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  1. TJ13

    United States Minnesota

    Just picked up Downpour and well its good overall but a bit confusing in the beginning,
    Anyone else into the Silent Hill series?
  2. Spagetti69

    Wales uk

    Loved number 2.
    As far as I was concerned it beat any resi evil and ranks as one of the most disturbing games ever.

    Read the downpour review on IGN and they gave it a bashing.
  3. Silent Hill 3 was my favorite and the last one I played of the series. I haven't touched any of the outsourced developed Silent Hills as of yet. I'm currently waiting for the HD collection. :tup:
  4. Ru-fus

    Ireland Trolololololand

    I loved 1/2 and same as Ddrizle I never continued after # 4 : The Room. Considering checking out Downpour, wish they would release a PC version of it though :(

    Also imo, just cause IGN gave it a bashing doesn't mean the game is bad
  5. Coxis

    Mexico GTP_Coxis

    I agree. To everyone that's into these kind of games, you should definitely play Amnesia: The Dark Descent. If you think Silent Hill is scary, wait 'til you play that one...
  6. TJ13

    United States Minnesota

    Picked up the collection today well yesterday, and once again I am sitting around to install game data, another 4 gigs. that makes 8.5 gigs for just the 2 silent hill games
  7. Alltidxx

    Sweden Sweden

  8. From what I've been reading up about this HD collection, I am saddened. New voice actors for Silent Hill 2&3 with an option for the old voices in Silent Hill 2 only. Changes to the graphics dark nature. Konami outsourced the development to Hijinx Studios, who's past games are of questionable quality in my opinion.

    This HD remake had issues on the PS3. A patch was released. but it seems the patch did little to fix frame rate, lip synching and control issues. I'll try to find the old PS2 versions and get those at a decent price.

    My hopes are now diminished as far as the Zone Of The Enders HD collection is concerned. If Hijinx Studios is behind this remake, then I'll definately pass.
  9. Spagetti69

    Wales uk

    Oh I can agree with that.
    The original art director isn't impressed either.
    Apparently there is less fog than the PS2 version.
    Not a problem you might think, however the environments are not complete and the lack of Fog shows this up.
  10. RhAsLiCkRaE

    United States Michigan

    Its been a while since I've played the originals (still have 2, but no ps2) and I thought Homecoming was alright, still thinking about Downpour. I've been waiting for HD collection for quite some time now and am very excited to be picking it up tomorrow when I get back home... been paid for since b4 october I believe
  11. TJ13

    United States Minnesota

    downpour is good just that their side quests are a bit harder than expected. since I already missed like 3 of them since I didn't talk to everyone in the town I was in before I left.
  12. RhAsLiCkRaE

    United States Michigan

    Is there still a lack of ammo and health like the other ones, and do u have to find the save points still?
  13. Tyger

    Egypt UK

    Silent Hill 1 is currently "free" for Playstation Plus members, well here at least. That was the only one I completed, awesome stuff. The fog effect was kinda messed up when I tried it with upscaling on PS2, I should see if that happens on the PS3.

    I enjoyed 2 but for some reason put it on ice, need to go back to it. Played a demo of The Room and didn't like the fact that there were zombies that seemed to respawn. I prefer to clear an area without respawning so I can have a good look around. Made it a little arcadey and although the idea of the room/apartment was cool, it made the game feel kinda small too.

    Would be interested if someone who has played all the games could summarize them?
  14. Alltidxx

    Sweden Sweden

    SH1: The dude comes driving into town, the cop passes on a no-passing lane and then a ghost appear and he skids and crashes and wakes up and the "daughter" (Cheryl) runs off. He chases after her into town and the town is evil.
    SH2: James Sunderland got a letter from his dead wife from the town. That seems weird so he goes there to find out what the hell is going on. And hell is going on. The town is evil.
    SH3: The real daughter of... the first SH dude I think goes about doing random shoppin at the mall. But the mall turns evil and is situated in SH. Mystery goes about and that sect seems up to no good. Bathtubs fill with blood.
    The Room: You know about this one.
    SH5-50: The gamescompanies are evil. They throw in jumpscares, combatsystems, sidequests and dlc so that gamers can pwn monsters in awsome satisfying ways. I think maybe the next one will have quickscoping too and will feature the fat riffs of AC/DC soundtrack "Highway to Hell".

    Even greater summaries are available on the web. :tup:
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  15. TJ13

    United States Minnesota

    In Downpour there is an autosave after each "segment" but in the HD collection you still have to find them.
  16. vrajdeber

    Bulgaria Varna

    I loved the first when I was younger.

    Got the HD Collection on my PS3, didn't noticed any problems but played too little.
  17. crunchMONKY78

    United States California

    My first time with Silent Hill was just last year with SH1, after hearing my mate constant worship of the Silent Hill series with it's UFO endings and such. I gave it a go. made it all the way up to the final Boss Battle only to have said mate pick up the controller and finish the game when I left the room. I did manage to watch the ending when I came back in. *sigh* But I did pick up the HD collection and about half way thru Downpour.

    With couldn't they have mixed up the "monsters" a bit more? To be attacked first by one, open a pathway , and then be attacked by two more of the same monster is not really as exciting to me.
  18. Konami patching up both Silent Hill Downpour and HD Collection


    New online patch will correct frame rate and audio synch issues

    Today, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced that online patches for both Silent Hill Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection are currently in development and will be released soon.

    Understanding the issues some users are experiencing, development teams are currently creating online patches for both games, which will fix the frame rate issues, the audio-synching in Silent Hill HD Collection, and the Auto-Save issues in Silent Hill Downpour. Players have voiced their concerns, and solutions to these issues will be fixed and launched in the coming weeks.

    Patches for Silent Hill Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection will be made available on both XBOX®Live Arcade and PlayStation®Network. Both Silent Hill Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection are available at retail stores nationwide.
  19. Silent Hill HD Collection Patch Releases On PS3 Tomorrow, X360 Release TBA

    Announced on the Silent Hill Community forum, Konami producer Tomm Hulett announced that the patch will be available tomorrow and fix several issues. The list is as follows:

    • Improved Framerate
    • Voice Synch is greatly improved
    • Missing sounds have been fixed
    • Missing music has been addressed
    • Fog density issues are resolved
    • Other minor visual/audio improvements

    Credit: CJ Melendez
  20. Spagetti69

    Wales uk

    Wow that's an impressive patch.
    I'll wait and see what digital foundry make of this before I buy.

    Loved SH2 but the reviews were awful. Hope they get it right.
  21. Silent Hill HD Collection Xbox 360 patch cancelled

  22. TJ13

    United States Minnesota

    sucks for Xbox, but good for ps3 I guess. Haven't played any.
  23. Spagetti69

    Wales uk

    The old MS curse. I'm sure it costs a lot more to release a patch on Xbox.

  24. Silent Hill HD Collection ported from unfinished code

    This is old news, but shows that this HD Collection was just a complete mess from the very start.
  25. Konami offering free games to Xbox 360 owners of Silent Hill HD Collection