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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by L00kr, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. L00kr

    Portugal Lisbon

    Hey everyone, just joined the forum and so far from what I read everyone is really nice and helpfull, really like the "mood" =)

    The thing is, I bought a G27 today and whilst playing with the force feedback on 6 ocasionally if I hit the car in front of me or go onto the dirt the wheel will emit a crackling noise... Is that normal? the FF works well I gues but sometimes it just goes "crack" and the wheel gets suddenly lighter... could really use some info on this...

    By the way, the wheel is mounted in a coffee table right now but from starting on monday i'm going to try to build a nice mount for it, will pos pictures as it happens.

  2. PeteyPete173

    Australia Brisbane

    I suspect you're playing GT5 as the same thing happens with me on that game with my G27. It also happens when i hit the apex curbs. And when my wheels lose contact with the road. So i suppose its normal. Almost like the force feed back motors stop working for a split second.
  3. Gdog96

    United Kingdom England

    Yeah that's a problem with the G27, I think.
  4. neema_t

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    The wheel going light when the front end loses grip isn't a fault, it's supposed to do that because that's what happens in real life. Not sure about a crackling noise, I don't recall hearing that, and I'm also not sure that hitting a car would cause you to lose front end grip, but it might.

    Going over jumps, crests (even if you don't leave the road) and kerbs, being on a low-friction surface, going up on two wheels, understeering and front wheel drive wheelspin should all make the steering go light because the front wheels aren't giving any (or are giving much less) resistance in those situations.
  5. L00kr

    Portugal Lisbon

    Yeah the lightness does make sense to me, but the crackling... it kinda spoils the moment. maybe a loose belt or something like that? Yep Petey, playing gt5 =)
  6. NjLowrider

    central jersey

    That snapping and crackling is normal. It's the g27's way to show a violent front tire impact. Mines been doing it forever.

    Try driving a x2010. She makes alot of noise.
  7. gordie44

    Canada Wanderer

    The wheel also gets 'light' if you don't have enough power to the USB. Make sure it's not plugged in to a splitter and if it is make sure it's a powered splitter :)
  8. starbug


    I stopped racing that, coz the wheel sounds like it's being killed by the popping!!
  9. neema_t

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    There's no belts in a G27, just helical gears between the motors and wheel. The helical gears are designed to reduce the noise by keeping them in contact with one another almost constantly, but there is still some noise (obviously). I don't think I've heard anything that could be described as crackling or popping though, I'd call it more whirring and tapping myself but I play rFactor far more often than GT5 nowadays.
  10. L00kr

    Portugal Lisbon

    Well, as long as it's just doing what it's supposed to do... I didn't want to have a broken one since my G27 is just 2 days old. Thanks everyone for your insights on the matter :)

    I'm going to try rFactor eventually, from what I gathered so far it's much better than GT5, at least the gameplay..