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Microsoft Plans on Taking Xbox Live Multi-Platform

File this in the “Didn’t See That Coming in 2019” folder alongside the Mad Box. According to a Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 session description, Microsoft is looking to spread… Read More »

Rocket League Now Has Full Cross-Platform Support

2019 is off to a good start in bridging the gap between players on different console platforms. Rocket League¬†just became the second game to enter the PlayStation Cross-Play beta program.… Read More »

Thanks to Fortnite, We Could See More Cross-Platform Racing Games

Gaming 18 Dec 19, 2018 by Michael Leary

It’s been quite a year for racing games, especially in the competitive scene. The racing world of esports appears to grow larger by the day, with just about every major… Read More »

Cross-Platform Play Comes to PlayStation At Last

Gaming 15 Sep 29, 2018 by Andrew Evans

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo… whatever we play, we’re all gamers. Even the “PC master race”. But for a while, those of us who sit on the PlayStation side of the fence… Read More »

Cross-Platform Play Could Unite PS4 and XB1 Players

The latest comments from both Sony and Microsoft camps could spell a turning point in the console wars