Autódromo Int. de Yahuarcocha (Autódromo José Tobar Tobar) V. 1.0

Almost 1.1 replica. Very fast and fun exiting track. Located in Ibarra, Ecuador

  1. GT6champNK_69
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    Welcome to my replica version of "Autódromo Internacional de Yahuarcocha"
    (Autódromo José Tobar Tobar)
    For this replica creation, I tried to stay close to the original as possible, therefore I choosed the Andalusia theme. I tried also to have the lake located in the exact angle, so the view of it is replicated, and it is actually achieved very well. The track layout and elevation changes is as close as possible. Track width is 13 meters. Track sites was very restricted, but IMO as the Andalusia theme itself are very good to give good scenery as it is, I'm very satisfied with the results. I recommend to choose the clock time at 11:45.

    Autódromo Internacional de Yahuarcocha broke ground May 16, 1963, and it opened May 2, 1970. Later on it was shortened into this version also called (Autódromo José Tobar Tobar). The track is located in Ibarra, Ecuador around the lake "Yawarkucha".

    yahuarcocha.jpg I used the image you see above as reference, to draw from in the TPE, see the lake, I tried to have the lake in the Andalusia theme at the same spot:D.

    I hope this track can provide some good racing, and provide fun to those of you who will try it out.
    Have fun guys:cheers:.