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Gran Turismo 7 + PSVR 2 Full Review: Gimmick or Game Changer?

The PlayStation VR2 is finally here, but for the cost, you may be wondering if it’s something you are going to use a few times and then set to the side, or is it actually a revolutionary device that will change the way you play Gran Turismo forever?

New Gran Turismo 7 PSVR 2 Video Shows VR Showroom and Deep Forest Gameplay

The official PlayStation Japan YouTube channel posted a new video early this morning, showing off new footage of Gran Turismo 7 running on the PlayStation VR 2 headset. It offers the best look yet at GT7’s VR Showroom mode, which allows players to explore both the exteriors and interiors of all the game’s cars in a 3D environment.

Sony Reveals New PlayStation 5 VR Controllers

Although Sony’s second generation of PlayStation VR won’t be releasing this year, the company has today revealed the new design and features dedicated controllers for the system.