BMW E46 M3 CSL, GTR, Race, Tuning Development Guide

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  1. Greetings,
    One of the most balanced cars in the game and the world I might add is the BMW M3 with the award wining S54 straight 6 engine. I thought this would be a great place to document and further develop tunes for the E46 M3. So feel free to share your experiences with tuning the car for each track and driving situation. Also please note if you use a wheel and which one. Awesome, Thanks!



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    Nice guide. Did you make it yourself?

    BTW, I'm in dire need of a tune for the E46 M3, whether it's the CSL or not.
  3. Bump! Let's see some tunes!

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    I just sent my CSL to Deutsche Rennsport's tuning garage. So expect a tune soon to come. :tup:
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    Thanks for posting this TurtleTech, where is this from? Any idea if this is applicable to most cars in general? It looks like it should, just wondering.
  6. I'd assume so, especially for front engine rear wheel drive vehicles. Be awesome to see what some experienced tuners have to say ...
  7. Deutsch Rennen


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    Cheers Dude! Was gonna post a wanted ad up but you've beaten me to it :)

    Just need one for the M5 '05 Now...tried your M5 '08 one out and its pretty close TBF!