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Roulettezoku: Inside The World of Japan's Loop Racers

Car Culture 19 Nov 18, 2018 by Joe Donaldson

Nearly every night on the highways around Tokyo, racers set off to prove themselves. With incredibly powerful cars and a sort of reverence to street racing, it’s pretty fascinating. It’s… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport Play Sessions Scheduled in Japan This Summer

Gran Turismo Sport 1 Jul 18, 2016 by Matej

From July to August Polyphony Digital will be hosting special events across Japan to allow fans to try out more of Gran Turismo Sport.

Japan Gets Its Own Gran Turismo Sport Event This Weekend

Polyphony continue their public showcase of GT Sport this Saturday.

GT Academy to Debut in Japan This Year

GT Academy 14 Mar 24, 2015 by Jordan Greer

GT Academy is set to come to the Land of the Rising Sun this year, opening the competition to some of the fastest GT players in the world.

Polyphony Digital Expands Recruiting for Gran Turismo Production Staff, Artists, & Engineers

Sony looks to hire more engineers for Polyphony Digital in Japan.

Red Bull 5G Competition to Find Japan's Best GT6 Gamer

Red Bull’s national Japanese gaming competition returns as a special Seasonal Event in Gran Turismo 6.

BMW Japan Hosts Asian "Z4 Challenge" in Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6 Feb 11, 2014 by Jordan Greer

A new regional Asian championship is about to kick off with support from BMW.

New Gran Turismo 6 TV Commercial Debuts in Japan

Gran Turismo 6 Nov 23, 2013 by Jordan Greer

See the first new GT6 television commercials which have just hit the airwaves in Japan.

More GT6 Pre-Order Incentives Announced for Japan

Two 15th Anniversary Edition cars are offered for those who pre-order GT6 in Japan.

Japanese GT6 Release Date Announced with PS3 "Starter Kit"

Sony announces a launch date and limited-release PlayStation 3 bundle for Gran Turismo 6 in Japan.

Red Bull 5G Competition Returns to GT5, October 2013 in Japan

Red Bull’s national Japanese gaming competition once again features Gran Turismo 5, with a special in-game qualifying event this October.

Gran Turismo Tech Demo Shown Running at "4K Resolution"

An ultra-high resolution version of Gran Turismo goes on display at the Sony Building in Tokyo.

Polyphony Digital Moves 50 Employees to Fukuoka, Japan

Polyphony Digital moves one-third of the company’s workforce across Japan to the growing city of Fukuoka.

Gran Turismo 5 Challenge Helps Japan Tsunami Victims at Spa 1000km May 5-6

GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez and fellow ILMC driver Neel Jani host a GT5 challenge to raise money for Japanese tsunami victims.

GT5's "Christmas Cars" Available in Japan Only

Clearing up confusion over the “Christmas gift” cars announced a few weeks ago.