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GT Sport Requires an Internet Connection for Game Saves

Amongst all the positive impressions coming from the GT Sport demo, there has been an unfortunate revelation. If you want to save progress during a GT Sport play session, you must… Read More »

GT Sport Will Require An Internet Connection For Most Game Modes

If you have patchy internet and were looking forward to GT Sport’s offline modes, look away now. In a post on the Playstation Blog, Sony seems to state that the… Read More »

New Online Features & Aerodynamics in Gran Turismo 6

Polyphony Digital releases more details on GT6’s online features in a major update to their website.

Gran Turismo 5's Social Network Comes to Your Browser

The web-based portion of Gran Turismo 5’s social networking features are queitly launched on Polyphony Digital’s official Japanese and Hong Kong websites.

Yamauchi on GT5's Mechanical Damage, Updates, & More

Kazunori Yamauchi fields questions from fans on Twitter, discussing everything from mechanical damage to steering wheel options.

Gran Turismo 5 v1.02 Update Available for Download

Another new update for GT5 has just been issued to upgrade online capacity and enable online race restrictions.

More GT5 Updates, Server Upgrades Coming December

Yamauchi announced at yesterday’s press Q&A session that many updates and patches will be issued at the “first of December”, and server upgrades will expand online capacity.

Gran Turismo 5 v1.01 Update Weighs in at 133MB

The first downloadable update for Gran Turismo 5, version “1.01” (133MB in size), has already been issued in preparation for Wednesday’s worldwide release.

New GT5 Trailer, Screens, & Info From Taiwan Press Event

Sony hosted a Gran Turismo 5 press event in Taiwan, revealing a trailer, new screenshots, and a details about driver clothing selection and online servers.

Gran Turismo 5's "My Home" Online Features Announced (UPDATE: More Screenshots)

At the Sony TGS 2010 press conference, Yamauchi gave a brief overview of some of the new online functionality in GT5 – including web-based account management known as “Gran Turismo… Read More »

Video of Gran Turismo 5's Online Spectator Mode

This clip’s been making the rounds over the weekend, and for good reason — it shows what appears to be GT5’s online “spectator mode”.

GT5's Online Community Features Let You Track Friends' Progress

New (minor) details about Gran Turismo 5’s online community features have apparently been discussed in the latest issue of “PlayStation: The Official Magazine”.

More GT5 Details Confirmed by Polyphony Digital

Polyphony Digital have conveniently published their own independent and specific confirmation of the features we’ve been learning about via media outlets over the past two days, thanks to one big… Read More »

GT5's Photomode, Online Features, NASCAR, & More Details Revealed

EuroGamer has shared their detailed hands-on impressions with the latest E3 2010 GT5 demo, and it’s full of quite a few interesting and revealing tidbits of information. While I have… Read More »