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Gran Turismo 7 Could Double GT Sport's Photo Scape Locations

We’ve got some good news for Gran Turismo shutterbugs: it looks like the Scapes feature is not only coming back for Gran Turismo 7, but expanding. If you’re not familiar… Read More »

How Polyphony Digital Creates GT Sport "Photo Scapes" With Sony Alpha Cameras

Since Gran Turismo 4, one of the strengths of the GT series has been its user-generated Photomode. The ability to take photographs of your cars in the game and output… Read More »

GT Sport Demo Shines a Light on Photo Mode and Scapes

One of the main talking points about Gran Turismo Sport has been its revamped photo mode and new Scapes feature. The release of the GT Sport demo last Monday gave players a look… Read More »

GT Sport's Photo Mode Makes Us Wonder if You Even Need Photoshop

PlayStation Access has shared another GT Sport video from the recent tours of Polyphony Digital’s offices. In it, we get to see how the franchise’s Photo Mode has evolved to become… Read More »

More on GT Sport Single Player, Scapes and Social Functions

Polyphony Digital has revealed more on GT Sport‘s single player mode, Scapes and social functions. The information comes hot on the heels of today’s other releases, detailing the livery editor… Read More »

Polyphony's E3 2017 Presentation Reveals More Details About GT Sport

We’ve seen the trailer, we’ve interviewed the boss (twice) and now there’s even more information coming about GT Sport. Polyphony Digital has revealed even more facts and figures about its… Read More »

GT4 Photo Travel Location Returns In Gran Turismo Sport

Long-time GT fans — and Photomode enthusiasts — will recognize one of the latest Scapes to be spotted.

New GT Sport Scapes Images Emerge Online

Off-screen photos from a Japanese GT Sport event brings new environment reveals.

Gran Turismo Sport Will (Finally) Let You Take Pictures Inside Cars

It’s about time! Get ready for some beautiful interior photography in GT Sport.

More Details on GT Sport's Livery Editor, Photo Scapes, & Customization Options

Kazunori expands on the creative outlets available in GT Sport, plus some of the limitations of the new Scapes feature.