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Emily Jones: Talking to Gran Turismo’s First Female FIA Finalist

2020 will bring a significant first in Gran Turismo Sport’s Online Championship history: a female finalist. 27-year old Emily Jones, from Melbourne, Australia, will become the first ever female driver to represent their nation at a regional final, but also their manufacturer in the World Final in December.

How Gran Turismo Saved Igor Fraga

The 2020 Formula 3 season finally begins in Austria this weekend, and with it comes a new chapter for Gran Turismo World Champion Igor Fraga.

F1 2019: Talking Realism with Car Handling Designer David Greco

We were lucky enough to get our grubby mitts on F1 2019 earlier this week. Codemasters invited us to Hamburg to try it, and while we put in as much time behind the wheel as we could — impressions coming soon — we also got a rare chance to talk to the team behind the title.