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Ford Focus RS Production to End in April With a Juicy Special Edition

Ford is bringing production of the Focus RS to a close in April, with one final special edition. Dubbed the “RS Heritage Edition”, this limited run of 50 cars will… Read More »

What's Better Than Kissing? Driving a Ford (Apparently)

Car Culture 11 Jan 24, 2018 by Andrew Evans

Certain things in life give us a buzz. Some get a kick from watching a good TV show, others from watching their favorite sport. But research from Ford suggests that… Read More »

This Week in Cars: Aston Martin's Piece of History and McLaren's Charity Auction

Cars Dec 16, 2017 by Andrew Evans

As the year rumbles to a close and the press offices take well-earned breaks from people pestering them for information, news coming from the automotive sector is typically thin on… Read More »

Ford Invites Gamers to Compete With Pro Driver's Real-World Lap Times

What’s faster? A real life car or its digital counterpart around the same track? This question is the subject of many debates among the sim racers. In a collaboration with… Read More »

Watch the ForzaRC Season One Grand Finals Here

One lucky (and quick) Forza player will be walking away with the keys to a 2017 Ford Focus RS after today’s races.

Forza Racing Championship Season One Announced: Winner Gets a 2017 Focus RS

The biggest eSports event in Forza history gets underway next week, and the winner will walk away with a new car in the real world instead of the digital one.

Forza Joins the Hot Wheels Party with Latest Leaks

On the back of recent Gran Turismo collaboration leaks, another big franchise shows off new cars.