Formula GT as birthday glitch?

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  1. Is this possible?

    Had a search but couldnt find anything.
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    A lot of people think birthday exploit can go up to 1992, which is not true. There's a way to get cars up to 2010.
  3. Anyone know if this is true?
  4. freedomweasel


    You can do the glitch for the more current years, but I've not read anything saying someone has gotten the car yet. It's possible the car is locked out from gifts like this one. No one has reported getting the X1 either.

    With the amount of people doing the glitch, I'd expect someone to have gotten a few by now if it was possible.
  5. Erk_atx


    What is this glitch?

    My birthday is in April. Could i change my PS3 information to make it today or tomorrow, and get a new car? And just choose a year i want? I dont think anything cool came out in '84.

    Also, is it possible to keep changing your birthday each day to get a new car?
  6. Thread got 35 pages already xD
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    What year is the Formula Gran Turismo ??
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    good luck... I guess the exploit isn't working anymore!
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    So the cheaters spoiled it for all the other users?? If not, what car do you get for 1985? Please don't let it be the old audi quattro!!

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    formula gt comes from a lvl 24 ticket!
  12. Ya Pops


    What are most of you guys on about? The glitch works just fine, and dupers haven't ruined anything for anyone.

    FGT can't be birthday glitched. Like Dago says, you'll need a lvl 24 ticket or around 5 million creds.
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    There are 4 cars that can't be found in the birthday glitch and they are any of the F1 cars and the X2010.

    Someone should sticky that because people still seem not to get it.
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    Seriously.. Someone needs to sticky the birthday glitch info coz I'm sick of explaining it again and again.
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    What's the birthday glitch? Can I do it on a day that's your birthday and not mine?:dopey::sly:
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    I have no f*****g idea... ;)
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    Google is your friend. Search the keywords "gt5 birthday cars list" and you'll find extensive lists of every car confirmed received as birthday cars.

    No. Your PSN account info is kept separate from your GT5 info, and as far as I've been able to figure, you can't change your PSN birthday. You have to get a new PSN account, log into that as a new user, open GT5 that day (whatever day you told it your birthday was), and get your birthday ticket that way. For a while (before 12/5-12/10, I think it was), you could receive a birthday car, send it off to your *other* account, close the game, delete your save file for the dummy account, and then log in again and get ANOTHER car and send it to your other account, and repeat. I saw people getting dozens of birthday cars a day doing that. They'd register an account on say, Dec. 8th, with a 1970 birthday, then get dozens of cool 1970 cars (and lots of uncool ones, too). Then they'd do one on the 9th for 1967, and do it again. Day in, day out, they were collecting birthday cars.

    Now you're limited to sending ONE car per day, per account. So you can still register and receive birthday cars, but you better know ahead of time which one or two you want to keep, because you're going to have to keep opening the car ticket to see what you get. Once you get a really good one, send it to your other account and start again. When you get a SECOND really good one, you're done - you can't send it anywhere, so deleting the save file only hurts you, since you would now be deleting the cool car you just got!

    Oh, and when you get to the point in the log-in where you get the birthday car gift ticket, quit and save to your Game Save Data file. That way, you've got an unopened ticket when you log back in. Open it, see what you get, and decide to keep it or roll the dice and try for something better.
  18. kuyaglen


    Sometimes you can get lucky and get the car you want after a few times. I know I was looking to the the F40 and the other 20 million credit cars, when I first learned about this. But would get other crappy cars so a bunch of times I did and made 1944 the birthday year so that I'd always get that Kubelwagen and get an instant 77k Credits from 7 accounts each, thats 539,000 credits everyday.
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    Since the car that comes from a random ticket is generated when the ticket is used and not when it's created, I think the more efficient way would be to get one birthday ticket on your account, then dupe your save data a bunch of times and send all the resulting tickets back to your main account.

    You could have infinite birthday cars as long as you keep one unopened ticket around to dupe from.