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Your questions and comments are always welcome! Please review these answers to common questions before sending your message:

I am having problems with my GTPlanet account.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not addressed there, create a new topic in the Help Desk forum (you will be able to post there even if your account has not been activated). If you are unable to post messages or if your issue requires discretion, contact the webmaster via the form below.

I am having problems with my PlayStation console or game.

GTPlanet is not affiliated with Sony and cannot provide support for their products. Contact PlayStation Support for assistance.

I need help playing a Gran Turismo game.

Hints and tips for playing Gran Turismo cannot be provided by email. Visit our forums to receive help with the games.

I want to contact Polyphony Digital or Sony Computer Entertainment.

GTPlanet does not release private contact information for Sony or Polyphony Digital staff members, nor will GTPlanet forward requests or feedback to them. To contact PlayStation Support, click here.

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