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  1. Pedal-Force

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    So I've been sitting in my cockpit driving for the last 6 hours and I'm kinda tired. During a break for food and rest I decided to try B-Spec. The last Gran Turismo I played was GT3, and that was a long time ago at a friend's house, so I don't understand B-Spec, so these questions might be stupid.

    What does the pace up/pace down/maintain do? Is it like he starts the race at pace 0, and pace up goes to 1, then 2, and then a pace down from 2 would be back to 1?

    Or do these pace changes only last for the length of the little timer that comes up after you send the command?

    What does maintain pace do? And why is there an overtake command when he seems to do that anyway?

    What do the hot/cold bar and the strength/mental strength bars do/affect?

    What's the grayed out "P" next to the cold end of the bar?

    Is there no way to fast forward?

    I think that's it.

    Thanks in advance, sorry for the probably stupid questions, but I can't find answers online.
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  3. The pace up/maintain/down adjust your drivers pace of course. :D The bar running from blue to red is the drivers potential range with a marker showing current pace. Pace up moves the marker to the right and pace down moves it to the left. The maintain pace is used to keep the marker where it is as it will drift naturally otherwise according to the drivers tendencies. If the driver goes too far out to the right he is less likely to do what you'd like. Cars nearby cause stress on the driver and push the marker to the right. Often you have to be using pace down as your driver gets near someone and tries to push to hard. Overtake button is needed to give your guy a little push against fairly even competition. Not necessary against slower cars.

    I am not sure about strength and mental bars for sure except that a low bar means more likely to make mistakes. The physical bar drains faster and I assume will be replenished in driver changes. Haven't gotten that far yet. :drool: The harder your driver pushes seems to drain the bar faster. The mental drains so slowly I think it will only come into play in enduros really.

    No fast forward.
  4. atlop

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    No fast forward, and also the trophies are separate for A spec and B spec. Meaning that if you want to complete 100% of the game you need to actually drive the long endurances =:-0 and also go and drive those in b spec again? Did I get this right?
  5. Rich2086

    In line waiting for GT5..

    Are the car rewards the same for A spec and B-spec. So are we gonna get 2 of every prize car?

    Also no fast forward is a bummer :-(
  6. KlosterKatten


    Im curious about if hot-headed drivers remain hot-headed even when pulling away.

    My guy is supposed to be mostly "cool-headed" but whenever a guy comes near he goes nuts on the throttle, hes level 7 and he goes down to cool-headed as soon as he pulls away, making them catch up again, going over and over until he makes a mistake...

    Anyone else experienced this?
  7. Pedal-Force

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    My guy is cool-headed but he flips out around traffic. He's only level 3 though. I have to constantly slow him down when he's near other cars, but he goes icy as soon as he's out front.

    Once your guy is out front and starts getting icy have him speed up (increase pace) and try to keep the arrow towards the middle with some increase and maintain pace stuff.
  8. Jalapeno0


    When my guy is in traffic i keep telling him to pace down to keep him from pegging red. once cool and collected i start to issue the pass command, once he is ahead i give pace down commands on the straits and pace up in the corners to keep the pack at bay.. this seems to be working but im still a major noob along with my driver.
  9. You need to keep the arrow between half Blue and half Red too keep him from spinning out(too much red) and being too slow(too much blue), in the corners it is better to be in the bluer half and in strights red, overall you will want about 1/8-1/4 red, this way he will slide around corners fast but won't loose control.