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Discussion in 'Site Support' started by GTP_Gearhead, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. GTP_Gearhead

    United States Florida

    The company I work for has a filter of some kind for all websites that are under the category "game"

    I do not abuse worktime, however when on lunch or break I enjoy surfing the web for the latest goodies on my favorite games. With that being said, I'd like to give Jordan a shout out, and thank you for enabling us to visit Gtplanet/Forzaplanet.

    I don't know how you get by their filter, but thanks...:tup:
  2. Patrick

    United States California

    My school filter blocks GTP, but allows FP. :odd: I'm thinking it has to do with the small amount of members on FP.
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  3. 1241Penguin

    Canada Canada

    I'm thinking more of the fact that ForzaPlanet is much newer, and not as well known as GTPlanet. ^
  4. Patrick

    United States California

    You're probably right. :tup:
  5. Antonisbob

    Canada Kelowna, Canada

    Good that GTP works. :)

    Some forums have a 'Arcade' section built in, that would be cool if GTP incorporated some games one day. ;)
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  6. On school they blocked GTP as game :/ but now they installed google chrome and GTP is free again !!! :lol:
  7. Ellis

    England Morecambe, Lanc

    I had that problem with a game. Installed Firefox and it came straight on :lol:
  8. HumanDestroyah

    United States San Diego

    The computers at work block me from "", but allows "". Give that a shot.
  9. Ross

    England Hampshire,UK

    It's not blocked at my school mainly because we use Firefox not IE I think.
  10. haitch40

    United Kingdom Nottingham UK

    Gtp was the only place I could get to in school/college that allows online posting.
  11. Jordan

    United States United States

    Good to hear! :D I don't do anything (actually, there's not much, if anything, I can do) to help prevent the site from being blocked by web filters, though.
  12. Grayfox

    Australia Australia

    When I was at school at lot of sites were blocked in IE.

    So I got Firefox portable and copied the IP config data and went straight on kept doing it for 6 months until the IT admin caught me using Firefox, He said firefox is not safe to use and i should be using IE.

    I laughed in his face on the fact that he said Firefox is unsafe compared to IE6(which is what was out at the time).
  13. hawkeye122

    United States California

    The forums part of GTP is blocked at my school because of "games", but the News Page comes up in a Cell Phone format. Somewhat useless most of the time when Youtube is also blocked...
  14. Beeblebrox237

    United Kingdom Betelgeuse

    Is this guy smoking something? Firefox? Inferior to IE6? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, including stuff George W. Bush said.
  15. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    I'm going to start doing this now.
  16. MSTER232

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    At my school, every website that isn't Google is blocked :rolleyes: .
  17. 1241Penguin

    Canada Canada

    What's the point of even having Google then? :lol:.
  18. Skython

    New Zealand New Zealand

    Wow, you guys are making my school seem really relaxed. They only block facebook. Because that's the only site they have problems with people using. They don't have filters or any of that. Maybe they have them on Internet Explorer because everyone uses it. But Firefox is fine. :D Even Trademe is accessible (it's blocked on IE).
  19. Naveek Darkroom

    Canada Time and Space

    That's like implying the most useful site you could legally use is blocked. Although I get a rather plain GUI (I think it's the mobile one), I can access GTP just fine from high school, both the main page and a forum. I use Chrome at school. Good thing nobody has caught me yet. It blocks GTVault (It's a "Game Site", even if mostly a database) if I type it into the address bar, but if I Google it and go from there, it works. Odd.
    Facebook and YouTube are obviously blocked.

    I don't know if GTP works in IE though. Never tried. I haven't tried ForzaPlanet at all, as I don't play Forza.

    Wait. I just made my 1337th post here. :facepalm:
    At least I'll have 1339.
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  20. Juiposa

    Canada SW Ontario

    Thankfully GTP works at my school, which I am at right now xD Even these work arounds you guys have come up with would be useless to me, as it isn't the browser blocking the sites, the massive router in the main office is. Oh well, no loop holes for me.
  21. vandenal


    Mine is the opposite. It blocks FP but not GTP :odd:.

    Just the News page for Forzaplanet though, I can easily get around it.
  22. My school hadn't blocked GTP so I went on hear every day for 2 weeks then they blocked the mobile site but not the desktop version and then about 3 days later they blocked that too :(.