Circuit de Sant Jordi 2016-12-30

A fictional racetrack set in the mountains near Barcelona.

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    As an homage to the city of Barcelona, the theme of this track revolves around the myth of Saint George and the Dragon.

    Circuit Guide:
    1. Turns 1 to 3 represent the dragon. This section curves up on a hillside and then turns back down again, resembling the spine of a dragon. The first turn is called Head of the dragon, and is a fast kink to the right.

    2. Turn two is called Spine of the dragon and it takes you up the hill. Stay to the right on corner exit to get a good line for turn three.

    3. Turn three is the Tail of the dragon and takes you downhill again. The undulation results in a bit of grip loss, so one needs to be careful with the throttle.

    4. Turn four is the Grand chicane. A fast S-bend. A good exit is important, as it's followed by a fast section.

    5. Turn five, Horse race, is a fast left-hander, can be taken flat out in most cars.

    6. Turn six is named Paco Godia curve, after one of the first two Catalan F1 drivers (the other one got turn nine named after him). It's a relatively sharp left bend.

    7. Turn seven is a small zig-zag, can be taken flat out but make sure to stay to the right immediately afterwards to get a good line for turn eight.

    8. Turn eight is another kink, this time to the left. It can be taken at high speed if you get a good line out of turn seven.

    9. Joan Jover curve, named after the other pioneering Catalan F1 driver, is a high speed banked curve. It's very thrilling at full throttle, but beware of drifting too far out!

    10. For turn ten we return to the myth about Saint George, because this hairpin is called The lance. Partly to describe its sharpness, and partly because it actually points towards the initial corner complex of the dragon. Brake hard and well in time!

    11. Turn eleven is the small chicane. It's tighter than its bigger cousin, and the exit turn is actually a bit sharper than than the entrance, so try to pick a late apex as you aim for the exit.

    12. Turn twelve is a double-apex turn, taking you back to the start/finish straight. This double-nature earned it the name Camel.
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Recent Reviews

  1. djm99
    Version: 2016-12-30
    A very nice track indeed. The music to your video sounds like Brian Eno's 'The Big Ship' .. Who is the artist?
  2. Ryk
    Version: 2016-11-23
    Wide slight bumpy in places but a great place to stretch a cars legs. The run from turn 9 to turn 10 has a really nice view for the opening corners of the lap. Which I could imagine was the Old Original layout of the track "back in the day" when the layout was just an Egg shape (Before the Dragon Hatched)
  3. mabe
    Version: 2016-11-08
    I enjoy time attack for LMP. Corner 3 & 11 are difficult.