McLaren Set to Join Formula E for 2022-23 Season

There’s set to be a new name on the Formula E grid from next season, as McLaren Racing has announced it has signed an option to join the electric racing… Read More »

GT Sport Daily Races: Dragon's Den

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Chevrolet Corvette C8 Teased for Forza Horizon 4

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Aston Martin GT3 Driver to Attempt 200mph Run in Restored, 40-Year Old Concept Car

One of Aston Martin’s works racing drivers is scheduled to make an unusual attempt to remedy a four-decade old injustice. Darren Turner is going to take to the wheel of… Read More »

Win a Drive in a Formula E Gen.2 Race Car in New Official "Accelerate" Esports Series

Formula E has launched a new esports competition which will see qualifying drivers race against sim racers, pros, and celebrities, with some rather unusual prizes. The series goes by the… Read More »

Forza Horizon 4 Season Change: Alfa's Spring Rolls

With 2021 now up and running, the first full Spring season of the new year is underway in Forza Horizon 4. Series 30 is now in the home stretch, so… Read More »

Test Your Badge Knowledge With Our Car Logo Quiz

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Pagani Teases New Huayra R With Its Glorious V12 Soundtrack

Italian supercar brand Pagani has teased its latest halo performance car with a rather unusual video on its social media channels. In what might be the closest close-up ever recorded… Read More »

McLaren Launches New Celebrity Esports Racing Series

McLaren has launched a new esports racing series that will see celebrity racers take each other on in live virtual competition. The series is a partnership with McLaren Racing’s sponsor… Read More »

You Can Buy David Hasselhoff's Own KITT, And He'll Deliver It To You

KITT might be the most famous Pontiac ever made — it’s certainly GTPlanet readers’ favorite ever television car — and now you have the chance to own it. We’re not… Read More »