DiRT: Showdown is Currently Free on PC, but Not for Long

The Humble Store returns with another free Codemasters game after last month’s Race Driver: GRID was being given away. This time, DiRT: Showdown is available for PC players for the next 27 hours.

DiRT: Showdown was released in the summer of 2012 as a far cry from the typical DiRT games. Unlike its predecessors, Showdown moved from the classically-timed rally approach to a no-holds-barred, close-action racing style with mostly fictional cars.

Players competed in a collection of events to earn credits, which allowed them to purchase new vehicles, upgrade existing ones, and unlock additional races. The game’s modes can be classified into four categories: Racing, Demolition, Hoonigan, or Party. Most of these modes included plenty of paint being traded.

The game received mixed reviews when it launched, scoring a 72% on Metacritic. That’s not to say it is not worth downloading, though. If you are fine with applying the phrase “rubbing is racing” to your driving, then DiRT Showdown is a good arcade racer to boot up when you feel like getting away from all the sim racing for a bit. Plus, it doesn’t cost a single penny, so what is there to lose?

Head on over to the Humble Store to snag your digital copy to get a taste of the action, as the clock is ticking.

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