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Laguna Seca Confirmed for GT Sport – and Here’s a First Look

We were quite surprised when a leak last week revealed the fact that another famous real-world circuit was coming to GT Sport. A document circulated to players at this weekend’s World Final showed Laguna Seca was next up on the track list, hot on the heels of October’s new circuit, Spa-Francorchamps.

Silverstone Might be Coming to GT Sport This Month

Both of the current FIA events in GT Sport reach their tenth and final round today. The next rounds are due to get underway next Saturday, so Polyphony Digital has updated the FIA calendar — and it looks like there may be some more content in store.

New Blue Moon Bay Speedway Track Layouts Found in GT Sport

Since GT Sport’s release, various configurations of existing tracks have been added to the game. It started with a supersized Kyoto layout and then the latest v1.11 update added three new Lake Maggiore variants. It doesn’t look like Polyphony is going to stop there either, as a recent discovery hints at.