Ferrari F10 Mini-Championship May 12th

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  1. m8h3r

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    Ferrari F10 Mini-Championship
    This is the Ferrari F10 Miniature Championship!!

    This will consist of 5 races on real world tracks such as Spa-Francorchamps and Suzuka.

    The Championship is set to be done on the 12th May. The room will be opening at 6pm GMT+1 (BST) and the First race will commence at 7pm GMT+1 (BST)

    The Races

    Spa Francorchamps
    This race will be 14 Laps.

    Nurburgring GP/F
    This race will be 13 Laps.

    This race will be 18 Laps.

    Cote d'Azur
    This race will be 12 Laps.

    This race will be 15 Laps.

    The Car Setups

    The Cars will be running Sports Soft and Sports Medium.
    All aids are banned to keep it as close to the real cars as possible.
    The car tuning, for example Suspension and transmission is free to be altered to your specific requirements.

    The Track Setups

    All tracks will be fully dry with weather change disabled.
    The slipstream will be set to weak.
    The damage will be set to high.
    The grip reduction will set to realistic.
    It will be a grid start on all tracks with a 15 Minute gap between each race for the official qualifying.
    The grid will be set to fastest first in relation to the qualifying session beforehand.

    Penalties Disabled. You must drive clean.
    If you get caught up in a accident with another driver and you or them are damaged then you must escort them to the pits.
    If a racing incident is debated then the replay will be viewed and extra penalties may be added if the drive through is deemed not enough.
    You are more than welcomed to appeal your penalty, however if the penalty is still standing then an additional penalty will be applied.

    The driver who wins the Championship will win a Level 24 Ticket.

    First Place will get 25 Points
    Second Place will get 18 Points
    Third Place will get 12 Points
    Fourth Place will get 7 Points
    Fifth Place will get 4
    Sixth Place will get 2
    Seventh Place will get 1

    Sign ups
    GTP:m8h3r PSN:m8h3r
    GTP:findog10 PSN:findog10

    Good Luck
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  2. m8h3r

    England East Midlands

    Really? Not a single person wants to do this?
  3. Toyinster

    United Kingdom London

    Is every race held on the 12th of May, or is it one per week?
  4. m8h3r

    England East Midlands

    All on 12th May
  5. Findog10

    Australia South Australia

    Im down with this, look forward to it.
  6. Toyinster

    United Kingdom London

    I'm interested but I think that it will be a challenge to many drivers are you looking for?
  7. m8h3r

    England East Midlands

    I'm thinking about 10 people would make for interesting battles from the leaders to the backmarkers. Plus it should give a few different winners.
  8. m8h3r

    England East Midlands

    Ok simple as this, unless we find another 5-7 people to participate then its being cancelled. :tdown: