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Polyphony Digital Is Experimenting With Procedurally Generated Cars

Gaming 40 Sep 13, 2018 by Jordan Greer

As we recently reported, Polyphony Digital has published slides from two presentations given by employees at CEDEC 2018 in Tokyo. The first covered “Iris”, the ray-tracing lighting system developed in-house… Read More »

Polyphony Digital Reveals GT Sport's "Iris" Ray Tracing System at CEDEC 2018

Since Polyphony Digital first launched Gran Turismo, the company has been creating some of the most graphically impressive titles in the video game industry. Detailed car models and beautiful lighting… Read More »

GT5 3D Demo in London, GTPlanet User Wins T3 Contest

You’ll find GT5 playable in 3D throughout next week in London at the Selfridges department store.

Sony Australia "Guarantees" Gran Turismo 5 By Christmas

A new Australian 3D TV promotional bundle includes a copy of GT5, with “guaranteed delivery by Christmas”.

GamesCom Gran Turismo 5 Breakout Session: Full Details

At 9am on August 18th, Andreas Nie, Venari and myself (representing InsideSimRacing and GTPlanet) along with other members of the American press were ushered in to the first breakout session… Read More »

3D Gran Turismo 5 Demo Game-Play Impressions

GT5 was shown off running in 3D at a special event in Tokyo last week. Gaming site 1up was on hand and provided their decidedly mixed reviews on the experience:… Read More »

New Gran Turismo 5 "PS Move" Rumors Emerge

Gaming business news site MCV is claiming to have received word from a “source close to Sony” that Gran Turismo 5’s implementation of 3D technology and support for the new… Read More »

Gran Turismo 5 3D Support Confirmed by Sony

You can put any doubts you had about Gran Turismo 5‘s 3D support to rest. Taku Imasaki, a U.S. based producer for the game, confirmed that it will feature this… Read More »

McLaren F1, Nurburgring in 3D Gran Turismo 5 Demo

The show floor has finally opened up at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and reports of the Gran Turismo 5 demo are starting to come in. According… Read More »