Thrustmaster Reveals PS4-Only BT LED Display Unit

Thrustmaster recently took the wraps off its latest sim racing item. Dubbed the BT, it’s a Bluetooth-enabled LED display unit, and it’s exclusive to the PS4. One of the most… Read More »

The 700hp 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Looks Like One Pissed Off Snake

The Geneva Motor Show may almost be over (click here if you missed it), but that isn’t stopping Ford from teasing its most powerful production car ever from the other… Read More »

Burnout Paradise Remastered Xbox One Review

Burnout Paradise is 10 years old. Let that sink in for a second. A title that was the darling of last generation has officially been around for a decade. All… Read More »

GTPlanet Forza 7 Photo Mode Competition 12 Now Open

The last theme for our Forza 7 Photo Mode Competition was an Italian holiday. This week, we’re crashing back down to the reality of the typical March forecast. Yep, it’s all… Read More »

Audi Confirms Electric GT Coupe for 2020 (But it Doesn't Look Good for the R8)

Audi has revealed an electric e-tron four-door GT car at its annual company conference. It’s due to produce the car under the Audi Sport banner, promising that it will be… Read More »

GTPlanet Project CARS 2 Photo Mode Competition 12 Now Open

We’re back to break the mid-March blues with the newest Project CARS 2 Photo Mode Competition. After the recent release of a gaggle of new Porsche content, we hope you’re ready… Read More »

Own a Polarizing Porsche With This Rauh-Welt Begriff 911 Carrera 4

Tuner cars are typically hit or miss. Some are overdone while others simply fall out of style. But every once in a while a tuner comes along that reaches legendary… Read More »

British Cops Pull Over Dodgy Driver, Find It's Homer Simpson

Traffic cops in the odd British town of Milton Keynes were in for a bit of a surprise when they pulled over a suspect car. It turned out that they’d… Read More »

TT Isle of Man Scores Second Place Debut on UK Retail Charts

TT Isle of Man: Ride on The Edge is having a strong sales debut in the UK. Releasing last week, Kylotonn Racing’s IoM-focused two-wheel racer is certainly niche but that… Read More »

The Daily Mail Suggests 'The Grand Tour' Is Ending, Clarkson Disagrees

Is next season the end of The Grand Tour? Well, if the UK-based newspaper Daily Mail is to be believed, the answer is yes. In Sunday’s edition of the Daily Mail journalist… Read More »