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GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series: More Doubles All Round

Our Double-Double-Header Online Special Event and Time Trials over the past 2 weeks have been such a hit, we’ve decided to go back for more! As self-isolation continues, it’s more important than ever to find fun things to do and different ways of having social interaction.

GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series Celebrates 15 Years with a Nürburgring Special Event

GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series Time Trials are celebrating our 15 year anniversary! On this date in 2003, the first Weekly Race Series Time Trial was posted on the GTPlanet forums. We’re proud to carry on the tradition of those humble beginnings, as we feature weekly Time Trial Events for our registry members to participate in at their leisure.

Join the Action in This Weekend’s GT6 WRS GT300 Triple Mix Championship

Last month, the Weekly Race Series organizers wrapped the successful GT300 Triple Mix Championship’s first bracket. Founded on the idea that every racer would have to drive each of the three available cars over the three race weekends, the response was so positive that the concept has been extended to cover a further two brackets.

GTPlanet’s GT6 WRS GT300 Triple Mix Championship Goes to Monza for Round 2

Earlier this year beginning in February, our team of Weekly Race Series racers developed a new event, known as the Triple Mix. The backbone of the series was the freedom in picking the car you wanted to tour around the events, and participants would have that option: the GT300 versions of the Impreza, IS350, and RX-7 would be available over the course of the championship.

GTPlanet’s GT6 WRS GT300 Triple Mix Championship Returns This Month

Way back in February, our Weekly Race Series team proposed a new event, known as the Triple Mix. Instead of picking one car to run a series in, participants would get to drive all three of the available rides — the GT300 versions of the Impreza, IS350, and RX-7 — over the course of the championship. Unfortunately, network issues in Gran Turismo 6 sidelined the competition for half the year. The Triple Mix lives on though, and the first race will take place August 27.

GTPlanet’s WRS Special Event: GT300 Triple Mix Championship

Have you ever entered a racing series, only to lament your initial car selection? Sure, Car X looked so appealing during pre-season testing, but a few races in, you had eyes only for Car Y. It’s the classic green-grass scenario, really. The boys over at GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series have solved the problem with Special Event XVI: why pick one of three cars, when you can just drive all of them instead?

GTPlanet’s WRS Special Event: Greatest Hits Races 3 & 4 Livestream

Round Two! Well, rounds three and four, actually. Today will see the second half of the 2015-closing Special Event XV from the Weekly Race Series Online folks. The first two rounds took place yesterday, with the pack hunting at high speeds in a Ferrari GTO at Monza, and dancing a classic first-generation Miata through the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca.

GTPlanet’s WRS Special Event: Greatest Hits Races 1 & 2 Livestream

The Weekly Race Series crew has put together a handful of casual races to close out 2015, with the first one starting in a matter of minutes. Earlier this month, the community was asked to vote on their favourite combos from WRS’ 100+ week past in GT6, with close tallies for all four of the final choices. Two races will be held today, while two more will take place tomorrow.

GTPlanet’s WRS Special Event: GT500 Championship Final Round Live Stream

We’re heading into the final weeks of 2015, and today will see GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series wrap up their final special event series of the year. Held at Fuji Speedway, this race looks likely to be an intense one, with extra points available for all places, and all accumulated ballasts over the season reset to zero.

GTPlanet Weekly Race Series: GT500 Series & Week 96

A 5-stop WRS GT500 series has been announced, visiting Suzuka, Motegi, Daytona, Silverstone, and Fuji. The current sign-up list is showing a possibility of 2 rooms, and we’re still 1 week away. The first race will occur this Sunday November 22 at 20:00 GMT, and the champion will be decided before the holiday break.