Assetto Corsa Console Release

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Assetto Corsa Review: Fantastic Physics, Niche Appeal

There’s a local brewery that has gained a lot of fans in Toronto since it started selling beers at the turn of the millennium. Despite winning numerous awards, the team has bucked the craft beer trend of branching out, opting to exclusively stick to the original product their reputation has been built on. The motto? “Do one thing really, really well.”

Assetto Corsa’s Pre-Order Prestige Car Pack Will Be Made Available For Purchase

Assetto Corsa recently completed its roll-out on consoles, arriving in North America yesterday. Gamers looking to maximize the available cars could seek out pre-order exclusives from various retailers, in the form of the Performance and Prestige packs. For those unable to do so — or for the significant portion of players that pre-order digitally — Kunos Simulazioni have now announced the latter pack will be available for purchase at a later date.

Five Things We’re Looking Forward to in Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is arriving on consoles in two days. Some lucky individuals have already found copies in stores, while we here at GTPlanet are just beginning to get our feet wet with a pre-release copy of our own. Chatter about the game has hit a fever pitch in the staff room, so we’ve collected a small list of the five things we’re most looking forward to in Assetto Corsa’s console version. Much like the similar article for F1 2016 last week, this is in no particular order.

Assetto Corsa on PS4: First Impressions Preview

In the world of driving simulators, a lot of attention has been focused on Assetto Corsa recently. The highly-regarded PC sim is finally coming out on consoles in the next 2 weeks and thanks to Los Santos Sheriff on Youtube, we have some honest impressions about how the game is shaping up on PS4.

No More Delays: Assetto Corsa Has Gone “Gold” on PS4 & XB1

Assetto Corsa has been one of the most sought-after sims since Kunos announced that the acclaimed PC racer would make its way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One more than one year ago. Console players anxious to try the game for themselves have been reassured on more than one occasion that the physics would not be ‘watered down’ when it debuts on both platforms.