Julian Assange TV show starts next Tuesday

Discussion in 'Opinions & Current Events' started by JacksHerer, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. JacksHerer

    United Kingdom UK

    Julian Assange's new TV show 'The World Tomorrow' starts on RT.COM next week!

    I'm expecting it to be interesting.. See You Next Tuesday :sly:

    Tuesday 17th April @ 12.30 GMT www.rt.com/on-air
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  2. JacksHerer

    United Kingdom UK

    :indiff: wtf?

    No comment?


    So today I learnt about Ecuador, the past shows are still available at rt.com
  3. BobK

    Rhode Island, USA

    Nope, no comment. I haven't watched it at all, nor do I intend to.
  4. JacksHerer

    United Kingdom UK

    ^ Fair enough, hiding your head in the sand or I'm all right Jack?

    Being aware that your media presents a lot of miss information and suppresses facts is one thing.

    To listen to the other side of the BS you are conditioned with is maybe a bit too far for western minds to venture?
  5. BobK

    Rhode Island, USA

    How about a simple "I don't watch TV, period"?

    Yes, I'm very much aware and bothered by how much manipulation goes on in the media (this is partly responsible for the above statement here BTW). You'd know this if you'd bothered to read some of my posts elsewhere in this sub forum.

    So kindly stop reading too much into a simple statement.
  6. Touring Mars

    Scotland Glasgow

    Perhaps when RT.com quit trying to tell us that 9/11 was an inside job, I'd take their reportage more seriously. But until then...
  7. JacksHerer

    United Kingdom UK

    lol I hope that's a joke.
  8. Grayfox

    Australia Australia

    The fact that the US want his head on a plate, I doubt this show will go anywhere.

    What is he going to do?

    A this is your life like thing where he sits on a chair in front of a fireplace and reads us files that are on wikileaks?
  9. Grayfox

    Australia Australia

    double post.
  10. JacksHerer

    United Kingdom UK

    America wants his head on a plate for exposing what 90% of free thinking people sensed anyway.

    If people on here have the time to question the existance of aliens/ghosts/god then IMO they owe it to themselves to question wtf is happening in the real World now today...

    Thanks to the internet there is this rare period of human existance where the facts cannot be hidden and whistle blowers voices are heard.

    It won't last long before the internet is as filtered as the rest of the corrupt media.
  11. Tesla

    Australia Sydney

    Do you read any other threads in this subforum? It's almost dedicated to what's happening in the real world "now today".
  12. BobK

    Rhode Island, USA

    If the OP is trying to tell us that the mainstream media is not to be trusted, that's hardly a revelation to many of us.
  13. JacksHerer

    United Kingdom UK

    Tomorrows show may be of interest to you, he is interviewing some Wall Street protesters.
  14. JacksHerer

    United Kingdom UK

    woohoo - one of my favourite authors - Noam Chomsky is on the Julian Assange show today - on in about 5 mins
  15. Grayfox

    Australia Australia

    Umm who is the host?

    Assange is hiding.
  16. Well we know this soon to be cancelled show has at least one person watching... Defending this propaganda dribble. I dont like cool-aid myself, but then, I also like listening to people with ethics. I guess to each their own. Quit trolling with this crap please
  17. Zenith

    United States Bay Area, CA

    Indeed. I wasn't aware that anyone would still be paying attention to the arm-flailing egoist.

    (another person who watches zero TV news)
  18. Dennisch

    Netherlands Hilversum

    I like watching American news. Especially about politics. Republicans VS Democrats. Always funny.
  19. Encyclopedia

    Sweden Gothenburg

    Why would it be? The 911 inside job conspiracy is one of the least good conspiracy theories there is. And that's saying something.

    And that's coming from someone who doesn't trust media and likes conspiracy theories.
  20. niky

    Philippines Philippines

    Somehow this comes to mind...


    We've (at least, those of us who know enough to look past party rhetoric) known for a long time that the US government doesn't always do what it says or they don't do what they do for the reasons they say they do, but the 9/11 Conspiracy theories rank up there with Area 51 aliens as the craziest of the crazy.