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Formula Gran Turismo

Actually makes the car driveable. Incredible tune.
Nice tune
this tune is flawless. went from 1:30:309 on Cote D Azur to 1:17:390. thanks so much!
Glad to help.
Now this racing!!! I too like Coyote have been playing GT since the very beginning. Always knew how to drive'em, never knew how to tune'em. Definitely a tune worth 5 stars, only took me a few laps and I went from a 1:45 to a 1:36!! You can really throw the car into the corners and it sticks!!!
You people are just talented. I playing GT since my CH but man, I am absolutely "zero" at tunes... I know only how to use it, but I dunno how to tune it! Thank you very much. My best so far is 1:36,446 at Silverstone, I need more practice, 'cuz I know I can better! More results are coming!

So, here's new record - 1:34,780, and smoking tires :D
I just placed 1,175th in the newest time trial with a 1:37.479 around Silverstone! That's the highest I've ever finished in a time trial! Best Tune Ever!!!!!!!!!
Kudos on the fine tune,it made the latest F1 lap a pleasure. I had my own gear setup,though i'm sure yours is fine.Thank you for posting.
Great tune. Car was very stable, no surprises even with aggressive driving.
Great setup can finally enjoy driving this car :)
very quick and stable
Its so bad, its good
camber in gt6 is broken so i use none
I love this tune!!!
just amazing
I got gold on the third lap with this tune, before I couldn't go half a lap without out spinning. Thanks!
Awesome tune, got a gold in the seasonal very easily.
Really good to drive and fast ideed, I had to drop accel sens to 12 but I think it's a matter of skill :D otherwise I really like the LSD settings!

Good job, thanks!
FINALLY I found a perfect tune for my wheel. Thanks!
Fantastic job. Very good tune thanks to share it.