If You Think Your Day's Bad, At Least You Weren't Just Fired Over Twitter Like Kris Meeke...

Special Olympics Announces First Esport Tournament, Features Forza 7

Forza Motorsport 7 will feature in another esport tournament this summer. No, not ForzaRC; it will be the focus of the Special Olympics’ first video game tournament. The 2018 USA… Read More »

Concept Art Suggests That Forza Horizon 4 Is Heading to Hong Kong (But it Probably Isn't)

Back in January, we told you about rumors saying that Forza Horizon 4 would take to the streets of Japan. While those rumors were nothing more than a trap, they… Read More »

The News Just Keeps On Getting Worse for Mach 1 Fans...

Earlier this year, Ford announced it was bringing back the Mach 1 name. “Hurray”, thought all classic muscle car fans, as they collectively imagined a really nice, tweaked, V8 Mustang.… Read More »

Sony Confirms PlayStation 4 Is Nearing the End of Its Life Cycle

Around this time of the year the gaming community runs wild. E3 is right around the corner and with it usually comes the promise of new games and hardware. Last… Read More »

Turn 10 Reveals First Details on Forza 7's Race Regulations System

Turn 10 revealed its future plans for Forza Motorsport 7 last week. While the big news was about the additional cars and extended Car Pass, there were other goodies in the… Read More »

Microsoft Offers Maximum Accessibility with Xbox Adaptive Controller

Now for something completely different. Late last week, Microsoft took the wraps off its latest controller. What you see above is the Adaptive Controller; a wholly ambitious approach to making… Read More »

GTPlanet Project CARS 2 Photo Mode Competition 17 Now Open

We’re back with the latest in our ongoing Project CARS 2 Photo Mode Competition. For this, the 17th edition, we’re going to be focusing on one of the most iconic marques… Read More »

GT Sport Mileage Exchange Brings a Fresh Coat of Paint

This week’s GT Sport Mileage Exchange may leave you blue, or perhaps a little green with envy. It’s only a minor update this week, keeping with the firmly established alternating… Read More »

Incredibly Oblivious Driver Invades Marathon Route, Because She's Late

Summer can be an annoying time for drivers. When the weather turns nice, people want to use the roads a lot more. Not just cars either — local authorities around… Read More »

Aston Martin's Vulcan to Make Its Long-Awaited Race Debut at Le Mans

From the moment Aston Martin unveiled the Vulcan, fans have wanted to see it race. However, Aston Martin didn’t build it for racing, but for its wealthy owners to drive… Read More »