Volkswagen Reveals The VisionGTI, Set for May 28th Debut


Volkswagen has revealed the final image of their VisionGTI vehicle on their official Facebook page. The car will make its debut at the Woerthersee Festival on May 28th.

“The GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo is a supercar that has been designed for a singular mission: the hugely popular Sony® PlayStation® videogame. This extreme and ultimate interpretation of the Golf GTI will make its debut at the Woerthersee Festival in Austria that begins on May 28th.

Like the Design Vision GTI that debuted at the same event in 2013, the GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo uses the Golf GTI Design DNA to create a strong sporting statement, with distinctive horizontal graphics.

Powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo VR6® TSI® engine that produces 503 horsepower and a massive 491 pound-feet of torque, the GTI Roadster, Design Gran Turismo concept is ferociously fast, its speed exacerbated by the low-cut windshield. The seven-speed DSG® dual-clutch automatic transmission is programmed to give incredibly fast shifts on the racetrack.

Roadholding on the track is optimized thanks to an integrated rear diffuser, a gigantic rear wing, and a race-car-style front splitter. The car is equipped with 20-inch wheels that carry 235/35 front and 275/30 rear tires; 4Motion® all-wheel drive helps to transmit the torque to the pavement. Supercar-style vented disc brakes are fitted, with a diameter of 15.0 inches up front and 14.0 inches at the back.

The GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo is presented in a bright, vivid metallic red, a modern interpretation of the classic GTI color.”

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  1. Eyes Fried Open

    This looks awesome. Wish it was a hard top though. I hope we can paint this, it’s gunna look sick Matte Black on Red Rims.

    On another note, what has happened to the rewind?

    1. SZRT Ice

      Agreed about the desire to paint this (and all other VGT’s, for that matter). I’d like to do the rims as well!

      I believe with the mass of content set to be released today & tomorrow*, the Rewind is taking a hiatus until after it all drops. That way, we will get a “meatier” rewind and T-12 won’t have to wait until next week to discuss this week’s major happenings.

  2. HuskyGT

    The only thing I hate about this car is the fact that it is a convertible and it has a huge spoiler. That is the worst thing you can do when it comes to car design. Makes them look like shopping carts or toys. It’s simply ridiculous.

    However, I must admit the guys at VW have managed to pull it off quite decently.

    1. SZRT Ice

      Haa!, I’m sorry. But I read your comment as… “The only thing I hate about this car is everything”. Lmao, too funny. The things you dislike are literally the defining factors of the car!

      Ok, Not being literal. Please don’t take this too seriously. I know, there’s more to the car… “the rims, the color, yatta, yatta”… But still, too funny.

  3. Jawehawk

    There is absolutely no proof what so ever that this car will have an interior. So stop stating it as a fact, people!

  4. celtiscorpion73

    I am laughing at all the gripes on this!
    First, “PD isn’t doing enough!”
    Now, “PD is putting out all this stuff, but it isn’t what I want!”
    This game is not all about each individual. It’s about putting out a product that provides an individual experience with what we are given. Yes, we can now have our voices heard and PD may actually use some of the ideas, but not all. It will depend on their limitations as far as what does or does not make it into the game.
    For those with legitimate gripes, I fully agree with you. As for the petty gripes, all you do is create drama. If that is what you feel you need, we can always create a thread for you drama queens so you can feel more important.
    I am gonna have fun and enjoy playing and I’m looking forward to what seems to be a major hurdle crossed between the GT fans and PD. The potential is there, so let’s see what the future holds as it becomes the present.

  5. Croatian_STIG

    Most amazing car i have ever seen in my life. And it’s a convertible! With a big-ass spoiler! :D

  6. Sick Lenny

    Very excited to try this car out, it does sound like a beast. I only hope that at some point we can adjust the differential to try it as a (nearly) RWD. Would also be nice to be able to put a rally suspension and dirt tires on. I have not noticed if these cars are tuning prohibited (I assume they are and understand why so we can experience the “vision”), but it would be cool even at gt6’s EOL to get a patch from PD that unlocks these for tuning.

  7. sirjim73

    Ok, I’ll post here what I posted on the thread. The BMW seasonal event finishes on 28th May. My belief (just my opinion of course) is that when the BMW event ends it will be replaced with the VW event. It makes sense to me that they wouldn’t have the concepts overlapping as that would be unfair on the manufacturers.

    If that’s the case we may, going forward, be getting a new concept approx every 2 weeks. Since there’s 25 left after VW that means new added content for a whole year (25×2 weeks anyway lol).

    For those who don’t like the concepts (i love them personally) I hope we get other cars as well in that period.

    The only thing I would ask is that not all the concepts be at the same PP level. I know people want to race them online in packs, but 28 cars all the same performance would be kinda tedious to me.

    1. MeanElf

      I don’t think similar PP would be such a bad thing, at least then it would be down to driving skill and the vehicle balance per track instead of everyone in the same outright killer car.

  8. kollosson

    I love concept cars and there has been some legendary ones, one of my faves is the Lancia Stratos Zero by Bertone and more recently the awesome Jaguar C-X75.

    1. kollosson

      I’m really looking forward to the rest of the VGT cars especially the Zagato, I think its a fantastic project for a racing game and these cars are exclusive to GT6

  9. SZRT Ice

    What if it’s just a black/shadowed out interior with no roof? So when you see it in a replay, and look at the inside, all you see is blackness? How amusing that would be… ;)

  10. Latin Avenger

    Just wish they would make standard cars PREMIUM first with flushed out cockpits & bring seasonal racing events back before they bring new additions to the table, shuffle races, track creator, physics, MR cars fixed, used car dealership everything GT5 had.

    1. SZRT Ice

      I like that they are introducing new things as the update the old. It’s a good balance imo. Otherwise, we’d be playing GT4:HD with internet features. Which wouldn’t be bad… It just wouldn’t be new.

    2. Haitauer

      “used car dealership” – well thats a first.. ;) ..oh all the cars are in the dealership – and they are brand new!! :)

    3. wudy201

      Really? Physics was one of the biggest things I remember hearing about when GT6 was announced so doubt fhere is anything that needs fixed. I would bet it all that MR cars you just overdrive and need to practice, I use a ds3 and have trouble with mabey 2-3 highpower MR cars mostly because the faster I go the less smooth I am with the gas, brake and steering resulting in the car getting upset and obviously lose control so its a practice thing. and course creater I hear about ovr and over again about being a broken promise and when i read the gt site promoting the game it clearly states the course creater the gps option will be available in a later update, doesnt say which update but a future update so there is no broken promises or lies there. Its called patience nobody has it anymore, and a little greed. We did get the visualizer and data logger in a future update just like it said.

    4. MeanElf

      Well, you know how it is Wudy – seems some people cannot be bothered to read stuff beforehand, and so get all out of shape when it isn’t ready on time to suit them.

      It’s all me, me, me with a lot of them – completely ignoring the fact that a really cool looking car is becoming available to us (part of an initiative that has, and will provide a load of other cool new cars) for free.

  11. kolio123

    I personally am not a big fan of concept cars(except a few), but I honestly think most of these cars are stupid.

    I play this game for realistic driving, not cars with 30 inch wheels(could be exaggerating and futuristic designs.

    I like what we have, and what we may have in the future scares me. I prefer track creator before concept cars.

    However, if this does float your boat, I am not downing you guys. I am glad you have what you want and that PD is doing what you like.

    1. Amac500

      We fell for this wording trick when we thought it had a May 23rd release date, so I’m guessing it will be revealed on the 28th and get put in the game that night at midnight, technically May 29th.

    2. LEGLESS77

      The car will more than likely be apart of the update on the 27th which brings the long awaited senna content. The car will simply be hidden until a hot fix update unlocks it after the car is revealed on the 28th.

    3. joeledward

      Did you read the article ? Heres what it states -The car will make its debut at the Woerthersee Festival on May 28th.

    4. SZRT Ice

      @ joeledward:

      Debut = Reveal = Us seeing the full 3D model to be placed in the game =/= in-game DLC release date.

  12. AustinPowers

    Enough with these Vision GT cars, they don’t even exit in real life… I want to drive cars from real world not these imaginary cars.

    1. kollosson

      Don’t get the cars then, its quite simple, ironic though if some of these cars actually go into production which sometimes happens with concepts, or maybe Kaz will get wind of your comment and cease all VGT cars just for you…

    2. Progress823

      Don’t be fooled – Mercedes-Benz is actually building 5 of their VGTs in real life (see earlier post on GTplanet for details).

    3. SZRT Ice

      Yeah! It’s not like we have 1,200+ cars from real life in the game to race! Maybe if we had a decent amount of REAL LIFE cars, they could then consider a side project like this! Sheesh! What are they thinking!


    4. Amac500

      Well as Progress823 said, Mercedes is making 5 of their VGT. Mercedes also said that their SLS AMG replacement will be taking its styling from the VGT, so if you were a real fan of production cars one might think you would find it cool to take part in the evolution of making a street car?….

    5. moxlox

      Vision GT gives Gran Turismo something unique over all other racing games. It’s a great positive.

      I like that they are also developed by the manufacturers themselves which gives them authenticity.

    6. biftizmo

      It’s not a side project …it’s genius is what it is… Instead of going to manufacture”s with cap in hand begging them to let us play with their cars….their coming to us…now that’s how to do it!
      After 15 years of the same’s time to switch it round that’s if you can see into the future.. Leave it to Kaz he’s got vision…you can get busy complaining about now or you
      Can get busy sorting the future….

  13. Amac500

    The best part is that it is an open top, so the car should have an interior. That’s why the VGT cars I’m looking forward to the most, that we’ve seen drawings for, are the Alfa Romeo and Honda, just cus they should have that ever important interior. Plus I mean, come on, Alfa :o

    1. SZRT Ice

      There are sexy shoes… And there are God forsaken shoes. And this is a sexy shoe!

      I’d love to “stick my foot in it”, try it out, and stunt it for a “night out on the town”. But as it goes with all fashionable things, it’s not just about how it looks, but also about how you rock ’em.

      Feel me?

  14. Ben Rogue

    Would be nice if they included the Vision GTI as well! It’s just a slight variation on the design

    1. Tenacious D

      I certainly agree with that. I don’t think you can have too much V-Dub in your garage. ;D

    2. MeanElf

      The confusion is in the similar name:

      “Like the Design Vision GTI that debuted at the same event in 2013, the GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo uses the Golf GTI Design DNA…”

      So there’s the Vision GTI and the Vision Gran Turismo GTI – which is a bit of a weird mouthfull, well it is if you go for VGT GTI – or even worse VGT VW GTI.

  15. Blood*Specter

    With VW in the Vision GT arena, I wonder if a Porsche Vision GT car would be subject to licensing issues that prevent production Porsche’s from being in Grand Turismo?

    It would embarrass the hell out of Turn 10 to see a prototype Porsche Vision GT show up in Grand Turismo six. :-0

    By the way, that’s an awesome VW.

    1. Amac500

      No the licensing is of car’s of the Porsche brand. If they were on a model-to-model basis we would have the 918. Licensing is given on the brand and EA owns the right to the Porsche brand, all cars in it. And plus all the companies involved in VGT were announced from the start, so we already know the brands in the Vision GT arena and Porsche was not one of them.

    1. z71L28

      Judging from specs above this thing is gona be a mad man. Thanx VW n PD looking forward to rip on it’.

  16. Johnnypenso

    Rear diffuser? Big rear wing? 4wd? This is going to be a beast on the track and I am looking forward to putting it through it’s paces….


    “This extreme and ultimate interpretation of the Golf GTI will make its debut at the Woerthersee Festival in Austria that begins on May 28th.”

    That’s not the GT6 debut, it’s the Woerthersee Festival debut. Might be the same day for us, might not, but I’m not counting on it being here next week so I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t arrive.

  17. masterrawad

    That’s it. I’m done.

    This car doesn’t look outlandishly like a spaceship, nor does it produce 20,000 horsepower or go over 300 MPH.

    Goodbye forever PD. Full of empty promises.

    1. kollosson

      I wouldn’t call 235/35 small front tyres ? in any case take the Bugatti Veyron, it has 255 front and 355 rear and its four wheel drive, no problem there ????

  18. ttfn

    Can’t wait for the moaners to start complaining….. That looks bloody awesome, can’t wait to put it through it’s paces around the ‘Ring. 4 down, plenty more to go!!!!!

  19. KTR5

    Odds it will have a 7-speed in GT6? The car sounds awesome. Can’t wait to see some real life debut pictures.

  20. German_V8 Fan

    debut at the Woerthersee Festival in Austria that begins on May 28th

    That is the debut, okay. But not the date to be included in the game, right?

  21. cally-dave

    There isn’t any actual announcement of when we will see it in GT6….. Fingers crossed it does come out next week, but to be honest…. I actually have a bit of doubt for once…..

  22. celtiscorpion73

    People were stressing out about this info not coming out today.
    While my trust in PD is still a little “on the fence”, I have to say that the changes made this month are definitely a good thing. We all want our voices heard and I am starting to believe we will be seeing more good things to come in GT6. Bravo, PD!

  23. HuskyGT

    It will be hard not to add an interior if this thing is an open top. Let’s see how PD pulls it off.

    Nice car, by the way…

    1. mysticwolf

      PD has no influence on interior design, as the cars are designed by the concerning manufacturer to showcase their vision. PD only transfers the given data into GT6.
      Same reason both Mercedes cars and BMW don’t have one.

    2. HuskyGT

      I know, but they are the ones who have to model it in the game. And PD is known for taking their time…

    3. drag lab 101

      If I had to guess, it’ll be roofed or top up until it isn’t.
      Which I’m sure will be a while.. Perhaps another version will be released at some point like the Vision Merc with the wing.

    4. Jimmy_DA

      Thank you mysticwolf – am getting tired of people complaining about Vision GT taking up GT6 developmental times! As you pointed out PD has no control over Vision GT, it’s an open invite for manufacturers to showcase designs and have bit of fun. I too am annoyed about the slow implement of features promised but this isn’t the reason of it. Also on Vision GT interiors, as many pointed out these are only concepts/idealistic visual ideas why goto the effort of designing an interior if only to be implemented into a (virtual) games. The interiors really don’t serve any purpose, hey they could just make every car in GT a square black box and still achieve the same result regardless of visual! Also I assume PD don’t implement the cars, they have probably given a development tool to the manufactures upon request to join Vision GT that they fill send back, then a couple lines of code is added into the game. Why would PD implement an interior? It’s not like Porsche hands over their designs to BMW and says hey this needs an interior and vice versa.

    5. drag lab 101

      Color me surprised.. I figured there’d be no way the interior would be done.
      Completely expected some whack shell or pullover top or even perhaps tinted glass roof to hide it.
      Nice to see a concept or something not yet being mass produced being modeled fully in & out!

  24. Sinyster

    just a couple day setback? that’s cool with me! this car is looking hella sick! can’t wait to give it a test drive and see what it’s made of

    1. RichieTeamBreed

      Please cut this crap PD. When are us rally fans going to get a 2013/14 VW Polo R WRC and Hyundai i20 WRC. As for the lack of any rallycross cars (given the sport is blowing up globally right now) this game really is still, in my mind, just GT5.5 .

    2. MeanElf

      What has this got to do with VGT? Sure, I like rally and would like some of the recent cars, but there is a time and place to talk about that, like maybe the appropriate thread on the forum?

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