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GT Academy 2013 and the GT6 Demo Hit 1 Million Downloads

Over 1 million people worldwide have downloaded the GT6 demo and participated in GT Academy 2013.

GT6 Demo Graphic Performance Analyzed by Digital Foundry

The 3D graphic experts at Digital Foundry take a closer look at the GT6 demo’s video performance.

Gran Turismo 6 Demo Available Today, GT Academy 2013 Begins

Download the free GT6 demo and you could become Nissan’s next professional racing driver.

GT Academy 2013 Dates, Regions, & Details Announced

GT Academy 210 Jun 25, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Dates and regions are officially announced for GT Academy 2013 and the Gran Turismo 6 demo.

Gran Turismo 6 Demo Coming July 2 with GT Academy 2013

Sony reveals the release date for GT Academy 2013 and the GT6 demo.

GT Academy 2013 Racer X Competition Details, Public GT6 Demo in Los Angeles, June 11th & 12th

The first public GT6 demo hosts the Racer X competition at E3 this week.

Gran Turismo 6: More Hands-On Driving Impressions

Detailed GT6 gameplay and driving physics analysis from two GTPlanet members who have had extensive time with the new game.

Gran Turismo 6 Demo Coming July 2013

A downloadable GT6 demo will host the GT Academy 2013 competition, to be launched in July of this year.