Out of memory: at line 10

Discussion in 'Site Support' started by tankuroded, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. tankuroded

    Indonesia Conspiring

    I receive this messsage (see message title) when browsing on IE8. What happened? :indiff:
  2. GT_Prologue5

    Oh, you'd love to know,

    Is it happening often? Cause mine does that from time to time and I'm running a older version.
  3. tankuroded

    Indonesia Conspiring

    ^ Every time I load a page in GTP Forums, yes.

    My guess would be ad banner related.
  4. Justin

    United States Minnesota

    Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies?
  5. GT_Prologue5

    Oh, you'd love to know,

    Oh I can't help you, then.
  6. Jordan

    United States United States

    This is error is probably coming from a Javascript file which is loading a Flash banner. Try updating your Flash player to the latest version and it may fix it.
  7. G.T.Ace

    Germany Bonn, Germany

    I would also recommend a different browser.
    And yes, update Flash and maybe Java, you should always have the latest versions of these things.
  8. tankuroded

    Indonesia Conspiring

    This no longer happens.