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GT Sport's Livery Editor Decal Collections Are Not Working

If you are having trouble accessing some of the online features of Gran Turismo Sport right now, you are not alone. Since earlier today on Christmas Eve, problem reports have flooded… Read More »

Calling All GT Sport Livery Editors: Williams Esports Wants Your Skills

Fancy yourself pretty good with Gran Turismo Sport’s livery editor? One of the big names in esports is on the hunt for a designer. The Williams Esport squads are looking for… Read More »

More New Paint Colors in This Week's GT Sport Mileage Exchange

It’s that time of week again when Polyphony Digital updates the GT Sport Mileage Exchange. This week is a minor update, with a refresh of the wheel, paint, sticker, pose and… Read More »

GT Sport Decal Uploader Now Available to All Players

The wait for GT Sport’s missing livery editor feature is over: the decal uploader is now available to everyone. The feature allows players to upload their own decals in .svg… Read More »

GT Sport's Decal Upload Feature Now Available to Limited Users

It appears the wait for GT Sport’s missing livery editor feature is coming to an end. The feature in question is the decal uploader, delayed to maintain server stability. Polyphony… Read More »

GT Sport's Decal Uploader Won't be Available at Launch

One of the best features of GT Sport‘s new livery editor will not be available at launch. The unfortunate news comes directly from Polyphony Digital on the GT website as… Read More »