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How Gran Turismo Saved Igor Fraga

The 2020 Formula 3 season finally begins in Austria this weekend, and with it comes a new chapter for Gran Turismo World Champion Igor Fraga. I thought I knew his… Read More »

Gran Turismo's Fan-Favorite Original Tracks Could Return, says Kazunori Yamauchi

Polyphony Digital studio head Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that there’s a “possibility” that fan-favorite tracks from previous Gran Turismo games could feature in a modern Gran Turismo game. Speaking at… Read More »

Next Gran Turismo Will be a 'Combination of Past, Present, and Future'

We recently got the opportunity to sit down with Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi. The round-table chat took place during a break in the schedule at the Nurburgring World… Read More »

GT Sport's Penalty System is "Not Adequate Yet", Says Kazunori Yamauchi

As part of the activities around last weekend’s enthralling GT Sport World Tour action, we were able to have a chat with series creator Kazunori Yamauchi. There is one particular… Read More »

F1 2019: Talking Realism with Car Handling Designer David Greco

F1 2019 14 May 3, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

We were lucky enough to get our grubby mitts on F1 2019 earlier this week. Codemasters invited us to Hamburg to try it, and while we put in as much time… Read More »

The Next Gran Turismo Could Feature More "Offline" Gameplay

At the recent Paris World Tour event, GTPlanet got the opportunity to sit down with Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi. We’ve already covered the first two parts of the… Read More »

Kazunori Yamauchi Has 'No Intention of Stopping' GT Sport's Free Updates

Yesterday we brought you the first part of our interview with Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, from the Paris World Tour event. We got to sit down with Yamauchi… Read More »

'So Much More We Can Do' with FIA GT Championship Says Kazunori Yamauchi

At the recent, season-opening Paris World Tour event, GTPlanet again had the opportunity to sit down with Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi. Alongside all the racing, in both the… Read More »

Kazunori Yamauchi Monaco Interview Part 2: Expectations, Improvements, and a Slice of Luck

A very brief lull in the proceedings at the 2018 FIA-Certified GT Sport World Finals allowed GTPlanet to catch up with series founder Kazunori Yamauchi. We’d all just come off… Read More »

Igor Fraga: Chatting with the 2018 FIA GT Americas Regional Champion

The 2018 FIA GT Americas Regional Championship was held in Las Vegas last week, and saw the crowning of the first Americas Champion: Igor Fraga, known as “IOF_RACING17” in GT… Read More »

Kazunori Yamauchi Interview: Gran Turismo's Community is "Like a Family"

In case you missed it, GTPlanet was on hand at Madrid Games Week for the FIA-certified GT Sport Online Championship regional final. While there, with all the action going on… Read More »

Kazunori Yamauchi Interview: How the GT Sport FIA Championship Has Evolved

The inaugural FIA Online Championship is getting towards its closing stages. This weekend the second of the three regional finals is about to get underway — with GTPlanet right there… Read More »

Forza Horizon 4 Dev Interview: Recreating UK Weather & The "Arcade/Sim" Spectrum

Less than a week remains until the release of Forza Horizon 4. Before the game releases on October 2, Ultimate Edition owners will have first crack at the game. When,… Read More »

Ralph Fulton: Forza Horizon 4 is a "Homecoming" For Playground Games

There’s less than three weeks to go until the launch of Forza Horizon 4. I’ve just spent a few hours with a near-final build of the game, and it makes that… Read More »

GTPlanet Exclusive: Lee Mather Talks All Things F1 2018

F1 2018 4 Aug 17, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

F1 2018 is out in just seven days. It’s an important milestone for Codemasters; this will be the tenth year the team has put out an F1 title, and it’s… Read More »

GTPlanet Exclusive: Talking OnRush With Paul Rustchynsky

Gaming 5 Jun 12, 2018 by Brendan Rorrison

Following from the worldwide release of Onrush last week, GTPlanet has had the chance to chat with the game’s director Paul “Rushy” Rustchynsky. We picked his brain from the game’s beginnings… Read More »

More Wet-Weather Tracks Are Coming to Gran Turismo Sport

The lack of weather conditions has been a frequent topic among critics of GT Sport. As we mentioned in our GT Sport review, the game looks better than its top competitors, but… Read More »

Kazunori Yamauchi GameSpot Interview: Features, Fan Feedback and the Development Process

Games media outlet GameSpot has posted a new video interview with Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi. The discussion took place during last week’s E3 expo and includes some notes… Read More »

Project CARS 2 Will Have Dedicated eSports Features "From Day One"

Slightly Mad Studios Creative Director talks about the next installment, and plans for the 2017 eSports season.

Kazunori Talks to Red Bull About GT Sport Scapes, The X2010 & More

The director of the GT series chats with the energy drink powerhouse about on the on-going development of GT Sport.