Audi R10 TDI Tune

Discussion in 'GT5 Tuning Forum' started by Law93, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Law93

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    So I decided to try to tune another one of my LMP cars. This time, it was the Audi R10. I found it to be almost like my Pescarolo C60 Hybride, so it is tuned quite similarly. The car now feels much more drivable using a DS3.

    Aero: 60/85
    Trans: just make sure it suits the track
    LSD: 5/5/8
    Height: -10/-18
    Springs: 15.2/17.2
    Ext: 10/10
    Com: 7/7
    Roll: 3/5
    Cam: -2.8/-1.7
    Toe: 0.04/0.08
    Brakes: 6/5

    Try it out and let me know what you guys think :tup:

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  2. Furinkazen

    United Kingdom Lancashire

    Seems ok, but there is no negative camber on the R10
  3. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    ????????-- /-\ ------- \+/ --- ????

    Isn't it ???? I think i saw like this in some sites ..
  4. camber is always negative
  5. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    Are you shure ????

  6. well, i'm sure it's always negative ingame at least :x
  7. F1 VET


    What he said is almost spot on. Shorter the track the more Aero needed. Long straights need less downforce given ur driver skill. Always use manual gearbox, better braking accel and of course engine braking.
  8. Law93

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    lots of camber talk :lol:
    has anyone actually tried the tune?
  9. kowreck

    Malaysia Malaysia

    The tune is awesome. Thanks man.
  10. gamerdog6482

    United States Venom, USA

    Understeers way too much.
  11. Adrenaline

    United States Nor Cal

    It should be noted that we're currently in the year 2012.