The Next Project CARS Will Be a Mobile Game

Slightly Mad Studios made a surprise announcement earlier today. A new Project CARS game is coming — and this time, it’s going mobile. Project CARS GO will be a new… Read More »

Forza Motorsport 7 Specialty Dealer: The Return of the M4, Focus RS, and Zonda Cinque

It’s that time of the week: Forza 7’s Specialty Dealer stock has cycled anew. Veteran players will be more than familiar with this week’s lineup as it mirrors that of… Read More »

F1 2018 Releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 24

Codemasters has revealed a summer release date for F1 2018 on all platforms. As last year’s game proved, there’s plenty that the 2018 game has to live up to. Don’t… Read More »

Don't Expect Sony to Announce the PlayStation 5 at E3 This Year

It’s that time of the year, and the rumor mill is at it once more. The gaming community loves a good rumor from time to time, and recently those talks… Read More »

Nissan Prepares for the Kessel Run with the Millennium Falcon Rogue

Back in December, Nissan showed off its Star Wars themed vehicles. Now to celebrate the upcoming release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, it’s adding another vehicle to the fleet.… Read More »

Mileage Exchange Update Brings Back the Lancer Gr.B Homologation Special

The Mileage Exchange updates keep on coming, and this week it’s the turn of Mitsubishi to headline the offerings. GT Sport‘s homologation special version of the Lancer Gr.B rally car… Read More »

Out of the Shadows: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Road Test Review

Cars 13 May 14 by Andrew Evans

Chances are you’ve read that review title and that’s the first time you’ve even thought about Mitsubishi in a while. It’s a brand that has had its fair share of… Read More »

The Porsche E-Carrera Cup Italia Is Headed to Assetto Corsa

The Porsche Carrera Cup Italia has partnered up with Kunos Simulazioni for a new esports competition. Using Assetto Corsa as the platform, sim racers will compete for the first Porsche… Read More »

British Man Hits 100mph In His Shed, Because That's What Happens In Britain

There’s two things you need to know about British culture: it’s fast and it’s weird. When it comes to cars, it’s even faster and even weirder. Don’t believe us? Have… Read More »

2018 Formula One Emirates Spanish Grand Prix — Race Results

Today’s Grand Prix took a break from the usual chaos. In its place, the resurgence of Mercedes who took the fight to Ferrari — and then some. Lewis Hamilton drove… Read More »