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Laguna Seca Confirmed for GT Sport - and Here's a First Look

We were quite surprised when a leak last week revealed the fact that another famous real-world circuit was coming to GT Sport. A document circulated to players at this weekend’s… Read More »

GT Sport's Goodwood Circuit Chicane Exploit Fixed, Leaderboards Wiped

As no doubt spoiled by the title: racers, rejoice! Polyphony Digital has put an end to a nasty exploit around the Goodwood Motor Circuit in GT Sport. The 2.36-mile circuit… Read More »

Here's a First Look at GT Sport's New Sardegna Road Circuit

June 2019 looks like it could be a bit of a bumper month for new GT Sport content. We’ve got new cars in the pipeline, new weather conditions set to… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport Could (Finally) Get More Wet Weather Tracks

It looks like GT Sport players will have one more reason to tune into this weekend’s Nürburgring FIA World Tour event. A recent leak has seemingly confirmed the addition of new… Read More »

Silverstone Might be Coming to GT Sport This Month

Both of the current FIA events in GT Sport reach their tenth and final round today. The next rounds are due to get underway next Saturday, so Polyphony Digital has… Read More »

Gran Turismo Website Lists Goodwood Motor Circuit as GT Sport Track

Whoopsies. The latest Gran Turismo Sport update is mere hours old, yet already we’ve got a hint of what’s on the horizon. And what’s more, it comes courtesy of the official… Read More »

GT Sport's New Tokyo Track: One Lap With European Champion Mikail Hizal

In case you missed it, the recent GT Sport FIA-Certified Online Championship World Final saw a game debut for a new track. Polyphony Digital managed to swerve all of the… Read More »

Here's Our First Look at Catalunya Circuit in Gran Turismo Sport

Polyphony Digital’s hinted at it, confirmed it, and now, we’ve seen it in action. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is coming to GT Sport, and it will be arriving at the end of… Read More »

GT Sport FIA Schedule Hints at New Track — But What Could It Be?

The inaugural GT Sport FIA Championship heads to Madrid this weekend for the European Regionals. It’s going to feature some of the fastest Sport players in the world — and it could… Read More »

GT Sport's Next Track Will Be Set In the South of France

Summer is traditionally the season of vacations. How appropriate then, that Polyphony has put out another teaser for the upcoming GT Sport July update: It looks like players will be heading… Read More »

New Blue Moon Bay Speedway Track Layouts Found in GT Sport

Since GT Sport‘s release, various configurations of existing tracks have been added to the game. It started with a supersized Kyoto layout and then the latest v1.11 update added three… Read More »

Mysterious Kyoto Driving Park Course Found in GT Sport — The Return of the Coffee Break?

We’re fresh off the GT Sport 1.11 update that brought us Monza, along with new variations of Lago Maggiore Circuit. However, some clever GTPlanet community members have found an additional… Read More »

Why Trial Mountain, Grand Valley, and Deep Forest Aren't in GT Sport (Yet)

If you spend some time looking around GTPlanet’s GT Sport forums, it won’t take long until you find a complaint about the track list. It’s usually about what’s not on… Read More »

Check Out GT Sport's New Kyoto Track Layout Right Here

With the launch of GT Sport‘s first major update, a new track layout has arrived in the game. And it’s a biggie. The new track is a combination of two… Read More »

First Look at Rain and Fog in Gran Turismo Sport

During our playthrough of GT Sport ahead of our upcoming review, we’ve captured gameplay footage of two of the most requested features of the game: rain and fog. Ever since Polyphony… Read More »

Official GT Sport Interlagos Trailer Released

Polyphony Digital has finally come clean on its worst-kept secret: Interlagos circuit is (officially) coming to GT Sport! Of course, avid GTPlanet readers have known this for months. We first spotted… Read More »

Watch a Full Lap of GT Sport's Nürburgring N24 Layout

New footage has given us a complete look at GT Sport‘s remodeled Nürburgring N24 layout ahead of the game’s release next month. The ten minute video, published by Auto Bild Motorsport,… Read More »

A Dynamic Look at GT Sport's Time of Day Settings

A fan-created video has given us a comprehensive overview of all of GT Sport’s various time of day settings. Although GT Sport will omit dynamic time of day and weather, players… Read More »

These Are All the Track Locations in GT Sport

Here it is: the “always-up-to-date” Gran Turismo Sport track list! Sport is a big departure from what’s come before. The track list is a smaller, more curated collection. The split also heavily… Read More »

Interlagos Spotted in GT Sport Gameplay Footage

After months of speculation, Polyphony Digital has shown off Interlagos in gameplay footage of Gran Turismo Sport. The short clip comes via the game’s latest Facebook trailer. With two months left… Read More »