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GT Sport Decal Uploader Now Available to All Players

The wait for GT Sport’s missing livery editor feature is over: the decal uploader is now available to everyone. The feature allows players to upload their own decals in .svg format for use in the in-game livery editor.

GT Sport’s Decal Upload Feature Now Available to Limited Users

It appears the wait for GT Sport’s missing livery editor feature is coming to an end. The feature in question is the decal uploader, delayed to maintain server stability. Polyphony Digital shared the bad news one day before the game released in North America and Asia.

GT Sport’s Decal Uploader Won’t be Available at Launch

One of the best features of GT Sport’s new livery editor will not be available at launch. The unfortunate news comes directly from Polyphony Digital on the GT website as certain online aspects of the game will be held back. Alongside the decal uploader, social features will also be missing from the site for the immediate future.