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Gran Turismo 5 Meets Google Street View in Banner Ad

This GT5 banner ad brings the game’s famous city circuits to life with Google Street View.

New Camaro SS in Gran Turismo 5 via Schick Promo

A new bit of DLC is now available thanks to the latest promo by Schick Razors.

Exotic Cars on Streets of Paris for GT5 Promo

Sony shuts down Paris’ famous Champs Élysées for a few GT5-branded exotic cars featured in the game to have some rainy fun.

3D GT5 Competition at HMV Stores Across UK

If you’re in the UK, head to your local HMV electronics store to participate in their nation-wide 3D GT5 competition featuring BBC F1 presenter Jake Humphrey.

New Gran Turismo 5 TV Commercials in US & Japan

The latest new television Gran Turismo 5 television commercials for Japan and the United States are revealed.

GT5 Launch Countdown Promo: Win a Tissot Watch

Sony has teamed with Swiss watchmaker Tissot to host the official “countdown” timer for the launch of Gran Turismo 5. To promote the relationship, they’re giving away one customized, GT5… Read More »

Sony Re-Starts GT5 Marketing on Speed TV Channel

Sony finally appears ready to re-start marketing efforts for Gran Turismo 5, sponsoring Speed TV’s prime-time lineup of shows next Thursday.

Get Your GT5 T-Shirt at Norway's Oslo Motor Show

If you’re up in Scandinavia this weekend, head to the Oslo Motor Show and reserve your copy of GT5 for a free t-shirt.

GT5 Dynamic PS3 Theme, PS Home Racing Suit Available from Schick

Cross-promotion with GT5 and Schick razor blades provides a free dynamic PS3 theme, a PS HOME racing suit, and more.

GT5 Championship This Weekend at GameFest in Madrid

If you’re anywhere near Madrid, you probably don’t want to miss GameFest 2010 this weekend.

Behind the Scenes of GT5's "We Love Cars" Japanese TV Commercial

Just when you thought you finally got that quirky little tune from GT5’s Japanese TV commercial out of your head, here comes the “making of” video…

GT5 Featured in Sony's Qore Video Magazine on Tuesday [UPDATE: No New Info Revealed]

With less than 30 days until the release of Gran Turismo 5, Sony begins to slowly ramp up their official marketing efforts.

Playable GT5 Demos Hit Events in London, Toronto, & Paris [UPDATE: Amsterdam, Madrid]

October is starting off with a bang for fans around the world. Here’s a quick overview of where to get your hands on Gran Turismo 5 this month.

Gran Turismo 5 in Times Square for Honda CR-Z Promo Event, September 23

Sony’s teaming up with Honda in a cross-promotion of GT5 and the new CR-Z Sport Hybrid Coupe in New York City’s Times Square this Thursday, September 23rd, from 10am to 6pm.

"We Love Cars" Japanese GT5 Marketing Campaign Launches w/TV Commercial

PlayStation Japan launches their “We Love Cars” marketing campaign in the land of the rising sun.

Gran Turismo 5 to be PlayStation 3's Flagship Title

Sony Worldwide Studios’ European VP, Michael Denny, confirms GT5’s importance to the company while defending its lengthy development cycle.

Buy a Sandwich, Win an Early Copy of Gran Turismo 5

That’s one headline I never thought I’d write, but it’s true! Sony has just announced a special promotion with SUBWAY, and they’re giving away copies of Gran Turismo 5 before it’s November 2 U.S. release date.

Mercedes' GT5 Hot-Lap Challenge, Winners Drive SLS AMG

Set a hot lap on GT5’s Nurburgring in Mercedes’ SLS AMG, and win a chance to drive the real thing.

Gran Turismo 5 Release Date: November 2

Just announced at Sony’s E3 2010 Press Conference! Mark your calendar!

GT5 Playable Demo at Le Mans 2010

We now have solid confirmation that the game will be playable at Le Mans 2010. Thanks to these new pictures from Sirolf, we can see GT5 takes front and center… Read More »