World's Fastest Gamer Gear.Club Qualifier Gets Underway Today

If you think you might be pretty handy on a driving simulator, but don’t have the equipment to participate, here’s your chance. The qualifiers for the second season of World’s… Read More »

Gran Turismo 5 Includes Pretty Much Every Past GT Track (and They're Drivable)

No, your eyes do not deceive you. We’re talking about a game that’s fast approaching its ninth birthday. That’s because, thanks to a recent discovery in the community, it’s suddenly… Read More »

Forza Designer Shows Off Unused Cars: Porsche 917 LH, Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato and More

A designer from Turn 10 has revealed a variety of cars from Forza Motorsport 7. The catch? We’ve never seen them in the game, nor Forza Horizon 4, at least not yet. Josh… Read More »

Watch the 1.91-Second Fastest Pit Stop in History, Courtesy of Red Bull

In F1, every second — or, for that matter, every hundredth of a second — counts. Teams spend tens of millions researching new components and new ways of directing air… Read More »

Wales Rally Now Available in DiRT Rally 2.0

Codemasters has brought back one of the most challenging locations in its latest DiRT Rally 2.0 update. Wales Rally is once again part of the lineup, available as DLC for all… Read More »

Lotus Reveals Evija, the Most Powerful Production Car in the World

Lotus has been teasing us for a little while, but has today revealed its new hypercar, Evija. The brand, from Norfolk, UK, unveiled the car’s name at the Goodwood Festival… Read More »

GT Sport World Champion Igor Fraga Takes His First European F3 Race Win

The reigning GT Sport and McLaren Shadow World Champion, Igor Fraga, took his maiden Formula Regional European Championship (FREC) win this weekend. Brazilian Fraga has been driving in the championship… Read More »

GT Sport Daily Races: Twins in the City, Lakeside Racing, and Super Fuji

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Aston Martin Valkyrie Makes Its Dynamic Debut at British F1 Grand Prix

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Toyota GR Supra First Drive Review: Worthy of the Name

Depending on where you stand, that title will elicit either a nod of approval or a beeline to the comment section to tell me how wrong I am. That’s the… Read More »