1/4 Mile Drag Tuner Time Trial #11 - Mustang V8 GT Coupe Premium '07

Discussion in 'GT5 Racing Series' started by ryanerb, May 5, 2012.

  1. ryanerb

    United States Virginia
    PSN:LemonDiscus, GTP_RyanErb

    1/4 Mile Drag Tuner Time Trial #11 - Mustang V8 GT Coupe Premium '07 | Win Prizes!
    A Weekly Time Trial Contest featuring Prizes for the fastest three racers using the contest's car in "Speed Test" mode.

    Please Bookmark our main thread that contains our leaderboards and links to current competitions and news related to this race series.

    Contest Specifics:
    This contest will run from Saturday May 05 2012 00:00 GMT til Saturday May 12 2012 00:00 GMT

    *Contest will use GMT time to allow for all parts of the world to work with a uniformed time. 0:00 GMT time will be the closing hour for the contest. (8 PM EDT and a day early for North Americans, so a Saturday 00:00 Start date will be 8PM EDT on Friday)

    This Contest's Car:
    NCD Car - (GT Polarized 002-P)
    Mustang V8 GT Coupe Premium '07

    No restrictions / Any Tires

    Race Regulations:
    No Driving Aids
    SRF - OFF
    ASM - OFF
    TC - OFF
    (ABS is OK at 1)

    Time Submission / Thread Posting Rules:
    • DO NOT post 1/4 mile times in this thread
    • YOU MAY post 0-60 times and ONLY discus 0-60 times in this thread.
    • YOU MAY share any tunes or information that you wish regarding your car
    Thread Discussion:
    Feel free to discuss anything you wish but please DO NOT post any 1/4 mile times in this thread. Keep all talk about times only to the 0-60 times you are running. Feel free to discuss anything about the 0-60 times, tunes, tweaks and anything you did within a healthy and friendly discussion. Use the 0-60 times to get a feel for where you are placing so far in the competition.

    You may submit your times anytime during the competition timeframe. Please send your times via PM to KennyBlanco. You may send as many times however only the LAST time submitted will be used.

    Please PM the 1/4 mile time in the following format to kennyblanco
    Subject = Drag Tuners TT Submission
    [GTP Username]: X'XX.XXX

    Verification will be required by the top 5 at the end of the contest. *Unless noted otherwise at end of contest

    Prizes will be awarded by ryanerb (PSN: LemonDiscus or GTP_RyanErb).

    1st place - 2 cars or tickets and 5 paints
    2nd place - 1 car or ticket and 5 paints
    3rd place - 5 paints

    Overview of ryanerb (LemonDiscus or GTP_RyanErb) Cars:
    0/0/0 Car Selection, Paint Selection (Excluding DLC) and Ticket Selection
    Any tradeable Premium or Standard car in the game are available. The other cars when sent will have switches and/or wins but a Restoration Ticket will be applied to bring the mileage back to 0 on any car that has miles.

    DLC paint can be applied to the body and the wheels. Any DLC Paint is available in addition to all "My GT Rare Paints (Mattes, Colorshifts, Chromes)" If a re-painted car is desired please specify body color, rim color and rim type (most stock rims cannot be painted so pick one from GT Auto)

    This is to bring more attention to the hidden Autosport within GT known as Drag Racing. There has been very little done to add to this segment of Auto Racing within GT and if we have enough momentum with this maybe others will see why the Drag Racing community wishes to have "trees" and other modifications to the game to help add to our experience. Please share this contest with your friends and help to get the word out.
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  2. swara96

    United States Durham, NC

    Ahahaha guess what I had this car tuned lol. Now I need to find the picture for it :grumpy:
  3. ryanerb

    United States Virginia
    PSN:LemonDiscus, GTP_RyanErb

    I figured some of you may have already tuned this one some. Its not the typical oddball car that Kenny and I have thrown at you all. I think it was you that said you wanted a more common car that is used for drag and I picked this one.

    I actually really own a V6 '09 model in Brilliant Silver Metallic. I love my car. Of course my rims look better than any of the ones on here, I have a custom grille, sequential taillights, lowering springs, shorty antenna, K&N Filter, Flowmaster muffler, Hurst Short Throw Shifter and a few other things too... Of course mine is "Standard" because my windows are tinted :lol:
  4. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    Flowmasters and K&N's are nice, I use those on my truck, as well as Thrush, Walker etc.
  5. ryanerb

    United States Virginia
    PSN:LemonDiscus, GTP_RyanErb

    Once my car note is paid off in a few years I have plans for an X-Charger for it (SuperCharger). I wish I had the money for that over the K&N but I couldnt afford $5,000 then or even now with my car payment on it. On top of that I need to spend another $1,500 for a new rear axle to support the added power of the supercharger. Of course that will come before the supercharger.

    The good thing is I dont really put any miles on it. I bought it 2 years ago with 12,500 miles and now it has 27,055. Should last me quite a while.

    The K&N is nice and the Flowmaster sounds good... but it has HORRIBLE drone (that vibration that happens with the tone of the exhaust). Again, in hindsight I would rather have got a Borla (I have a single exhaust)... I may go that route if I ever get the time and money to redo my exhaust. I have plans on headers and true dual exhaust on it.
  6. KaroSVTR

    United States NORTH HOLLYWOOD

    Are those Rally rims on the Stang? lol
  7. ryanerb

    United States Virginia
    PSN:LemonDiscus, GTP_RyanErb

    :lol: yeah... I just pulled it out of my garage as I used it last... yes I was using this in rally... lmao

    Hey, next time I guess I will pay better attention when I grab a car I already have in my garage. Usually I make a new car for the photos but I got lazy today :lol:

    It even has snow or dirt tires on it...


    I cant take the ridicule on the rims/tires anymore :dunce:

    I updated the image :lol:
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  8. fest0r

    Scotland Scotland

    Just bought one and will break it in while getting some sleep :tup:

    ...1st tune will be with snow tyres :D:tup:
  9. ryanerb

    United States Virginia
    PSN:LemonDiscus, GTP_RyanErb

    :lol: good one! :tup: I wonder if what that will do to the tune... (seriously do)

    Reload the page... I fixed the image :tup: I couldnt take looking at those hideous rims... lol

    I should have known better but I forgot I used it on rally last...
  10. kennyblanco

    United States Fayetteville/NC

    You never know, you may stumble onto something.:lol:
  11. fest0r

    Scotland Scotland

    My submission is in and the snow tyres didn't really work out... dirt tyres FTW :lol::tup:
  12. kennyblanco

    United States Fayetteville/NC

    Dirt tires it is then. I read something about a drag comp on dirt with civics....:lol:
  13. KaroSVTR

    United States NORTH HOLLYWOOD

    Without a wing
    0-60 2.851
    0-100 5.264
  14. fest0r

    Scotland Scotland

    What... no wings? :confused: I submitted with a wing and it's about 0.030 quicker over the 1/4 for me.
  15. swara96

    United States Durham, NC

    0-60 2.873

    0-100 5.369

    I'm stuck with these times haha
  16. KaroSVTR

    United States NORTH HOLLYWOOD

    Lol i know i did too. Thats my old time that i had it tuned without a wing. I had to strap one on when the event began.