicorns and rainbows into the series and kept GT the same, but many want GT to rise above & beyond, to do what every good racing game out there is doing, but to do it better, and be the best all around simulation racing it could ever possibly be. Because as Gran Turismo, it should have that throne. And that won’t come to fruition without feedback.

      So stop hating and let people vent, we’re all here, obviously because we want the best for GT, so in a sense we’re all on the same team.


    • Mar. 15, 1:58am

      Quit being such a PD fanboy.

      If people complain, it’s their right to complain. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. A-Spec is VERY boring and predictable in GT5 95% of the time.

      If PD/Kaz listened to the complaints and made A-Spec better, GT5 would be a better game.

    • Mar. 15, 2:45am

      I don’t think its boring….I’m running Nurb on Sports: Softs, it pretty fun…even tho the FFB on my wheel just went out last week. The payout isn’t bad either….I’m gonna grind this baby to death!! :D

    • Mar. 15, 3:12am

      @BWX I’m ingoring you for now on after this comment I’ll type to you. You sir just proved it. You said you wanted more A-Spec and you STILL found them boring. Have you even tried the events, guess not… These events are fun and if you dislike them so much, then shut it. Don’t you and SZRT Ice take your nasty angers on me. So not much I could tell you otherwise.

      I may not like the B-Spec events, but when I’ll take seriously. So leave me alone, your not worth time. Bye bye…

    • Mar. 15, 3:23am

      You have point there SZRT Ice. Just not BWX…

    • Mar. 15, 4:51am

      I would have to agree with BWX. You complain about people which have the right to complain. Not only are you being hypocritical, but you’re being more annoying than the people who, like many of us, only wish for a better GT game in the future.

      These people bought the product, therefor they have the right to complain about many things. Honestly though, you can’t actually sit there and say that GT5 is the most perfect game ever, can you? If you can, then obviously there is something wrong with you.

      You need to realize that without these complaints GT can’t make much future progress.

    • Mar. 15, 5:38am

      I didn’t even say GT5 was perfect now did I. Your thinking way to ahead of yourself. Theres nothing with me either. Then fine. Everyone loves jumping Toko anyways… But I’m not taking what I said though, so nice try…

    • Mar. 15, 5:44am

      Many thanks Toko!

    • Mar. 15, 5:46am

      You’re very welcome NBDESIGNZ. :) :tup:

    • Mar. 15, 7:04am

      @Toko: Wow, really? A-spec is hugely flawed and you’re telling everyone to just shut it? What reason will PD have to improve if they keep seeing comments like yours?

    • Mar. 15, 7:31am

      Okay, you guys done jumping me now? If you find the events boring, then beat it. You always try to ruin everyone elses fun with events like these, for crying out loud the Nurb is in it and you guys who are jumping me still dislike it. Well then that’s you, not those who like it.

  59. Mar. 15, 12:40am
    Maddens Raiders

    GT for Life.

  60. Mar. 15, 12:29am
    GTP Sifer


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