Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX

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  1. robrabbitman

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    Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX '83

    Max. Power: 205 HP
    Max. Torque: 157 ft-lb
    Weight: 930 kg
    Performance Points: 420

    Parts List

    GT Auto
    Oil Change
    Engine Overhaul
    Chassis Overhaul

    Window Weight Reduction

    ECU Tuning
    Engine Tuning Stage 3

    Intake System
    Sports Intake Manifold
    Racing Air Filter

    Sports Exhaust Manifold
    Catalytic Converter: Sports
    Titanium Semi-Race Exhaust

    Turbo Kits

    5 Speed Close-Ratio Transmission

    Clutch: Twin Plate
    Flywheel: Semi-Racing
    Adjustable LSD
    Carbon Drive Shaft

    Fully Customizable Kit

    Sports Hard



    5 Speed Close-Ratio Transmission (Install before any power mods! This will make the gear longer to compensate for additional RPMs.)

    Ride Height - -7/-7
    Spring Rate - 8.0/6.0
    Dampers (Extension) - 8/6
    Dampers (Compression) - 6/5
    Anti-Roll Bars - 4/4

    Camber Angle - 2.3/1.7
    Toe Angle - -0.05/0.10

    Balance Adjustment - 3/1.

    Driving Aids
    TCS: Off
    SRF: Off
    AS: Off
    ASM: Off
    ABS: Off

    Behold, the legendary Hachi-roku.
    We started this build with a newer 20V 4A-GEU power unit, prepped by Toyota Racing Development. We then threw away the old suspension and began with DG-5 coilovers wrapped with TRD springs, complete with a drivetrain reinforcement and a newer, close ratio 5-speed gearbox. This certainly isn't your average hatchback, but it's a comfortable grocery getter. 205 horsepowers through a lightweight FR chassis is sure to be great fun.
    Tuned to compete on the touge at 420PP. It's a good handler but still has the drifty characteristic that really defines this car. Enjoy.
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  2. Mat123

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    Oh, cool! I might test it! BTW, your entry for Touge 300... got a perfect score from me. ;)

    Let's just see how it'll do against other competitors that got a high score.
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  3. robrabbitman

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    Wow, great to hear! I was a little concerned about the spring rates I used, since it's set up to oversteer a bit (That's basically the setup I used in my last season of Legend of the Streets.) but that's great!

    Anyway, feel free to review this tune if you so desire. I welcome feedback. :tup:
  4. Mat123

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    Actually, for Touge 300, I incorporated some rubrics. The overster almost led it to losing 1 point. But my thoughts about it changed as soon as I continued turning into the hairpins. The oversteer was actually limiting itself. Minimal countersteer was needed. :tup:

    Anyway, as soon as I finish testing all cars (3 more to go.), I could test out your AE86 tune.
  5. Mat123

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    Okay, so I've finally got around to testing your Hachi-Roku.

    Course: Mt. Akina (Toscana)
    Tires: Sports Hard

    Well, what can I say? It's very impressive! I detuned it to perform for Touge 200 Class, and I found it to keep up nicely with my MR2.
    -Easy to handle
    -Very minimal oversteer
    -Great cornering performance
    -Feels like it's on Sports Softs
    -Fun to drive​
    -Acceleration is a bit sluggish​
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  6. robrabbitman

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    For a bit of extra acceleration, you could swap the 5 speed for a more modern 6 speed. That helps a lot on this car; I stay authentic and keep the number of stock gears.
  7. Mat123

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    I see.