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The Magic of Vintage Racing at Mid-Ohio

As I rolled through the front gates at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, a legendary racetrack just outside the small town of Lexington, I could already hear bellowing exhaust notes,… Read More »

Check Out This Gran Turismo Fan's Epic Tribute Video

YouTube plays host to a lot of fan-made tribute videos. Every once in a while, one comes along that stands out. This is one of those times. GTPlanet member Luka Zavisic… Read More »

GTPlanet Members' Photo Mode Work Featured in Official PlayStation Magazine

Photo modes are a big deal in modern games. To prove as much, a quartet of GTPlanet members recently contributed to a 68-page supplement in the Official PlayStation Magazine about just… Read More »

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: Until Our Paths Cross Again...

The future of the Spotlight is addressed in this week’s installment.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: There's Been an Awakening...

In this week’s Spotlight, we relive one of the craziest weeks for automotive enthusiasts and video game nerds alike.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: Nostalgia, A Love Letter to the Past

In this week’s Spotlight we discuss the sentimental longing for the past, and take a trip down memory lane in the process.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: Ruling the World of Racing Games

In this week’s Spotlight we take another look at the console build of Assetto Corsa, you’re once again treated to the most attractive cars in the world, and more.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: Is Gran Turismo Sport a Step in the Right Direction?

In this week’s Spotlight we look at the possible ways Gran Turismo Sport could be just what the franchise needs, Aston Martin’s Vulcan in 4K and more!

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: Has Car Modification Gone Too Far?

In this week’s Spotlight you’ll be treated to the world’s most attractive cars, The Crew runs wild, and the best car you’ll never own.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: Time to Play the Game

This week we’re looking at the best-sounding F1 car in a game yet, asking what standard vehicles contribute to Gran Turismo and where you stand on the matter, and more!

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: The Champions of the World

In this week’s Spotlight you can help shape the future of Project CARS 2, Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets a new lease on time, and the slickest Porsche I’ve seen to date – all of that and more.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: Into the Infinite Sky

In this week’s Spotlight rFactor 2 comes to Steam, Nissan’s GT-R LM NISMO comes to Forza, our thoughts go out to those in Paris, and more.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: In the Sport of Making History

In this week’s Spotlight we’re discussing Gran Turismo Sport, the craziest ETS2 rig you’ve ever seen, Driveclub’s newest content and more.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: The Midnight Hour

In this week’s Spotlight your questions about GT6’s Course Maker are answered, the blissful sound of rally machines, and more.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: A Rhyme That's Right on Time

In this week’s Spotlight there’s enough talk of the all-new course maker to make a lap around Spa-Francorchamps, Euro Truck Simulator 2 has new accessories, Project CARS has new content, and more.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: The Final Days

The Spotlight has returned after an unplanned week-long hiatus, and this week it’s all about a 1200-plus horsepower Veyron and perhaps the most useful community-made tool for Gran Turismo 6 yet.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: An Assault on the Senses

This week’s Spotlight comes during the aftermath of gaming’s assault on September, a vicious WRC Corolla makes fantastic noises, and the Question of the Week debuts.

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: The Phantom Equation

In this week’s Spotlight we are overburdened with games from every direction on the map, an F1 car is on sale for a shocking price, I’m still talking about trucks, and more!

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: A Reckoning Force a Decade in the Making

In this week’s Spotlight Forza Motorsport 6 draws closer, PlayStation 1 titles are pitted against their counterparts 20 years later, battle of the B-Spec, and more!

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: Of Course, You Know This Means War

In this week’s Spotlight we’re discussing some unforgettable games, tire punctures in Gran Turismo 7, Driveclub getting a new Ferrari before anyone else, and more!