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Live From the Gran Turismo 5 Launch Party in Madrid!

The international Gran Turismo 5 launch party is here, and GTPlanet readers have a front row seat to all the festivities! I’ll be sharing lots of pictures and news from the event on Twitter and Facebook, so keep a close eye on my updates over the next few hours.

GTPlanet at GT5’s Madrid Launch Event, Yamauchi Q&A

I’m very excited to announce that I will be personally attending the Gran Turismo 5 Launch Party in Madrid, Spain, this Wednesday, November 24th! Sony has been keeping very close wraps on what’s in store for the event, but it’s definitely going to be very big, and very special… It’s more than just a party, and should be a real treat for all automotive enthusiasts and the general public – be sure and stop by if you’re in the area.

GT5 Kiosk Demo HD Gameplay Video Blowout (with Sound)

YouTuber MixEPsilon managed to get his hands on a French copy of what appears to be the GT5 Kiosk Demo that’s been showing up in stores around the United States. He plugged in his Logitech G27 steering wheel (which appears to be functional with the exception of the clutch pedal) and has been posting high-quality videos like a mad man ever since. Check out 17 of his latest clips below. For more detailed impressions of this demo, don’t miss this in-depth gameplay evaluation by long-time GTPlanet user, JohnBM01.