Rumor: Isle of Man TT Course Considered for Gran Turismo 7


A “team of programmers from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe” are reportedly on the Isle of Man, studying the famous TT Race circuit which stretches over 37.73 miles across public roads on the island.

The report comes from Bike Sports News magazine, who claims a source from the Isle of Man’s tourism department informed them that Sony are considering the track for inclusion in Gran Turismo 7 on the PlayStation 4.

A “deal” has yet to be struck, however, which would indicate SCEE is in the very early stages of negotiating track licensing and the ultimate future of the track in GT7 is still uncertain.


At over 37 miles in length, modeling a track at the scale of the Snaefell Mountain Course would be a significant accomplishment for Polyphony Digital, and the longest track in any Gran Turismo game to date. By comparison, the Nurburgring 24h circuit is 15.5 miles, and the upcoming GT6 track based around Zahara de la Sierra, Spain is expected to be 16.7 miles.

Regardless, the most interesting (and obvious) point to note is that the Isle of Man TT is the most historic and famous motorcycle race in the world. Although cars occasionally run the circuit for exhibition or record-breaking attempts, the race and the course is almost exclusively associated with motorcycles, and will likely fuel new speculation about Polyphony’s plans to include them in GT7.

This would not be unprecedented: back in 2006, Polyphony Digital released Tourist Trophy for the PlayStation 2, a motorcycle game built upon GT4‘s game engine. Later that year, Gran Turismo HD was revealed at E3, and famously showcased both types of vehicles side-by-side, though bikes have since been absent from the world of Gran Turismo.

Thanks to @naidsy for the tip!

UPDATE: GTPlanet users who live on the Isle of Man are reporting that a Gran Turismo team was spotted at the airport. Police have also informed local residents that this service vehicle would be driven slowly around the circuit over the next two weeks by “Japanese technicians”.

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  1. GTP_Chap89

    Seriously hope the TT course makes it to GT7, I would never be off the place, the run through Kirk Michael and across the mountain section would be seriously awesome!!!!! :D

  2. VeeDubberLow

    Gaming wise, my best achievement has been a hud and map off – crash free lap – on a Suzuki gsxr1000 on ps2 tt superbikes legends.

    My lap time was 18 mins 52 secs and was a flyer!

  3. dualshock

    Wow……..The Holy Grail…….and can you imagine with a full day/night cycle – THIS MUST BE DONE!!

  4. Tvensky

    that sounds great, hope its true! I would love to drive some cars on that road, I doubt PD will include bikes, but couple of them would be nice.. we have carts, nascar, GT500, rally and now maybe superbikes :) maybe some Harley, that would be epic.. :)

  5. kollosson

    I would prefer GT7 to stick to cars, in any case they have enough to do already, can’t imagine the flack PD would get if they hardly added any new cars but had 50 bikes instead….

  6. Seikenfreak

    PLEASE omg yes add this. I’ve wanted courses like this for so long. This would be spectacular to drive or ride a bike on.

  7. Amac500

    I wish they could out it in GT6, want it as soon as possible! If I’m correct there was also a car race way back in the day before it was ruled unsafe, track would also be cool for some historic racing! Hopefully PD will give us more historic gt cars of the 50’s and 60’s too!

    1. blkpig

      Yeah they did cars there,most recent Tiff for fifth gear drove the 86 Toyota there and he’s no slouch. But I feel you man The Ilse should have been in GT5 and we should get it in GT6. Well it would be nice!

    2. OldF@rt

      I find it bizarre that the track is regarded as too dangerous for cars but OK for *BIKES*! I know which I’d rather be in if I hit one of the course’s brick walls. When I see it on TV it’s an incredible spectacle but part of me thinks “These people are insane”!

  8. infamousphil

    I have always wanted to try motorcycles against cars. However, the difficulties in negotiating breaking points and corners with the each of the two extremes will prove catastrophic at almost every encounter.

    In my library of racing games, I have a PGR that has both cycles and 4wheelers. I can recall how silly the physics are, given it’s an arcade racer, but bouncing 2wheelers off of the 4wheeler’s doors to challenge corner after corner was simply insulting to my intellect. In my defence of venturing there (any XBox racer) was for Ferrari.

    Are PD and Kaz willing and able to combine the two realistically? Personally, like many of us, I say HELL YEAH! But will Sony’s PS4 be able to handle the ‘Real Driving Simulator’ for both types of physics?

    I continue to get chubby for burning hulks at trackside ;) Remember Infogrames’ original Test Drive Le Mans?

    1. SZRT Ice

      As I recall, Tourist Trophy was created using the same physics that GT4 was using. And with PD’s/GT6’s new physics engine, I’d imagine bikes would likely be even more accurate.

      Bike races/challenges could work many different ways. In TDU2, bikes had it on tight/technical tracks and were never “caught up to” in the corners, but were the ones doing overtaking in them. On the longer courses, the higher powered super/hyper cars had the advantage, as the could reach higher top speeds on the straights. And also there were a range of slower bikes and cars to mix things up and keep things interesting and balanced.

      As for bike/car challenges. I imagine say an event where a slower car had a headstart and had to be caught or had to be overlapped within a certain distance/amount of time. And vice versa, where you had to beat a bike to a certain part of a stage/track and cross a line or beat a time before they caught you. Some class racing would be cool too. For instance, like the way they do GT races with different tiers. So say a 6 vehicle bike race and a 6 vehicle car race taking place on the same track at the same time but not being ranked against each other. Giving the bikers/riders the added challenge of navigating cars during a race and the drivers the spectacle and challenge of avoiding the bikes, with penalties/points deducted from the drivers for making contact with any of the bikers.

      Man, so many different race types and mini challenges could be formed from this. Although I doubt PD would think too far out the box in that regard so I won’t get my hopes up too high. But the possibilities are exciting!

    2. infamousphil

      True dat Ice. I gotta believe that the PS4 would be capable of delivering the goods. After watching a friend destroy his knee and personally falling off the back of one, I am deftly afraid of motorcycles. Even so, we all should find some appreciation for this concept.

    3. Johnnypenso

      You guys do realize you are engaging in pure speculation right? There not a single indication that PD is even doing up another bike game, nor including it with GT.

    4. SZRT Ice

      It’s the hype train JohnnyP!!! You ain’t riding? Speculation is fun, and if PD aren’t doing this, maybe someone over there could read this and get inspired. Or reach them throuhgh word of mouth. Anywho, what else would we talk about on an article headlined with the word “Rumor” and based off of speculation? I’m just sharing my opinion.

    5. infamousphil

      Ok, back to reality then. So PD is working on a TT2. Why on earth would they venture to the British Isles… vacation? Who knows? They ain’t quite known for their… transparency?

      I’ll allow myself to ride this hype train, for now. It’s fun sometimes ;)

  9. Voodoovaj

    Isle of Man TT without bikes is a bit of a slap in the face to us bike lovers. I hope they include bike in the game. That would be EPIC!

  10. kollosson

    A lot of assumptions going on here, no one has any idea of the inner workings of PD or what they are doing, they could have a team supporting GT6 and still be working on GT7 but we just don’t know, its pointless speculating. The latest footage of Drive Club looks absolutely incredible, I just think if a new Dev can push that out of the PS4 imagine what Polyphony could produce. ( get ready for the anti PD/GT backlash ;) )

    1. JKgo

      Yeah DriveClub looks too good to be true it must be “vertical slice”. Maybe not.
      It was delayed so it probably got more polish. Altho’ if it plays like ass, then pretty looks won’t matter…..

    2. Johnnypenso

      So a new Dev took over from Evolution Studios, established in 1999 and making racing games for 15 years? Wow, why isn’t that a news item in itself?

      @JK DriveClub will be an arcade game with arcade physics, awesome sound and visuals. It looks great, sounds great, but it’s target audience is on the very casual side of things, so plays like “ass” is a relative thing. Powersliding full throttle at 150mph is fun in the right game…lol.

    3. JKgo

      My mistake for using the term “ass”… If it plays poorly – poor AI, lots of frustrating bugs, connectivity issues, “wrong” car selection and GT5-esque loading times, jerks online a la COD multiplayers then it will bomb… Already FH fanboys are calling DriveClub a poor man’s clone and all that.
      This game needs to succeed so Sony won’t heap more pressure on PDI to produce GT7 early. Just my assumption of course. I have no idea of the inner workings of PD or anything…just general knowledge of how a company needs to perform in accordance of shifting deadlines and pressure from its “investors”…

    4. NA

      Personally, I’m more interested in watching T10’s forum blow up when FH2 releases, than I am interested in DC.

      Having spent quite a bit of time at the T10 forum over the years, I smell a hype train letdown blow up coming over the horizon release. The FH fanbase has already decided (from almost no real info) that this time it’s going to be everything they wanted/expected the first time, and a whole lot more. I myself am allergic to hype, and I don’t think they’re getting what the hype train is making them think they’re getting, just like when FH1 released.

      Just seems like T10’s usual vague PR and borderline bait and switch marketing from what I’ve seen so far. Tell people what they want to hear, hide the things they won’t want to hear, and “Clarify” what you really meant with contradictory information a short time before release, to cover the butts. Worked for FM5 and FH1, so I’m expecting there to be a pretty good show for FH2.

    5. chris berger

      YES!!!!! I told them and they listened. I so happy isle of man tt will be added, So does that mean will see Super Bikes in the game now since FIA is a partner .

    6. Johnnypenso

      While you’re at it Chris can you get PD to hurry it up on the Course Maker and Community

  11. JKgo

    I’m saying this right now – Tourist Trophy 2 is very unlikely to happen. Not with PDI working on 2 separate games already no way they will tax themselves further by doing another full-on IP. Also Sony making a different racing game? Not likely as well – racing games don’t sell as well as other genres typically (unless you are NFS) never mind bike racing games – when was the last time you played a racing game featuring bikes only?
    Bikes in GT7 – that’s actually a smart move by PDI if true. Think about it, you need to invigorate the franchise, move it forward and have something that will differentiate it from its rivals then by having bikes in the game makes a great if risky sense. Last “driving game” with bikes were Test Drive Unlimited 2 and it had what 3,4 bikes? Knowing PDI they’ll probably try to get at least 50+ bikes in the game…
    So, GT7 will be ready in holiday 2015, maybe mid 2016, with bikes. But that also means PDI need to “give up” on GT6 before the end of this year in order to work on GT7. Could this happen? I don’t know but if DriveClub bombs then pressure will mount on Sony to produce a decent racing game asap so this might happen.
    Longevity of GT6 may depend on DriveClub succeeding or not, out of PDI’s hands. So features promised to be coming to GT6 but not shown yet, maybe they are being held back to see what’s going to happen in a few months time.

    1. SZRT Ice

      The need for a PS4 GT is dire. The drought in quality racing Playstation side is reaching a breaking point imo, and if Drive Club, Project Cars, and The Crew don’t perform and fill that void, I see many putting much stronger consideration to the FM franchise. In all honesty, the Horizon addition was genius and brought something fresh and needed to the “sim” racing scene. I definitely see them adding bikes as well if not for this one then for the next iteration. I hope PD puts serious consideration into doing this if they’re not already. Not confirmed yet, but fingers crossed.

    2. JKgo

      I know I’ll get some flak for this but I don’t think Project CARS will be a massive sales success, even with a multi-platform approach. Idea behind it is obviously very cool, but people buy FMs, GTs because of their perceived user-friendliness not to mention strong hype train they ride on. CARS have nearly ZERO visibility outside of hardcore racing communities, just go visit IGN, GameFaqs etc. Having said that, selling 2+ mil copies of CARS on all platforms combined would be seen as a success. As for it being a gauge for GT7’s and GT6’s future? Sony won’t see this game as a chief rival to GT series. The Crew is going for NFS/FH/DriveClub crowd and it’s multi-platform too. Again Sony won’t see this as key rival either.
      But sales numbers and perception of “casual gaming public” will always matter so Sony will definitely want to have a strong first party presence in every genre out there, including racing games, arcade or otherwise. GT having bikes? That only can lead to more marketing push which means more awareness from “The Casuals” and potentially more sales and chance to say “oh hey look we did it first!!” at its rivals when they include bikes in the future.

    3. JKgo

      Oh and btw for those arguing for Porsches to be in GT and then hearing that PDI can’t seem to get the deal done? Project CARS do have Porsches in it. EA sub-licences Porsches to anyone interested. That’s why FM4 also had them. Porshe isn’t blind you know – they can see all the “free” advertising being done by racing games out there for its rivals. I’m fairly sure Porsche nudges EA somewhat to let other folks in on the fun now and then.

    4. Johnnypenso

      @JK another small correction…sorry. Unless it’s been announced recently and I missed it, there’s no Porsche in Project Cars but they do have some beautiful Ruf models in there.

      And I agree with your Project Cars assessment, I don’t think it’ll take the console racing world by storm, I think 1 million units on each of the three consoles would be a raging success though, given it’s relatively tiny budget compared to Forza and GT. But who knows what they can bring to the table with a much bigger warchest for PCars2.

    5. Aussie_HSV

      @SZRT Ice
      Are you looking forward to The Crew?
      Got my doubts about it personally.
      Not necessarily saying it’s a bad game, perhaps just not my cup of tea.
      Keen for Driveclub though, and can’t wait for the information overload that is Project Cars. :)

    6. SZRT Ice

      I’m definitely looking forward to drive club myself. But there’s something about open world racing that draws me in. The ability to make a race track out of any city street. The freedom from barriers and imaginary confines. And the varying landscapes and corresponding change in road surfaces/types intrigues me. A track editor in open world/free roaming games gives endless possibilities. And the dip in graphic fidelity is countered by scale and scope of the game (2 hours to get from west to east coast in a straight line. That’s without circling the map north or southbound). If the game offers a choice between arcade and decent close to realistic physics, I’ll be happy, but I’m keeping expectations tempered. People like to generalize virtual racers between hardcore and casual. I race them all. From Grid Autosport to Midnight Club. Need for Speed to Dirt. I even race on GTAV for that matter. I don’t discriminate. If it’s challenging and fun, I’m there. I would love if agame like this had authentic sim physics however. A GT Street or GT World game would be a dream!

  12. Takata

    If someone living on Isle of Man could watch and possibly video these Japanese technicians like a hawk for the next few weeks, I believe the community here might appreciate it.

  13. infamousphil

    LMBAO… Damn yall! We all hyped up over a new and welcome addition to the GT franchise, but where the hell is the rest of 6!? I don’t know about yall but I bought it (6) for many reasons. Few of which have yet to make it into the game. I now need both hands to count PD’s past fumbles and bumbles.

    There will always be a ‘future in your front’, PD… as long as your world is provided with fresh young minds and gluttens for punishment. I am running out of good things to say about your franchise, Sony.

    Good reporting Planet/Jordan…

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Indeed, 6 is actually 3 with better graphics, more cars, better physics and everything else is the same.

  14. cbabb

    The 15 mile, 24hr Nurburgring circuit takes about 9 – 10 mins to lap in a modern day super car on GT6. Double that at 30 miles and you take about 18 – 20 mins. And adding just just 7 more miles for a total of 37 will have you completing a lap in 30 mins. Just to do two laps on the TT will take you about 1 hour.

    Of course this is a very rough estimate and assumes that the narrow road will have you watching your speed like the Nur does with it’s sweeping, bumpy, tight turns.

    I’m ready for this to happen. Make this rumor a fact PD! PLEASE!

    1. Scheer

      Just to narrow your estimates, a superbike did a 17:11 and a Subaru did it in 19:26 with Mark Higgins at the wheel. If you think the Nurburgring is a challenge, this will blow your mind. A little time on YouTube will silence the doubters..

    2. Johnnypenso

      It would be a PD thing to do, to have a TT here and you start an out lap just after the S/F line, so you have to do a complete lap before you do your first timed lap…lol.

  15. TRLWNC7396

    Talk about some cahunes and track memorization…. Wow….. What’s the mortality rate there? I hope it’s very, very low….

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      242 people have died in the Isle of Man TT since the first one in 1911. There’s usually at least one fatality every year.

  16. s3nNa

    itll come as dlc for gt7 only to be pushed to gt8 because of the delay after gt7’s release date lol..
    sorry to be a smart@ss.. but I think im finally…getting tired of gt’s ways after defending them for so long..
    they continue to release unfinished games , focus on side projects of gran turismo which even then are unfinished and its just an ongoing cycle. I could go on and on..

  17. Progress823

    F*** yes!!! So sad that we have to wait for 7 for this, but, it’s definitely a move to the right direction.

    Keep the fire up, PD – maybe Circuito Piccolo Delle Madonie too….

  18. JKgo

    I’m not a fan of bikes normally (they tend to fall over fairly easily) but even I get the significance of this track possibly appearing in GT7. I don’t think any “racing” games featured this track yet… and the implication that maybe bikes are coming to GT? Wow. Using sixaxis of ds4 to control the weight distribution on the bike during the race sounds pretty cool.
    Initially I got excited after reading that Sony Europe employees were on the famed isle, thought that PDI took my advice and decided to ask for help from other folks, but then later on in the article “Japanese technicians” line definitely deflated me. Still PDI insisting they need to do everything on their own.Sigh.
    If bikes are indeed coming, then three words: Harley Davidson Fatboy. Include it, PDI!!! Not just bunch of japanese bikes only! I get that japanese makers dominate bike markets ’round the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others you know.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Add to that list a V-Rod, Moto Guzzi Lemans, Norton Commando, Norton Manx, and of course a Vincent Black Shadow among other classic bikes. I’m not into bike games but if they included a decent list of classics I’d probably pick it up.

  19. wvmgmidget

    Nice should be interesting but I still would rather wait for gt7 and not have pd rush it. I hope pd takes their time and if they do gt7 should be a masterpiece. Also they shouldnt give up on gt6 just yet. Please pd don’t jump the gun. Adding bikes to gt would also be awesome.

    1. karelpipa

      I heard almost exact same words before releasing Gran Turismo 5 and even before releasing Gran Turismo 6. Do you really think that GT7 will be a masterpiece?

      Of course that they will take their time, lol.

  20. tpark103

    I love watching the super bikes go around this track and it was one that I’ve been begging for for quite some time. Subie recently set the new record there in the current WRX which I’m sure was a race car. Anyway go PD!!!

  21. kollosson

    Incredible, complaints yet again and it seems to always be the same people, go figure, do you guys ever have any happy moments ?

    1. Scheer

      +1 from me. The I.O.M. TT course is one of the most challenging in the world, unfettered by h&s concerns. Whether it comes to us as a GT track (just search Subaru IOM) or as a bike track for Tourist Trophy 2 (go see any IOM onboards to see what these riders put themselves up against) This can only be a good thing.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Incredible, complaining about complainers again. Must you point it out every single time? You’re baiting people into a flame war.

    3. Johnnypenso

      He can’t help it. He’s not happy unless he’s complaining about complainers. It’s his schtick, his stock in trade, his raison d’etre. Everyone must be 100% completely happy with everything PD does and Kaz says or he’ll be right there to point it out when you’re not.

    4. TokoTurismo

      I like how I stopped complaining, but @kollosson can’t stop complaining about complainers… Honestly, get PD out of your rear.

    5. SZRT Ice

      Because all you do is attempt to start disputes. Rather then focusing your comments on the article itself, you scower the page for the comments of others and attempt to belittle the gripes of others time and time again. Every comment you make is argument provoking.

      “get ready for the anti PD/GT backlash ;)”

      You look forward to it. It makes you feel important or special. I won’t do it for you. Notice not a single person responded to your weak attempt to flame. And from here on, I’m gonna ignore you too. And as far as you being a hypocrite… You were quick to jump on ironman’s tail end saying “mind blown” in regards to his comment when you were the initial person complaining about the complaints of others.

      To complain about other people complaining means that you are complaining yourself. Thus making you a hypocrite as you are in terms doing the exact thing you are complaining about, “complaining about complainers”. Funny thing is, ironman did too, but at least he was trying to be funny about it. You just jumped at the opportunity to back him up like the little sidekick you are, barking like a chihuahua. You just needed to find “something to say”. Yeah, keep on barking pup, you’re barking up the wrong tree with this one. That’s the last one I’ll give you.

    6. kollosson

      Ironmans comment made you look a bit stupid so you attempted damage limitation, its there for everyone to see. I don’t try to incite arguments, that’s a complete lie, my original comment was based on observations, every news post on this site has a complaint, its ridiculous. Everything you just said is self projection….you may need to look that one up. Its bad karma mate. Why would a GT fan need to come on this site and spit venom at every news post? its just wrong and anyone who points this out is attacked by you and your buddies, You’re very devious but its quite obvious what you are doing and all of this is just so unnecessary, remember you can’t edit the comments section, its all there in black and white….

    7. TokoTurismo

      ^ NO. What @ironman meant was YOU are complaining about complainers. So don’t go calling others stupid when YOU youself is looking like the stupid one… Everything was going all fine, until ONE person started complaining about “Ohhh the complaints again?”. It’s like it is a law that one can not complain, so the police force has to step in and stop them from doing so.

      And no, don’t give me that crap “Oh, well, constructive criticism is allowed”, some folks also complain about that as well so, don’t bother going there.

    8. SZRT Ice

      I said “touched” to ironman for pointing out the “Inception” type nature of it all. If anything it made it all look a bit foolish, but I was amused by it nonetheless and willing to drop it there. At a glance, the responses to this article are by far more positive than negative, especially for an article based off of a rumor rather than an official statement. So your immediate and dire need to call out the people

    9. SZRT Ice

      is unwarranted and without merit. You just needed to find something to say, as usual. Fabricate it how you want. But you’re a flamebaiter. You’re just a bit more subtle in your approach.

    10. SZRT Ice

      Lastly, you say things about “based on observations”, “venom”, being “devious”, and it being obvious what I’m doing?

      How many times do we need to hear your observations? We see the complaints, we don’t need regular news reports about them!

      ::This just in! A new complaint has arrived in the comments of the GTP News section! Back to you, Jack::

      The only venom I see here is spawned from this conversation. What were you expecting by pointing it out? For people to agree, others to disagree, and to provoke more bickering, that’s what. You’re manipulating a situation to get a people on your bandwagon so you can belittle the opinions of others.

      What I’m doing? I’m trying to help empower and allow all comments, and all criticisms, a platform to be voiced. So if people agree or disagree, they can discuss them formally or choose to ignore them, as long as they fall within’ the guidelines allowed in GTP’s TOS.

    11. kollosson

      TokoTurismo you need to brush up on you’re English comprehension, its quite obvious for all to see what ironman44321 meant. SZRT Ice you’re just wrong. If anyone follows this from my original comment its quite obvious, like I said, its there in black and white for all to see..

  22. spencer7x7

    Just cause Sony’s scanning it, doesn’t mean that it will be on GT7. Either way I hope it’s true.

  23. Johnnypenso

    It’ll be a great Time Trial track in GT7, so it’ll fit right in. Seeing as it’s only two narrow lanes wide, it won’t be any good for racing since you’ll just be able to drive down the middle of the track and no one will be able to get by. Will look good on the cover too. Sounds like a good fit for the GT series…lol.

    1. vr6cas

      I agree, it will be a great Time Trial, also the most challenging. If you thought Bathurst or the Lexus CCS-R ISF at the Nurburgring was hard, imagine this! I see a Time Trial with the 2015 Subaru STI trying to recreate the guy the broke the record run on YouTube, (@Holdenhsvgts). Imagine getting all the way close to the finish line and you bump a wall and the time disqualifying you, lol, people is going to rage! Looking forward to this challenge and learning the course!

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      Go-kart races could be quite awesome. They’re small enough so that there’d still be plenty of overtaking space.

    3. kollosson

      Here in England that’s a normal sized road, we’re used to racing on those roads, if there is room for two cars then you can race.

    4. Johnnypenso

      @vr6cas a TT will be test of endurance and patience like no other for sure. I’d granny it around the track to avoid the walls just to say I did it!

      @CZR the 250CC superkarts would be perfectly suited to this track, they have more than enough speed to make it interesting. The 125 shifters are a little slow for a track this size and with this kind of average speed. Let’s hope if they bring the track to GT7 the 250’s come with it.

    5. SZRT Ice

      You’d obviously just tail it through the villages, hills, and chicanes and save the passing for the long back straights of the country roads and occasional straights in the hills & mountains as the opportunity arises.

    1. OriginalCheezIt

      @SZRT, allow me to deliver…

      So by “full tit”, are we talking like a B or C cup, or like a D or DD? My girlfriend is carrying E’s, so does that qualify as “full tit”? Then again, I don’t think she could travel 180mph+ with those things, so maybe not… XD

  24. Steph290

    PD takes too long to do anything. I’m like their goals but I’d rather they not hint at anything unless they are ready to release it a month or two afterwards. My PS3 died for the third time. I’m not spending money on another. I’ll wait till GT7. Nothing much is happening now in GT6

    1. Steph290

      I know Team, just venting frustration over not being able to play the dlc features, cars, and tracks that GT6 was supposed to have by now.

    1. SZRT Ice

      My bad! So excited for this! Oh the possibilities!!! PhotoMode aficionados should have a itching for this as well! Oh boy!, & if we can do some bike vs car challenges…

      (Sorry, I just can’t contain it!!!!)



  25. 01Michael

    “by Japanese technicians” – Oh please, the immortal gods graced your island and this is how you generalize them?

    In all seriousness, this is awesome! I’d prefer if GT just stuck to cars though, bikes aren’t for GT.

  26. GTracer98

    Sounds pretty much like it will be included someday but it’s better not get our hopes to high.

  27. HuskyGT

    If I could take the Ram around Kart Space in GT5 (prior the patch), then I don’t see why it would be difficult to drive a car around this awesome track.

    1. Gran_Turismo

      All the airtime from the hills and bumps that could send the cars out of control (don’t forget the narrow roads). Cars would need to go considerably slower compared to motorcycles, which can handle it more easily, due to gryoscopic tyres keeping the motorcycles stable in a straight line.

      But I agree that allowing cars and such on it, would make the game MUCH more interesting. A challenge makes things more exciting.

    1. GTHEAD87

      it holds annual rallys, so cars do get driven round it other than Mark Higgins in his Scooby. The speed doesn’t compare to a bike going round it though lol, that s#!t is insane!

  28. ironman44321

    Are people really complaining about this? We already know they’ve been working on GT7 for some time now and now we have a pretty strong rumor that an awesome track like the Isle of Man is going to be in it!

    This is amazing news!

    1. Hypergolem

      Like amazing news was the track editor, the community features, that huge track in Spain… oh wait those were news for GT6…
      very reliable news…

    1. Gran_Turismo

      I feel your pain. As exciting a track as Isle of Man is, original tracks bring out the most imagination from the devs and can tests the skills of the players to the max.

      We NEED more fantasy tracks.

    2. watchclockgit

      Tourist trophy was not part of GT4 probably because of disc space. Blu-Rays are easily big enough

  29. Hypergolem

    It is sad that we are getting excited for a rumor about a track that allegedly will be in a game that maybe will be ready in two years…
    Way to go PD and Kaz… you are feeding us vaporware since GT5
    It is time to make you understand this is not how it works anymore!

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Exactly.. this is beyond unfunny now. But I can at least buy GT7+ a PS4 second hand in 5-7 years time if it’s featured.

    2. SZRT Ice

      GT7 is coming next year. I hope y’all have realized this. Unless they push it back, it’s due for next year.

    1. Bigsword1955

      l agree, stop giving us news about what’s going to be in a game 2 to 3 years from now and work on getting GT6 more complete for us, where’s the Track Maker…??? Where’s the Track from Spain you were to add to GT6 before March 2014 or were you really going let us wait another year…???
      Finish what’s on your plate now before you add more to it. Stop working on GT7 for awhile and previously promised additional content.
      Some of my online GT Friends have moved on to other racing games due to lack of commitments from PD. l’ve been hearing alot about GRiD Auto Sport being better than GT6…come on PD WAKE UP AND DELIVER…!!!

    2. Gran_Turismo

      Bigsword. I understand your pain, but it is too late for PD to focus on broken promises for GT6.

      GT6 is in a bad state and is best to do minor updates from here on out, considering that it’s been released during the dying process of the PS3 and relatively bad sales.

      People want the next big thing on the newest big system and that was NEVER going to happen with GT6 on PS3.

      Whatever PDs next big game is, they MUST focus on that instead.

    3. tpark103

      As much as it pains me to say this but, I think I’m going to have to agree with you Gran_Turismo. I’m just not sure how much energy and finance PD and Sony want to invest in outdated hardware.

    4. BrunetPaquet

      If I was Kaz, I’d say exactly this… “Screw GT6, Let’s focus on GT7. Outdated Hardware isn’t gonna help us pushing forward.”

      But that, is my very biased way of thinking. Just. My. Way. Of. Thinking.

      Just don’t angry people… I’m just posting my opinion.

    5. SZRT Ice

      Glad you guys are starting to see this from a realistic perspective, although I will still be enamored if they do pull through with a strong comeback for GT6, I am seeing it more and more as less and less likely to come to fruition…

      @ Bigsword1955:

      “stop giving us news about what’s going to be in a game 2 to 3 years from now and work on getting GT6 more complete for us”

      GTPlanet is not ran by PD employees. It is a fan-based website ran by fans. If they stopped giving us news about GT7, Gt6 still wouldn’t come any sooner. And to many (myself included), this is news worth hearing.

  30. sokira

    What a news !!! This would be marvelous !!!! This kind of track are a must like Pikes Pike or the road of Stelvio Pass

  31. carfanatic45

    This would be awesome if they added this to the game but will I need a 2nd PS4 in order to download the track? :) I mean, GT6 is already 15 GB on my PS3. That’s a lot of data.

  32. gtfanforlife

    I feel like I was just saying that this would be a great track for the Gran Turismo series…

  33. Doodle

    That ‘Bike Sports News magazine’ page is one awful source by the looks of my eyes. I can’t trust that.

    1. hsv

      They’re a really good news source for BSB, so I would say they know of things if they’re happening.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Anything that can go fast enough to catch air here would be incredible! Personally, I can’t wait to take the in-game version of my ZZW30 Toyota MR2 around it, if both the car and the track make the cut. Then maybe after that a Sauber C9 or a Toyota TS020. :)

    1. Rich S

      Here’s too hoping!!! Would be great news… Had great fun playing the PS2 game Isle of Man back in the day when I was still a youngin.

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