Gordon Murray's Next Sports Car Could Be a Lightweight Miata Beater

Every so often, a startup comes along and declares it’s cracked some challenge of modern car design. Everyone makes a big fuss, and then a couple of years later you… Read More »

Polyphony Digital Is Experimenting With Procedurally Generated Cars

As we recently reported, Polyphony Digital has published slides from two presentations given by employees at CEDEC 2018 in Tokyo. The first covered “Iris”, the ray-tracing lighting system developed in-house… Read More »

GTPlanet GT Sport Livery Editor Competition 14 Now Open

Racing oils. There’s a few to choose from. Not in the current competition though; it’s all about Castrol. But before you check it out, have a look at the poll… Read More »

Assetto Corsa Competizione Early Access Has Begun

Continuing the rapid-fire release schedule of September, Assetto Corsa Competizione is now available on Steam Early Access. It all starts with one raging bull. Yes, AC Competizione features but one car right… Read More »

Forza Horizon 4 Officially Goes Gold, Demo Now Available

With just a few weeks left until the release of Forza Horizon 4, Turn 10 has officially announced the new open-world racer has gone gold. This means that final preparations are underway… Read More »

Own Romano Artioli's Personal 650hp Bugatti EB110 SS America

Bugatti has several awe-inspiring cars on its resume. From the Art Deco era Type 37 to the modern day Chiron and Divo, pretty much everything is amazing in some way. The… Read More »

Forza Horizon 4 Hands-On Preview

It’s colder here. That’s unexpected, but it drives home a point that will be prevalent over the coming days: weather matters. It’s the first week of September and I’ve touched… Read More »

Assetto Corsa Competizione Hands-On Preview

The day has come at last: Assetto Corsa Competizione has entered Steam Early Access. ACC is the next evolution of the acclaimed sim racing franchise — just don’t call it a sequel.… Read More »

SimBin Studios Targeting Q2 2019 for the Release of GTR 3

It looks like we will need to wait a bit longer for GTR 3. In a recent tweet, SimBin Studios said it’s aiming for a release sometime in Q2 2019.… Read More »

Forza Horizon 4's Route Creator Will Arrive With First Major Game Update

One of the most exciting Forza Horizon 4 features Playground Games announced at E3 2018 was the Route Creator. So when we sat down with Ralph Fulton to talk all about… Read More »

Ralph Fulton: Forza Horizon 4 is a "Homecoming" For Playground Games

There’s less than three weeks to go until the launch of Forza Horizon 4. I’ve just spent a few hours with a near-final build of the game, and it makes that… Read More »

Forza Motorsport 7 September Update Now Available: New Drag Mode, Meetups, and More

Turn 10 has released the latest title update for Forza Motorsport 7. It’s brings quite a lot to the table, and we’ve got all the details here. Weighing in at 730MB… Read More »

Polyphony Digital Re-Oranges The GT Sport Mileage Exchange

Tuesday has arrived again, so it’s time for another update to the GT Sport Mileage Exchange. Just as expected, it’s a minor update this week. That means that last week’s… Read More »

Senior VP Confirms Nissan Is Working on the Next Z Car

Could Nissan be working on a new Z car? Up until now, the answer to that mostly consisted of hearsay and rumor. But in a recent interview with Which Car,… Read More »

Forza 7 Adds the Wild Skyline Super Silhouette as This Month's Free Car

Another Group 5 machine is coming to Forza Motorsport 7 this month. It’s a Nissan Skyline, and one of the wildest ones in the model’s 61-year history. That’s right: the DR30… Read More »

Polyphony Digital Reveals GT Sport's "Iris" Ray Tracing System at CEDEC 2018

Since Polyphony Digital first launched Gran Turismo, the company has been creating some of the most graphically impressive titles in the video game industry. Detailed car models and beautiful lighting… Read More »

Project CARS 2 Ferrari DLC and Game Update Now Available

If you loaded up Project CARS 2 earlier today — and you’re in Australia — you may have noticed a rather large update available. Weighing in at 4GB or so depending… Read More »

GTPlanet Forza 7 Photo Mode Competition 21 Now Open

It’s no secret that video games are looking more and more life-like each year. This is even more true for the racing genre, where it’s possible to fool casual onlookers… Read More »

F1 2018 Topped the Sales Charts in 11 Countries

Codemasters recently announced its latest game, F1 2018, has taken pole position in the sales race. The good news continues, as it wasn’t just one territory where the franchise won out.… Read More »

Lexus Adds Fourth Flagship Vehicle to Its Lineup With the LY 650 Luxury Yacht

Lexus has introduced its newest flagship product, joining the likes of the LS, LX, and LC. However, one of these things isn’t like the others. Forgoing a new model of… Read More »