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Watch the McLaren Shadow Grand Final Day 1 Live Stream Right Here

After over half a million people tried out, only seven remain in the McLaren Shadow initiative. These lucky (and talented) seven are on-site at the company’s Woking headquarters, where the… Read More »

McLaren Shadow Competition Had Over 525,000 Players, Grand Finals Start January 16

The latest proof that racing esports are on the up comes from McLaren. According to the British car maker, over half a million gamers took part in its multi-platform McLaren… Read More »

McLaren Shadow Opens Forza 7 Contest, And You Better Be Quick (Literally)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about McLaren’s multi-disciplinary Shadow Project. The next qualification stage is now open, and as per tradition, it’s on a different platform. This time… Read More »

Logitech G Launches GT Sport Competition for Asia and Oceania

If you missed out on the GT Sport Asia-Oceania Regional final, don’t worry. There’s another GT Sport competition coming up for the region this month, and you can win steering… Read More »

Real Racing 3 Qualification for McLaren Shadow Now Underway

Esports 1 Aug 24, 2018 by Andrew Evans

The next stage of McLaren’s Shadow esports contest is underway, welcoming in mobile gamers. Qualification is open now, for players of the Real Racing 3 mobile game. It’s available to… Read More »

McLaren Shadow Confirms 2018 F1 Esports Lineup

EsportsF1 2018 Aug 11, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

McLaren Shadow has announced two new additions to its 2018 F1 Esports squad. While they’re new to the team — itself only a few weeks old — they’re both veterans… Read More »

McLaren Shadow First iRacing Qualifier Now Live

Esports Aug 6, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

The competition for a seat on McLaren’s new esport team is on. McLaren first announced its Shadow initiative earlier this summer, and now aspiring sim racers have two iRacing events to… Read More »

McLaren Shadow Project is the Sequel to World's Fastest Gamer

Esports 12 Jul 5, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

Remember World’s Fastest Gamer? It was McLaren’s 2017 esport initiative, which promised a coveted role as the brand’s simulator test driver. Thousands vied for the spot, and in the end,… Read More »