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Lotus Reveals Evija, the Most Powerful Production Car in the World

Lotus has been teasing us for a little while, but has today revealed its new hypercar, Evija. The brand, from Norfolk, UK, unveiled the car’s name at the Goodwood Festival… Read More »

Lotus is Getting Ready to Launch Its First New Car in Over a Decade

When it comes to car companies with a turbulent past, there’s nothing quite like Lotus. It’s been dead more times than we care to remember and revived just as often.… Read More »

Is Lotus Set To Return to Gran Turismo Sport?

When GT Sport launched back in October 2017, we thought it was a little bit light on content. Polyphony Digital has been addressing that, piece by piece, with free updates… Read More »

Lotus Type 130 Joins the Electric Hypercar Club

Lotus has used the Shanghai International Auto Show to give the world a first peek at its first all-new car in over a decade. We can’t stress the “peek” part… Read More »

Spa-Francorchamps is Not in GT Sport (Yet) Because of Licensing Issues

There’s few requested content items quite like it. Other than perhaps a premium Mk4 Supra (which Polyphony Digital delivered over a year ago), there’s nothing the fans want to see… Read More »

Lotus is Drifting Home for Christmas With the Evora 410

Car Culture 4 Dec 19, 2018 by Andrew Evans

If there’s a better way to get into the festive spirit than to attach a Christmas tree to a $140,000 sports car and take it drifting, we don’t know what… Read More »

The Wednesday Want Goes Two-Wheelin' With the Lotus C-01 Sport Bike

Car Culture 6 Sep 19, 2018 by Joe Donaldson

While the Wednesday Want typically revolves around cars, for this week’s edition we are mixing it up a bit. Instead of the traditional four (or six) wheel creations, this time… Read More »

More Forza 7 January Car Pack Test Drives: Elise GT1, M6 GTLM, and Citroen 2CV

We’re back with another round of test drives from the most recent car pack for Forza Motorsport 7. This time around, we’ve got two quick race cars, and one … less… Read More »

This Week In Cars: A Monterey Milestone, Mahindra in Motown and McLaren's Mini Motor

Cars Nov 12, 2017 by Andrew Evans

If you’re a fan of fast cars, it’s been quite the week for you. First Hennessey announced that it was going to make the world’s fastest production car…

Lotus Shows Its Most Powerful Sports Car Ever With Evora GT430

Lotus gave the motoring world its first look at its more powerful road car to date yesterday. Called the Evora GT430, the new trim takes Lotus’ pretty mid-engined sports car… Read More »

Assetto Corsa Ready To Race DLC Test Drive Videos, Part One

We’re taking four of Assetto Corsa’s newest vehicles out for a test drive on PC: the McLaren 570S, Lotus 3-Eleven, Toyota Celica, and Audi TT Cup.

Is Lotus Safe At Last Following Geely Buyout?

Legendary British sports car maker is now owned by Chinese automotive giant Zhejiang Geely.

Classic Lotus Expansion Now Available in Project CARS

Project CARS 19 Nov 24, 2015 by Michael Leary

The newest expansion now available for Project CARS is all about reliving historic events with classic Lotus racers.